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Meet Your “Strawman”! (An important and MUST WATCH clip)

As much as I present the problems that we all face, I also want to help show you that there are solutions.  The mass deception that has been going on has many layers and this is just one of them.  This is one of the first things that we should begin to grasp because the solutions to this is absolutely empowering!  Allow me to be clear– while there’s lots of information on the internet on this subject, I chose this clip because I know that the short attention span of most of us was by design.  I also like that this clip pokes ‘fun’ at our government PSA’s that was done during the pre and post war era.  Check it out:

I’m working on setting up an interview with three people who understand this subject very well and I’m sure you will be blown away by just how much control you really have!  “Knowledge is Power”!!!  Stay tuned, as there is more to come on this important subject.  Peace.

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