DAMN SHAME / Increase The Peace / Police Brutality / Serious Shit

Shaking my head at this insanity…

Okay, the internet seems to have been all a buzz with this clip.  One of the comments on youtube indicates that this whole thing began over a jaywalking citation of a few people.  (It also lists the Seattle police department phone number. )  Since no one has posted the incident from the beginning, all we can do is speculate.  My problem with this should be pretty obvious– a man striking a woman.  I refuse to believe that the cop could not have reacted in a different way.  To punch a woman (or girl) in the face (a man hitting a woman) is like capturing domestic violence on film!  I mean… isn’t it?!   If you look closely, she (the aunt of the 17 year old) only breaks his grip and pushes him away.   Is that really the same as assaulting and ‘officer’?   This hardly justifies him punching a woman in the face like he was Mike Tyson.  I’m sure he’ll only be suspended with pay though…

I sincerely hope that I never have to deal with the cops again.  I’ve only had one speeding ticket (a whopping 4 miles over the speed limit as I was coming down an hill) and thankfully, that cop was actually nice but that was also back in 1984…

To consider that the cop was pushed away as “an assault”, is ridiculous to me.  I thought the penalty for jaywalking was a citation only, not an arrest!  And the many comments on different sites (including youtube) seem to indicate that people think it’s okay for a man to strike a woman whether he’s a cop or a regular “joe blow”!  Our society seems to be spinning out of control at an accelerated rate.  When we start to think it’s okay to strike a woman as if she’s a man– I worry.  I worry deeply.  Now, I will say that she (both ‘women’) should have behaved much better, but… I’ll not be convinced that a man striking a woman will ever be “no big deal” or is okay.  I’m late with this post intentionally because I really wanted to see (read) the thoughts of the general public about this.  This (to me) is absolutely not a “black or white” thing… this is an assault upon a WOMAN!  Note that I do recognize that emotions were raised and there was no civility on either side– but again, that’s still a man striking a woman (and slamming another on the hood of his car)!  I would have preferred to see this civil servant (cop) attempt to restrain her as he should have, instead of going right for her face like she was some big brawny DUDE and a real threat to him!

What this tape reveals to me is the slow and steady increase to a POLICE STATE.  The smallest of infractions (such as fvkin jaywalking) will bring about the most fierce assault on us ‘free Americans”!  Better wake up, fellow people.  I’m concerned (as we SHOULD ALL BE) that this behavior will soon become THE NORM!

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