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Last of the Combat Troops Leaving Iraq? – Only in your Dreams!!

From “attention 101”, Bill Noxid writes; “Watching MSNBC’s coverage of ‘the last combat troops leaving Iraq’ for 3 hours reminded of a few brutal realities that still plague this country and this planet.  The first being just how far this country remains from any semblance of reality.  It’s the kind of delusional denial that truly can only be believed when witnessed from within.  As Keith Olbermann was describing the cinematic quality of the “Strykers driving into your living room,” I could really think of only one thing – The aftermath of a 7.5 year all out United States operation to decimate a people and their society”.  He goes on to say; “From control (denial) of power, water, and even seed monopolization, to toxic contamination of the gene pool and re-education ‘schools,’ to monopolization of natural resources, to fostering drug addictions and self-perpetuating violence, etc., what took a hundred years to do to Native Americans was accomplished in under a decade.  Quite an example of lessons learned from hundreds of years of colonization.”  Check out the full article here: Bill Noxid. Here are the clips he selected for some real insight (which I hope weighs heavily on your hearts, minds and souls):

1.5M Iraqi War Widows

The Poisoning of Iraq:

Iraq: Unknown Illnesses Spread:

Iraq: Another Little Girl’s House is Gone

Still No Electricity In Baghdad:


This war is not going away regardless of what we’re being “told” or “spoon fed” about “the last combat troops” through our mainstream media.  Hey– I KNOW that our men and women (troops) are building up the camps there vs. any attempt to come home permanently.  I think the word to remember is “combat”.  There are OTHER troops remaining.  And those men and women who have returned are only going to be shipped to Afghanistan or some other places (like Iran or possibly Pakistan) that the U.S. wants to colonize/invade.  What U.S. forces (along with other military from foreign countries) have done to those people is, is… well, I have no words!  Thanks Bill for the great article!  Keep up the good fight!!!

“Food for thought”… better yet, here’s a song to keep our heads up!  This song is for my “brothers and sisters” in Iraq.   “We Can Make It If We Try” because freedom lies in each of our hands NOT our governments (here in the U.S. OR the Persian Gulf)!  I KNOW you all are NOT the “enemy”:   It really is time to WAKE UP, fellow people!

A special P.S. to the troops out there… contact “Why O’ Why” and tell your stories about these true atrocities!!  Current and ex-military men and women– you really can make a difference!!

2 thoughts on “Last of the Combat Troops Leaving Iraq? – Only in your Dreams!!

  1. That shyt bout to get all crazy just like we did to southeast Asia (Laos & Cambodia) and several other middle eastern countries. We will walk but those areas will take decades to get over the fvck feast that we the people caused to generations of lives.

    • I know (Laos & Cambodia), right?! I just talked to a buddy in Baghdad about 2 weeks before Obama’s “big lie” (I mean big speech) and dude is telling me that if we’re really drawing down, then why are they still receiving materials to build up the camps? We’re either mismanaging funds in a huge way, or we’re planning to stay indefinitely. Boy o’ boy does america have the blood of many on its hands!

      That little girl in the clip (“another little girl loses her home”) got to me too, man…

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