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US soldiers ‘killed Afghan civilians for sport and collected fingers as trophies’

Andrew Holmes, Michael Wagnon, Jeremy Morlock and Adam Winfield are four of the five Stryker soldiers who face murder charges. Photograph: Public Domain

This is the madness that I talk about often that goes either under or unreported during this illegal war.   It either breeds criminals or there’s a breakdown in the human mind eventually.  Guardian.co.uk reports:

Twelve American soldiers face charges over a secret “kill team” that allegedly blew up and shot Afghan civilians at random and collected their fingers as trophies.  Five of the soldiers are charged with murdering three Afghan men who were allegedly killed for sport in separate attacks this year. Seven others are accused of covering up the killings and assaulting a recruit who exposed the murders when he reported other abuses, including members of the unit smoking hashish stolen from civilians.  In one of the most serious accusations of war crimes to emerge from the Afghan conflict, the killings are alleged to have been carried out by members of a Stryker infantry brigade based in Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan.  Click HERE for the full story.

In an interesting twist, HuffingtonPost.com reports: The recruits father says; “Army was warned of murder plot”. The father of a U.S. soldier serving in Afghanistan says he tried nearly a half dozen times to pass an urgent message from his son to the Army: Troops in his unit had murdered an Afghan civilian, planned more killings and threatened him to keep quiet about it.  By the time officials arrested suspects months later, two more Afghans were dead.  And much to Christopher Winfield’s horror, his son Adam was among the five Fort Lewis-based soldiers charged in the killings.  SMDH!  Click HERE for their write-up.

Not all of our troops should so easily be considered “heroes“.  There are many who are committing crimes that most of us will never hear about.  I know that when I was at Camp Arifjan, there was a serial rapist running around that huge ass camp who was never caught!  This war is toxic from all sides and we all need to demand that this war be ended now!  Some of these boys are going to come back home as hardened criminals.  There was an awful expression that went around while I was there– “what’s done in the desert gets buried in the desert”.  I just thank God that some will speak up.   I will forever remember what happened to that 14 year old Iraqi girl.  Check out this clip to remind us all:

What is omitted from this particular clip is that these soldiers saw this girl while on patrols one week prior and had come up with a plan to come back and rape her.  (She was described as “very beautiful” and didn’t look 14 years old but rather, she had to be “in her 20’s”– an ongoing debate several times by our military and even reported by ‘american’ press.)  It was stated by her relatives back then (March 2006) that this [poor] girl said she felt unsafe.  Her mother and father had plans to locate her to relatives but these soldiers came back to complete their twisted desires only 2 DAYS before she was able to leave the area.  If it were not for one of the soldiers involved, they may have actually gotten away with this (although he reported this horrific crime 5 months later due to his conscious getting the best of him).  Tomorrow is September 11th— the day [SOME] in this country and our government vilified and dehumanized so many people of that region.  I happen to think they are some of the kindest and gentle people I’ve met.  Dare I say, we all have blood on our hands!  “Lest we never forget”.  Tonight, I’ll be hosting my blogtalk channel (“United We Stand As A United Front”) discussing September 11th and it’s aftermath.  I hope you’ll take the time to tune in (11PM EST).  Peace.

6 thoughts on “US soldiers ‘killed Afghan civilians for sport and collected fingers as trophies’

  1. Let us keep in mind that these horrible people are in the minority. That being said, it is disheartening that these young folks (not the murderers) are being put in a situation, where most of them have no idea why they’re there in the first place, except to kill or subdue the enemy.

    • Well hey, man!!! I’ve been thinking about you and your recent transition so I truly hope all is well! 😉

      I agree, this incident may be a ‘minority’– there are great men (and women) who are doing great things. My frustrations are with the fact that there are lots “who don’t play by the rules” (something I feel war does create). I completely recognize that many of those young ones don’t understand what they are fighting for (or thrust into). They have been misguided and are forced to a place where these enemies may not exist. I can’t help but to recall an article published in the N.Y. times that talked about this same sort of occurrences. I believe a movie was made about it that starred, Michael J Fox. My point is, not all of the people there are enemies or test humans. Yet somehow, we’ve given a green light to kill every man, woman and child without knowing if they are innocent of what happened on 9/11. Our soldiers are taught to kill and subdue when faced with real harm– not just doing whatever they want to innocent human beings. I do think one re-deployment after another tends to make a person’s mind “snap” and sound judgment goes right out the window.

      • There also needs to be some kind of monthly psychological check up of these young men and women.

        I am moving back to El Salvador. My personal project was aborted.

        No real music in my heart these days.

      • “There also needs to be some kind of monthly psychological check up of these young men and women.” I agree 100%.

        And you’re heading back to “El”? I’m not sure if you’re happy or sad about that, but what WOW! I’m planning to be near DC towards the end of the year and was hoping we might be able to meet. Oh well… I’m sure you’re super busy with the relocation and all, so do take care of yourself. Catcha’ soon!


  2. I remebering seeing pictures like 5 years ago of American Soldier raping these over seas women and they were very graphic. It just like on the Arrivals clip most of these people are being treated wrongly and many soldier use the war as there scapegoat to say that it is alright. Most many of these only know what they are told and most of them only know how to follow order as if they are no longer human. I would never want a job that takes away free will as a person and I think that many military soldier are constantly being put into this position. I would never teach or tell my child to go into the military because that is not there only option in life and many black children fall for the okey dok. If congress members have no children who support the WAR with there blood sweat and energy then why should mines have to support it.

    • I try to remind people of that all the time– if these people don’t send their own children to war, why they hell are we volunteering? I have to disagree with you on one thing though… I don’t think black children are falling for the “okey dok” necessarily– this is a system that is designed to prey on the poor and uneducated. So that could be any child out there. If you notice, you’ll not see one recruiting center in the upscale neighborhoods. Not a one! I do agree that people should question a profession that insists you lose your free will. Why are we giving that up at all?

      “I remebering seeing pictures like 5 years ago of American Soldier raping these over seas women and they were very graphic.”… believe it or not, some of these soldiers make videos and place them on the internet as they describe what they’d do to these women and children. It’s like they really are void a soul after a while. I truly hope these guys are sentenced to life because killing people for sport and collecting their body parts is just sick beyond words!

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