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Being a woman… IT SUCKS!!!! (Mature Audiences Only)

I’ve wanted to post on this subject for sometime but had always felt alone in my view.  After reading a post over at Minus the Bars (plus chatting with a girlfriend this weekend who feels the same), I now feel it’s time to write this ‘rant’.

I cannot STAND being a woman!!  Before I go on, let me be clarify.  If I were born a man, I’d probably be gay because I do like the male physique.  And when a man actually knows how to use his ‘tool’ or is knowledgeable of a woman’s body, well, I like what men can offer.  But overall, being a woman sucks!  Here are some reasons I say that;

1.  The ‘buds’.   They actually hurt like hell when they first start to grow.  They eventually turn into breasts but boy does it suck at the start.

2.  The mighty menstrual cycle.  My goodness do I remember my first as it was the achiest, painful part of becoming a woman.  At first I thought it was cool because “now I’m a woman” was my thoughts.  Not realizing that from there on– each month brings water weight gain, aches and headaches.  I can’t fail to mention that insomnia becomes a part of that as we get older.

3.  The “ogle factor“.  I cannot stand being gawked at.  I keep physically fit because I want to live a long, healthy life, not because I want to be slobbered after as though I’m a piece of meat or something!

3.  Becoming pregnant and the awful morning sickness.  Some women are only sick during the first 3 months but some of us are sick (nauseated from then) until the birth.   Imagine feeling that way for 10+ months!!

4.  CHILD BIRTH! Honestly, that shyt ain’t right!  You can split your innards (which requires stitches), you can poop during delivery, toss your cookies (that’s throw-up in lay terms) and you feel like you’ve been hit by a MAC Truck several days after.  And if you have to get a C-section, well…  that’s 6 extra weeks of misery.  (It ain’t right, I tell ya’!!)

5.  Cancer.  Not only are people concerned about cancer in general, but women have 3 extra areas of concern; breast cancer, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer.  I’ve come to terms that the parts that make us women may also kill us.  (Shyt ain’t right, I tell ya’).

6.  The “stirrups”.  I loathe GYNO visits.  You simply never get use to that cold hard steel being inserted inside of you while the Dr. says, “scoot down and relax”.  Yeah, right!!!

7.  Walking alone.  Seems harmless enough but if you’re a woman, that could potentially mean rape (and gang rape.)  Remember that NY jogger or the Puerto Rican Festival?  I like communing with nature.  It clears my head and makes room for creativity but I dare not walk alone anymore because of my gender.

8.   Freakin’ parking garages— see number 7 for that.

9.  Men who get us pregnant and leave.  Need I say more?

10.  Unequal pay.  Although we’ve made leaps and bounds in the workplace, we are still not valued the same as men.  They still earn more than women.  There’s a reason why companies tell us not to discuss salary amongst our co-workers– women are still payed less.

11.  Physical abuse.  I’ll never comprehend how a man can strike a woman, but they do.  It seems as though that’s becoming a norm amongst some men these days.

12.  The “catty factor”.  I really hate that women will connive and try to ‘steal your man’ instead of us uniting more.  We hate each others hair, clothes, status– all of those trivial things that don’t matter.  We really should have figured out a way to become more united since there are far more women on earth than men.

12. Our ‘fist fights”.  Why pull hair?!  I think that is SOOOO WEAK!  Let’s fight like men or don’t fight at all.  (I personally don’t think women should ever get physical with each other).  We are only side shows for men when we pull hair (or weaves as it were in today’s world), rip off clothes etc.  And now, these fights are posted on the internet.  It’s a real shame that we subjected ourselves to this behavior because we are usually fighting over a dude that could give a shyt about us.  I am proud to say, that I’ve never fought over a man, BUT I’ve been accused of stealing a man without base.  My three fights were based on being called the N-word back in the 70’s.  (That’s when the entire world found that word offensive).  I didn’t need to pull their hair because my father taught me a move to put a muthafvker on the ground before they see my fists coming.  Not proud, just stating that he taught me a technique to defend myself.

13.  Our vagina can fall the f*ck out!  Yes, that’s right!!  Our vagina can fall out and can take our rectum with it!  I only learned of that shyt last year!  See this post:  “My Vagina…”

It’s funny, I can remember being around 8 years old as I hugged on my grandma’s shoulder crying that I just didn’t want to be a girl.  Seems my feelings at such a young age have finally revealed why I felt that way… being a woman is a life long struggle. It ain’t right, I tell ya.  I honestly can’t think of one advantage to being a woman.  Seriously, as hard as I try– I draw a blank but what do you say?  What’s the upside to being a woman?

“Rant and observation” ends now.

72 thoughts on “Being a woman… IT SUCKS!!!! (Mature Audiences Only)

  1. I thought I was alone because I really hate being a woman. I am gay but I do not like the luggage of womanhood. I can do without breasts and my period.

    Good (brave) post. But tell the truth, are you gay? For real, just tell me that your gay because otherwise I’m confused about the heteros. I see that I’ll have to bookmark this sight. I’m completely shocked about the vagina falling out. Thanks for the nightmares! hahahahahaha

    • Hi, m_doce71 and welcome to “our little family” at Why O’ Why!

