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Do you notice anything odd?

Zoom in on it if you need to.  Here’s the link to actual video so that you can see for yourselves that this image has not been manipulated: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=4264060n&tag=related;photovideoHe appears in the clip at the 1:52 mark– freeze it and look again.  Thanks “T” for the tip.

6 thoughts on “Do you notice anything odd?

    • hahaha @ Star Wars! I’m probably the only person who’s never seen that movie…

      I was hoping anyone who commented on this would notice it on their own, but look at his pupils (double click on the pic to zoom in on it more). When you peep the clip, you’ll see that his are the only ones that look this way throughout the entire video. Yet another twist on this interesting journey of discovery I’m finding myself immersed in…

  1. Ok I see what what you are talking about his eyes. I was watching another clip in U-tube and they came acorss this and it make me think of your site so I am back to invested a little deeper. That is very unnormal but what is normal in this day and age I really can not defind normal. Normal changes at the blink of an eye just like his eyes are not normal.

    • Well, kudos for having an open mind! I’m not entirely prepared to share the research I’m discovering on that topic, but it is something I’m planning to address one day. If you’re interested, the person who sent the clip (Richard Baker’s eyes) also sent me a utube link to this channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/THEYLIVE2012#p/c/7CAA8C8DD00AE50E/12/74oovuHQrzk. The series is called; “TEL ‘EVIL’ VISION”. Oddly, it didn’t really ‘spook me out’, but it made me realize that there far more layers to this that I initially thought… if you do check it out, I’d love to hear your feed back. 😉

      “The Evil that men do” is a muthafvka is all I’ll say for now!

  2. Yes I just came across this same one yesterday and now I am on part 4. I really enjoy talking to you, you seem like you would be a good friend in these new land of repressed information. Keep up the good work.

    • Likewise, lady! I love that you’re on your personal mission for seeking truth as well! Thank you sooo much for the kind words– you’re making a sister blush! hahaha!

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