      Oh gosh… didn’t mean to cause nightmares for you! lol! And no… I’m not gay. LOL. If I were I’d have no problem with proclaiming that. I have a few relatives and friends who are. I don’t approve but I also don’t discriminate. I figure that’s up to each person and their God.

      I am glad you could identify in some way with this post though. The burden of being a woman is under appreciated and overlooked in my humble opinion. And thanks for the “bravery” KUDOS although it’s not necessary… I’m just telling it like it is from my view. My period– SUCKS! The thought that my breasts might yield cancer completely SUCKS (and so on and so forth)! Shoot– the fact that I don’t feel safe during a leisure stroll COMPLETELY SUCKS. I guess I’d simply like to be free to be me, black or white, woman or man– can I just feel fee to be me? I suppose that’s my point. I’d seriously like to be void of anything that women must carry the burden of, is all.

      Jazz 😉

    • Hell, I wish my damned uterus would fall out, I’m sick and tired of its whims. Fuck perimenopause, it sucks ass!!!!!! Bleeding all the time really puts a cramp in ur sex life, fer real.

  2. I don’t hate being a woman but it is very hard being a woman and in the job of being a woman we get no respect. I feel that being a woman to most only has value when others can put you into that sex commodity box even to other women. It like every woman now only feels sexy if she is butt naked on a magazine or in porn and men only really like you when they feel that they have full control over you. A woman is no longer respected for her individuality at all anymore only when she can be manipulated by others. Even an educated woman has no value these days to the whorish woman which is just straight crazy to me. Being a woman in today world you need to know from the break what your value is and where is lays. Men no longer care to make a woman feel valueable not even when they are raising daughters at home and in many countries only the birth of a son matters while they sale there daughters into sex slavery. So yeah being a woman holds much sorrow and it feels like no one cares about us as the equal part of the human race species.

    • Well, you do feel where I’m coming from I see. What I can’t seem to figure out is why aren’t women embracing each other more? It’s bad enough that the world does seem to have a poor view of women (and young girls), but why can’t women be more united with each other? I can see real strength coming from that, yet we fight, steal each other boyfriends or husbands like it’s no big deal. SMH on all women for a huge missed opportunity.

      You bring up a good point about how some countries thought that the birth of a son was a child worthy of having unlike a girl. I don’t really know why I felt this way at such a young age. It’s weird to think that I could sense this even before things are as obvious as they are today, but I did…

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    • Hi there and welcome to the ‘family’! And gosh… you’ve made me blush! You found my blog on Bing? Wow! Gosh… you’re kind words have left me speechless and encouraged me to keep on!

      I hope you don’t mind that I mention that you’re from Sweden but I had to look up your locale because I thought you might actually be from the U.S. I can’t tell you how flattered I am by your kind words and that you’re so far away! I see that I may have to find an editor to help me out with flow and structure of my words (big smiles). And please feel free to include anything you find useful here. I only do this to bring some level of awareness whenever possible. Thank you so much for stopping by! I’m totally open to suggestions on topics as well so please feel free to send a note on a subject that fits the theme. Thanks again for your support!

      Blessings to you and yours,

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    • Hi spiele pc and welcome to the family! And my little blog “superior”? No way! (hahaha). I’m very flattered by your kind words! I’m also surprised that you found my blog from the other side of the world too! WOW!

      I recently added a “subscribe button” located near the top and left of the page. When you click it, you are automatically subscribed! Thank you again for stopping by, my friend and for your kind words.

      Take care,

  5. A google search of “Being a woman sucks” brought me to this page. If you happen to find that one thing that doesn’t suck about being a woman, please pass it on!
    Your list forgot to mention how having a vagina means you can’t drive or understand how a car works. How degrading it is to have some grease monkey suggest I need blinker fluid or a $50 air filter?

    • Hi Ms. Nomered!

      I just reviewed your comment and re-read my “rant” and I think I may have found one small thing that is an advantage to being a women. Although it doesn’t happen nearly as frequently as it once did (chivalry is almost dead) but I can say that most men will hold doors open for me as I enter or leave a building! hahaha

      And I totally forgot about the mechanics point of view of women! lol Thank goodness my stepdad is mechanically inclined and I can always run things by him before I take my car in for service. And if some mechanic tried to charge you $50 for an air filter, you are well within your rights to kick him square in the nuts! lol

      Thanks for stopping by and even taking the time to leave a comment on this one. People keep reading this entry over and over but for some reason are too shy to speak on it so you ROCK, lady! 🙂


    • The only thing I like about being a woman is that I can masturbate indiscriminately almost any time. Otherwise, it sucks being a woman!

      • Hahaha! Never thought about it before but you’re right! lol! I actually envy guys for one thing… they can pee anywhere whereas we always need a toilet! hahaha

  6. Let’s not forget the joys of perimenopause which I’ve been in for 14 fri@@in’ years now. Since I have uterine fibroids I’ve been offered the joys of a hysterectomy. (Find out the real story on that – not as simple as it seems!). Instead I’ll have the little hanging globs zapped by embolization. Only causes a little “severe pain” for a while. But I know about that. Hey, I’ve gone through labor and delivery. So at 53 I’m still menstruating. In fact, periods are now twice a month or more!! Dammit! When does it all end? I’ve told my husband more than once I wish I had been born male. All he says is, well, if that were the case you wouldn’t be with me. And your point is??? I still wish I’d been born a man. Life would not have sucked nearly as much! No achy boobs, no saggy boobs, no periods, no labor, no menopause, and most of all, no jerks asking me to “smile”. Think one guy ever says that to another?? He’d risk getting his ass kicked. Thanks for letting me spill my guts!! Hang in there sisters!!

    • Hahahaha! Okay… you were really feeling this article and I love it!!! I wanted to avoid the perimenopause aspect because I know most women are clueless to it but I was diagnosed back in 2006 and I’m mad as hell about that because none of my older girlfriends and even my mom gave me the heads up on that! Seriously, I thought for the longest, one day, my period would finally stop only to find that irregularity is what you get instead. And the hot flashes before the real hot flashes (actual menopause) ain’t right at all! I tell my hubby all the time– I don’t want to hear you complain about shit!

      “and most of all, no jerks asking me to “smile”” OH MY DAMN… WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?! hahaha I get that regularly with black men only for some reason. Seriously, is that their corny way of flirting? I find it very annoying because I’m just minding my business when out of the blue some “cleofus” will say; “smile little lady, it ain’t that bad”. WTH?

      I’m glad you stopped by to “spill your guts”– that’s what this post was about! You are not alone because I too really hate being a woman especially in today’s society. Men have it way to easy in this life. I loved your rant by the way! Heartfelt and funny as hell! 🙂

    • I am in the same boat, sistah! age 38, to my present 48, and I’m bleeding all the frikken time, which takes all the sex life away. I’m trying not to get a hysterectomy, but I almost dream about it at this point. I have no fibroids, but a thick endometrium, oh joy.

  7. Totally agree with EVERYTHING!! Esp #3&12! Also, why can’t I ever have a 2min quickie! No, its got to be a 20min oral sex session! I love sex, btw! But why wasn’t clitoral “nerve endings” put on the inside of the vajay-jay! Also, everything is filled in this world with half-naked women..mags,movies,commercials…makes a person irritated after 2much. Birth control. Can’t they make that for men!! It can only cause stroke, blood clots, mood swings, and migraines..okay? I want to take that now! Which I can’t take bc I get horrible side effects..so I can b constantly worried trying not 2become prego ugh. 1more thing, women get wrinkles in their face sooner than men..smtg 2do with thickness of our skin..fact. why o why!

  8. Hey. I loved your article.
    I’m so fucking pissed today. I went to the store to buy underwire bras… AAARGGHH!!! They suck! I hate bras. And boobs. Arrghhhh. Bras are so constricting.
    And I’m just 18 so I see all the discrimination happening in the teen world. It’s a bloody taboo for women to do anything. :@
    Also include the part where it’s SOOOO much easier for men to gain muscle/ loose fat and get fit. For women it takes fucking ages. Men are naturally so much stronger than women it pisses me off!!!!!! :@ :@ :@
    And the worst is the rape shit. Sometimes I feel like I’d rape a man. :@
    All pedophiles and rapists should be castrated and burned. :@ :@ :@
    I hate being a woman. :’C
    Anyway I think I’m going to stop cause I qant to cry now… Maybe it’s the female fucking hormones.

    • Hi Arya! First off… GREAT RANT! Try not to let the crown that is womanhood beat you down too much. Some days are better than others but dudes (mature men are really hard to come by these days thanks to some mothers raising boys and not men) do have it so much easier.

      Underwires do suck, don’t they? And I’m with you on men losing weight without trying. That’s that “20 extra pounds” of body fat we’re padded with for bringing forth life. I wish just once a man was born with ovaries, got pregnant and experienced childbirth. Just once, I tell ya’!!!

      And rapists are the weakest punks alive! I say castrate any man or boy who commits this atrocity! My personal opinion? Rapists/pedophiles/molesters never change as they don’t see this as some big deal AT ALL. And let the Most High handle them (don’t risk entering the for profit prison system). I mentioned in another comment that when those sick fucks meet their end, the demons who will be in charge of them are going to be very creative in exacting their revenge for their deeds here on earth. They will have an ETERNITY of sorrow. “Demon says to rapist upon entry to hell; You raped a boy in the butt, I’m fucking you in the NOSE!!!” Yes– they will be VERY CREATIVE.

      Keep your head up lady! 🙂 Again– GREAT RANT! hahahaha


  9. I hate being female. That explains my alias, doesn’t it? (Given to me by my classmates when I was twelve, and has stuck ever since. I tell everyone to call me that. Only a few do.)
    I got my period at age 11. That sucked like shyt. And my “friends” were all, MY GOSH YOU GOT YR PERIOD OHMYGOSH YOU’RE SO LUCKY EHHHH
    My first thought: LUCKY?? You all are retarded a$$holes.
    I open the doors for people. It was my habit since I was ten, after watching an episode of a dumb drama serial where a woman was screaming at a man for not opening the door for her.
    When I was fifteen I got into a lot of fights which basically included black eyes, bruises, and cuts aplenty. No hair-pulling except for that once when her hair was so ridiculously long I felt compelled to do so.
    When I get my period I’m actually more cheerful than usual. I’m nineteen, by the way. I’ve never had a freaking period pain before; just once, when I was fourteen, but that was a stomachache, I think. I’m lucky that way, but still…
    I’m considering hysterectomy. And whatever shit operation you can do to remove your breasts. I’m a ****ing C-cup. Bras are damn uncomfortable, and I sweat like crazy wherever I go.
    By the way I’m not a lesbian/gay or anything. I just hate being a girl.

  10. I loathe being a woman especially being an unattractive pear shaped one. Also the fact that it takes forever to just look presentable – even more to look and smell good. Weddings seem to be for women and marriage for men i.e. makes some men seem more appealing than he was single. Even to this day it seems that women are just discarded material especially after the age of 18+, additionally if your “birthing window” becomes permanently closed. If men workout developing muscles many would be more than accepting but if women bulk up it would be considered gross (even if they get triple E implants). Despite all those “Dove” commercials, female support groups out there many will always feel inadequate and the lucky ones continually seeking validation. We live yet we suffer much longer with a mulititude of worries along with actual problems we face.

    • Hi Cree! I’ve been trying to figure out how to respond to your comment here as it a true commentary to our society’s short comings, I’m sad to say. I think I can summarize it by saying all of your statements reflect everything our ‘society’ has been fed through none other than TEL-LIE-VISION! And now what we have is a pool of ‘men’ who have learned to reach for the superficial rather than any substance. They have us wearing weaves, extensions, getting plastic surgery, liposuction, skin laser (to reveal new skin), there are mounds of ‘reality tv’ where “women” love to fight each other and most women don’t even learn to cook! And marriages these days seem to last as long as a kleenex after you’ve blown your nose in it! And I’ve never allowed one man I dated to try that crap of “pinch more than an inch” on me… not when so many men are walking around with b-cups! I personally think women should have learned by now that since we do live longer, we should be forging friendships instead of trying to get some wife’s husband. Whether we like it or not– our society imitates everything it sees on the idiot box. Shoot… isn’t our society’s behavior EXACTLY like what we see on Television? I personally am one of these people who believes there’s someone for everyone and I’ve never bought into getting married “before it’s too late”. When we are on our correct path those two souls will meet!

      “Even to this day it seems that women are just discarded material especially after the age of 18+”… REALLY?! I think “men” love little girls (I mean 18 year olds) cuz a lot of men are still 15 years old mentally! And it’s rare to find an 18+ man that is thinking of children and the average mature man isn’t really sure of our biological windows. Are they discarding us more frequently? Absolutely– we’ve lowered our bar! My father said; “A man will only do what you ALLOW him to do”. I believe that.

      I also think you’re being a little hard on yourself. We are all different. I’ve also known couples who may not look the match made in heaven (barbie/ken dolls) but their connections are real and genuine. Jan and Rodney from 1983 was my first example of that! And there are men out there who don’t care about the shape or weight of a woman– they recognize a good woman (that is, if they are matured men) and they will snag you up in a heartbeat! 😉 Yours is the type of comment that almost makes me wish I had a dating company! I’ve matched 7 couples and 6 remain married to this day! 🙂 You hang in there, Cree! “He’s” out there looking for you, I just know it! 🙂

      I’m so glad to see your comment… takes the dialogue to another level! Thank you sooo much for sharing your insight. Shows A LOT of strength, Cree! You rock!


      • Hey Jazz!

        Thanks for taking the time to reply.

        I am definitely considering plastic surgery overall and liposuction on the lower half of my body but of course I tend to prefer to spend on things like food and other survival items. I already wear hairpieces so that people will get aesthetically distracted and since that is the only compliment I get people accept me more this way. It is interesting that no matter how “unappealing” a man is he would treat “lesser” women with much disrespect in various ways. The pinching an inch business can be so annoying especially if after the fact he recommends the treadmill. I can imagine a dumbbell being thrown his way also. You are definitely right about forging friendships with other ladies but it seems like either a foreign concept for a few, for some others it is part of her man-stealing ploy, thinking you are hitting on them, social and career climbing, to stroke their ego i.e. the ugly or unpopular friend things and other variations.

        That was really funny i.e. old ass men going on 15 like Hugh Hefner and his child brides. Though yes I can see what you mean about some men’s maturity level and seemingly free pass to everything.

        Unfortunately due to a lot of media influences among other things whenever I hear a man say,”I go for personality,” all I can think of is that he could not score a “6-10” female therefore desperate for any lay to come his way to up his game.

        CNN reports: “6 out of 7 couples are married according to Jazz’s (insert company name here) renowned dating service.” Actually, that is impressive considering the stories of blind dating epic failures I have heard about – nevermind those dating sites :S

        Again great blog!

      • HI THERE Cree!

        With such a perceptive mind, I can’t imagine that you’d truly give in (to the surgeries, etc.). I’d personally urge you not to go forward with that just because I truly dig what India Arie reminded us of (ALL OF US) in her song; “Video” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mq86e4Fhja0

        And these disrespectful “men” are not men at all– they are straight up losers and no one should want them anyway! Good men are actually out there but I’ve found that we need to be more inventive in the places we meet them. For example– JOGGING TRAILS!!! I walk or run them and am constantly approached. And confidence is truly underrated. If you don’t think you’re tha shit… they won’t either! My personal philosophy; “this is my pond and I’m the baddest swan in the muthafuka!” 😉 I think the coolest statement I’ve read which is remarkably true was;

        “When we are each others’ compliment, there is no supplement”… we should all approach relationships with that thought in mind. Unfortunately, game playing has become so routine that people are missing out on one of the best parts of life– TRUE LOVE. But broken hearts break hearts (cuz we’re so dumb sometimes). It certainly isn’t right that some men get a free pass to just be slugs or there are old farts who marry ‘kids’ (cuz they still haven’t matured to the equivalent of their years) but try not to let that discourage you. We all have our destined mates. It’s all about growing until we get there and then that union comes. Immaturity or lack of self-discovery is a true handicap in any relationship. Use your time as a single women to enjoy you! 🙂 I tell people constantly that I LOOOVE me, myself and I most of all cuz we get along just fine! lol Self love can’t be shattered by anything external. Don’t let this society fleece your money for surgeries that just may kill you not to mention the possibility of being permanently disfigured.

        As far as “my lil dating service” I think I’m pretty observant and these couples were simply meant to meet. I just threw gatherings and put them in the same space… fate did the rest! 😉 Hey– if you’ve just got a 100K to put towards surgery… give it to me and I’ll put Match.com to shame!!! lol

        So glad you’re digging the blog, Cree! Can’t wait to get back at it fulltime which I hope is just around the corner! Catcha’ soon, ladybug!


  11. When I initially left a comment I appear to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on every time
    a comment is added I get four emails with the exact same comment.
    There has to be an easy method you are able to remove me from that service?
    Many thanks!

    • Well, that sucks, Joe! It’s a wordpress thing so I’m not sure why that’s happening but I’ll send them a note. Thanks for the heads up. The only thing I can recommend is to uncheck that box but you really only should be getting one instead of 4 of the same comments. Weird but I’ll look into it. 😉


  12. Appreciating the hard work you put into your website and
    in depth information you provide. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t
    the same unwanted rehashed information. Wonderful
    read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

    • Well now… you’ve made me blush! You’re simply too kind! It’s always reassuring when someone gets the approach! Thank you Alissa and welcome to the party!


  13. Thanks for posting your rant here. I couldn’t agree more with the points you made.
    The monthly happenings in my uterus can and have really put a damper on my sex life.
    In addition to the discomforts of pregnancy and the pain of childbirth, the child you gave birth to could grow up to hate you so much that she’s bent on making your life as miserable as possible.
    I also wish I had been born male too then I could also be gay.
    I’m friends with a gay couple. They are so loving towards each other and so fun to be around.

    • Hi there, cgyuhvbji! I’m glad you enjoyed the rant! 😉

      I will say this, if your child is hell bent on “hating” you that means she was SPOILED! Kids don’t just hate their parents, they display that behavior when they’ve been spoiled and now those things they once got so easily are cut off! Think The Mendendez Brothers!

      Spoiling a child never prepares them for adulthood. I’ve always said, if you got it right, you’ll see it loud and clear when they are 2 years old. No such thing as the terrible 2’s– that’s the reflection of a child who was spoiled along the way. Even the Bible says (not trying to get all religious of course); “spare the rod, spoil the child”. Be firm with her and demand her respect especially if you gave her everything she wanted and then some! And shock her grown ass by yanking out an extension cord and beating the snot out of her! lol!

  14. Thank you very much for posting your Rant. I so agree with you that there is absolutely no upside to being female. I am so sick of it. At 53 I am sick of working like a dog and being underpaid. I am sick of being treated as an idiot because I don’t have a penis. As a woman I am apparently not capable of being analytically or technically inclined or having a valid opinion on any subject that does not involve cooking, cleaning or other domestic topics. I dare any man to tell me that I am not capable of fixing my own house, car, problems. Just try it fella and I will stick a crescent wrench up your nose while showing you exactly why my ideas and skills are just as valid as yours. And, since I am an engineer, I also get to suffer through making at least $20K per year less than my male counterparts, never getting promoted because of my gender, and being told that my attitude is overly aggressive (for a woman). Feh. Bite me. Men are expected to be aggressive. Women are expected to just sit back and accept what a man throws at them even if it is wrong.

    The body has decided that 30 hot flashes a day is to be the norm, and the boyz just stare at you in disgust as if you are stupid for allowing this to happen. At my age I am just fat, wrinkled and ugly and everyone just treats me as if I am supposed to be at home baking cookies for someone’s kids. My hair is falling out thanks to the hormone madness and my eyesight and memory is failing far earlier than my male counterparts for the same reason.

    Sex is boring, messy and painful. Who needs it? Have some slob try and impress you with his manhood while leaving you the mess? No thanks. Men have it made. Just a few strokes and they are pretty much guaranteed an orgasm. Women, well most of the time we get nothing but the mess, the pain and rarely do we have a really good orgasm. Men have it easy.

    One of the (many) things I hate about being female is that I get to suffer for the lunacy of other women and their choices. I was never able to have kids, so I was always the one that got to work extra and cover for everyone else and their kids “issues”, events and illnesses. Someone else wants a day off they blame it on the kids being sick and needing to stay home to take care of them – meanwhile I get stuck working to cover. The men just shrug it off and walk away saying it is my problem to cover for the other ladies. gah!

    Lastly. CLOTHES. Who the hell invented panty hose? Underwire bras? High heeled shoes? These implements of torture just make me uncomfortable, restrict my movement, irritate the living shit out of my skin and make me less able to walk properly. Why can’t I wear a nice suit with flat shoes so I can be comfortable and productive? Noooooo, never. Women are expected to wear uncomfortable, restrictive, hobbling or downright painful clothing just to be accepted. I am sick of the HR dipshit calling me into her office to tell me that my clothing is inappropriate because it is not feminine enough for the workplace. I wear flats (bad feet), dress slacks, a button down blouse and a jacket and I am treated like a slob. A man in the exact same style outfit would not be given a second thought. Why does anything I wear have a flipping thing to do with my capabilities or intelligence? I am twice as productive as the men in my company but I get paid less and am treated like crap because I am not a man.

    Being Female – I hate it, hate it, hate it. There is not one thing. NOT ONE thing that I have experienced as a female that would not be better as a man. (no, I am not gay).

    • This has got to be one of the funniest responses yet! LOL Wooo!!!! I love your honesty and frankness! Sorry for the long delay but have been super busy although I’m finally getting to a point of normalcy! Very funny, lady! 🙂

    • I just read your post and you are soooo right.I;m 55 yrs old and can relate to everything you stated I dont know what state you live in but I spent 23 yrs in the midwest a mans paradise.I live in portland Or now Its way better here but stupass men have pretty much wrecked everything in society.If i had it to do over again I would have been alot more selfish I would not have married both were to overentitled immature douchebags.As for other women i never found them to be supportive mainly petty backstabbers who always want a favor but can never return one.At 55 my bodys grossing me out when the hormones left my vitality left the house also. other things that happen to us females as we age i will not get into this is clearly not fair and i hate it. espcially when i see ugly wrinkled fat bald men our age who strutt their stuff like they think ther hot just because they still can get a mushy half boner. dont look foir justice dn this planet sister ut i do feel your pain and it is real

  15. Wow! thank you ladies for posting this. First of all, I am male. And I am eager to share my thoughts. I am 30 years old. This post really got me thinking. I truly feel for women, I know its not our choice to be either gender, but this is how our species is. Maybe some souls do reincarnate and are born again in a new gender. I respect women and I will not deny that I have been chauvinistic or sexist at some point. Mmm, I m not going to try to kiss up to the female sex too … no it is deeper than that. I envy you. You know that more men want to become women than the other way around. Why is that? Our society worships you. And I know while some women are disgusted with how the female image is exploited, I will say that because we live in a western society you have a whole world of opportunity. Equality in pay will come, women now graduate more than men. You earned it. What I will state in the following sentence will shock you I hope. “Women are truly supposed to be better in math.” That was the claim of Waldo Esteva, a teacher I once had who taught spiritual/metaphysical material sometimes using the books of Carlos Castaneda. Even though man claims to create, design and build stuff, you women are “more in touch with nature”. It is the same reason I think some animals perform better than us humans in memory exercises. I want to believe this. My mother is an accountant and I know she is a human calculator, I can never count(do calculations in my head) as good as her, and I am a Computer Science student. It was very interesting to see and view things from your point of view. I have come to some conclusions that sadly confirm what is ultimately the destruction of the family.

    As I read in the blog that a a good “mature man” out there would be one that probably was not raised by his mom only. You happen to agree not with me, but with the antifeminist group “Return of Kings”, a group of men bloggers ranting on how the men on western societies have become “Beta” due to empowering of women after the feminist movement who became independent and raised kids on their own. Betas, male worshipers of the female sex are abundant and are whining little insecure men. On the other side is what we men should be… an “Alpha” male , confident, a man who tries not to please her woman, but to seek pleasure from her. A Beta will cyberstalk a girl he likes in Facebook and send her a wink, some kind of pussy signal, and maybe self defeat himself in thinking he will not have chance with her. But an Alpha will meet her up with no problem and IF HE LIKED HER, if she had the qualities or stuff that interested him(not necessarily good looks) he will go to Facebook AFTER meeting her to verify what she said was true. Anyways you get the idea.

    We as men today, suck. I know. We are not the Clint Eastwood type etc, And believe me, you have all my respect in being a woman. Peace.

    • What a rather odd and pointless posting, IMHO. Let me give you a little advice fella, stop classifying women, or anyone for that matter, is just a sign of a lazy person. Saying “women do this”, or “women want that”, just pisses us off because you seem to think that every woman is the same and that we all think with half a brain or only care about clothes and makeup. And, of course, anyone who would envy women in general is a fool. Unless, of course, you have some bizarre image of what a woman *is* that is completely counter to the whole concept of individuality. No two women are the same just as no two men are the same. Categorizing and pigeon holing someone because of their gender is a big mistake. Every man and woman is a unique individual capable of pretty much anything they put their mind to… unless, of course, that person is denied access to an opportunity or judged to be inferior or superior simply because of their gender. How about you just take people as they are and trying to apply your own. Next time you want to envy a woman for anything, try putting a tampon up your butt, shoving your shaved legs into a pair of panty hose and wearing heels, then try to run for a bus.

  16. Im 55 yrs old ans yep I HATE being a female for so many reasons. first lets start with what i call the pretty pretty shit that gets shoved down your throat from early childhood.everything boring and mudane as a kid i did so much f g housework i feel cheated because while my brothers had real fun i was sweeping dirt piles.now for the big one god help your ass if your not a classic beauty.the teasing the bulling i got was horrific ok so i was a homely kid bone thin big nose bright orange hair…everyday i got reminded what a f g loser i was for just takig a damn breath.nobody was my friend all my life ive watched asshole men fall for these pretty types that are mean petty bitches who cant stay faithful while womwn like me have to settle for the bottom of the barrel types..or be alone.i hate society as much as i hate being female its hard to try to love god when he knew from the start how painfulit would be its like thanks god ok im done but believe me i dont talk about what i dont know straight up and it gets worse when your an older woman mengo out of their way not to look or speak to you no respect at all i think this generation of men is just about the worst yet

  17. I absolutely hate being a women. I’m 20. I always have been. I’ve always found it hard to do stuff I love that to guys are perfectly easy. They don’t have to worry about finding a washroom to pee in at a concert that isn’t gross and disgusting. They don’t have to have periods. Or deal with pregnancy. Or have expectations of a physicallity if what they need to look like. If I’m plus size I have go go to a 14+ store. Men can find up to triple XL in normal stores. But woman have to be singled out. Camping sucks cause you can’t really pee. Being a woman sucks. And there is not a single postive to that. Men get all the glory. Life just sucks for a lot if women. Don’t see as many men complaining.

    • The only time men complain is when they have colds. lol. They have it far more easier no doubt. And I do wish men gave birth. I’d LOVE for that to be their responsibility. Hang in there, Nadia. One day we’ll get to ask God what was the punchline to THAT one! 🙂

  18. Okay, here are some REAL advantages to being a woman and not some stupid “Oh we get to wear make-up” crap.

    1) We get to eat more iron than men. Yes, ladies, we can eat up to 18 grams of iron without overdosing while men can only eat 8. Seeing as I love red meat, this is an excellent advantage. Ironically, it is because of our menstrual cycle.
    2) I don’t know WHY women don’t know this… it IS physically possible for us to pee standing up. That’s right! It is. It’s called spreading your junk wide apart with both hands and leaning back. You’d be amazed. And no, it isn’t gross, because guys use their hands too. Btw… If you wanna get away with it in public, there’s skirts and there is also wrapping a jacket around your waist.
    3) Full body orgasms.
    4) multiple orgasms (only for some)
    5) herbal teas can do wonders at lightening periods or completely eliminate it.
    6) because we have estrogen, we have stronger immune systems than most men.
    7) we can see more shades of color.
    8) we can masturbate anywhere
    9) for most women, there is no ejaculate to clean up.

    Your body is defining who you are because you LET it define who you are and you ALLOW society to define you. Don’t get pregnant. Drink herbal teas. Learn to pee standing up but for gods sake, there is NOTHING a man can do that you can’t. I have pushed my body boundaries, I know this for a fact. Stop complaining and focus on something genderless; your mind.

    • You’ve missed the entire point of the post. And of course we’re different than men and likewise. Hey– thanks for stopping by and commenting.


    • Your list has done nothing to balance the scales for me. Considering the fact that color doesn’t even truly exist and I’m a vegetarian who drinks copious amounts of herbal tea (with no noticeable help during menstruation) all this list provided me was a chuckle.

  19. Honestly but the only thing I love about myself right now are my boob, not too big not too small, but if I could get rid of anything else then I definetly would. I’m just in the worst mood right now suffering from awful cramps amd bloating. Seriously but I feel like a drug addict during my period, I take more advil than a construction worker. I ended reading your rant because I hated my life AT THE MOMENT and decided to search up reasons why it sucks to be a female. I guess you might not experience it but one thing I hate about being a female is that you are EXPECTED to cook and clean. I’m not saying that its a bad thing to do those things but I hate it when men think that that is your responsibility. For example when I’m over at my uncle and aunt’s place and my cousin in hungry, he would go and ask his dad for something to eat. And my uncle would be like don’t you see your mom and *my name* there, when you are hungry ask the females for something to eat. This infuriates me, like seriously but men are actually useless and tjey will never understand. Phew there’s my little rant. Still cramping though.

  20. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww being a girl sucks , i really pity all the girls on the planet and the new born babies with “Vagina” . Weak girls just get hit by a car and reborn being a strong dude. Being a man is the best of the best i freaking love it.

    • I am male.
      Insecurity flows through my veins.
      My liabilities outweigh my assets.
      Nature never meant for my whole self to make others especially those of the opposite sex give what I want and need just by my mere existence, so I have to exert greater effort just to have them, much to my own expense.

      I am male.
      Subhumanity runs in my kind.
      I came into being with no innate knowledge of right and wrong, so I have to learn them.
      My own kind has razed unspeakable terror and pain upon the opposite sex, so the whole world now keeps on telling me to restrain myself like I am some sort of a beast.

      I am male.
      Wrongness is my blood.
      I can never do anything to save myself from being held accountable, responsible, or being called out, and from having to do things that I am unwilling to do.
      Now I have to be careful in everything that I do, lest I hurt somebody.

      I can never be truly free.
      I can never get out of my God-forsaken body.
      I can never bail out of their strict code.
      I will still remain beholden to their tight opinion.

      Not even transitioning would work.
      I might never be likely to die glad.
      I would rather reign in heaven as a lady than serve in hell as a gentleman.
      I would rather be a woman that people would love to respect and protect, than a man that people love to lecture and hurt.

      It means that I could never afford to be right even if I’m wrong. I could never afford to break free from the burden of accountability and responsibility. This ain’t my paradise.
      I wish I had been female all along.
      This disaster is driving me crazy.

  21. I understand. I am a normal heterosexual woman. I think vaginas are disgusting and want nothing to do with them. I think penises are gorgeous and beautiful. But I hate being a woman, I hate that I am the one who has to clean, because my husband is better suited to farm (I am physically unable to do what he does), I hate periods, morning sickness, breastfeeding, not being physically as strong, needing more sleep (scientifically proven now, but I already knew), having to do most of the cleaning, not being able to write yellow letters in snow, not being able to pee while driving tractor, periods, not being in the mood all the time, not being able to orgasm every time, having discharges while your vagina cleanses itself, wearing bras… And many more

    • Hi Thammy!!! How FUNNY!!! LOL!!! I can’t disagree with ONE WORD!!!! Although– I say let the man use HIS muscles (to do those chores)!! hahaha

      And I have to agree– EXCEPTIONALLY Good d*ck is a BEAUTIFUL THANG!!! And wearing bras is THA WORST! Like my shoes, I take that sucker off IMMEDIATELY when I walk through the doors! In all these years, not ONE COMFORTABLE BRA has EVER been made!!! I actually didn’t mind breastfeeding– kinda liked that quality time but it CAN be very inconvenient and those cutting teeth ain’t NO PARTS of fun! lol Men have it so much easier that’s for sure! I wish JUST ONCE a man gave birth!!! Just once, I tell ya!! lol

      I LOVE that this article still remains a common factor for ALL us ladies. The parts that makes us women, really does SUCK, don’t it??!!! haha Welcome to “the party” and thanks so much for dropping a comment! And here I thought I was ALL ALONE! 🙂

      The Captain of THIS Ship! 😉

      P.S. Watch out for menopause! Talk about SLEEP DEPRIVATION!!! Sucks the Melatonin right outta ya!! 😦

  22. I’ve always wished I were one of the girls. I’d do this in a snap if body-swapping is possible (Not even transitioning can do the trick for me). This “privilege” of mine doesn’t make it happy. I want all of my liabilities and constraints as a guy gone forever. Being male isn’t all that cracked up to be. I feel everyone’s agony here. I hope that they would end for good.

    • Hi there, Colin!!! 🙂 This is a FIRST! 🙂

      I hardly know how to address your comment but I will say this… if you had OVARIES, maaann– you’d change THAT wish in a heartbeat! lol Mine have operated “pretty okay” over the years but I remember some girls when their cycle first hit… maaann, they couldn’t even WALK for the first day or THREE!!! And the fact that there’s a possibility of our VAGINAS falling out (and taking our RECTUM along the way)… “whatchu talkin’ bout, Willis?” LOL!!!

      My guess why some men might want to “switch” is the aspect of “dress up”. 🙂 But the inner workings of a woman’s body should have a SALARY attached. lol Labor intensive indeed! lol Speaking of LABOR, you SURE you wanna GIVE BIRTH?!!! lol Sometimes, we always wish for things we don’t have. Short people want to be tall, tall people want to be short, brunettes want to be blonde (and so on and so forth– ;).

      Kinda ole fashion myself and have ALWAYS believed “God didn’t make a mistake on me” but that doesn’t mean I have to dig my OVARIES!!! lol HEY!!! That RHYMED!! lol

      Thanks for the comment my man! 🙂 A new twist on my rant! 🙂


      P.S. I’d LOVE to hear the downside to male-dome. Well, besides the obvious which is what a load it is to be the “provider/protector” of his family. I will forever ENVY the fact that men use less toilet paper AND can pee ANYWHERE!!! LOL

  23. Well for one, being the provider, the initiator, and the protector for the opposite sex is a gigantic chore.

    Less males than females live longer, attend school, get good grades, and graduate more likely, although I’m too polite to tell it to everyone.

    Bad males also outnumber the good ones and immature ones outnumber the good ones, so it makes an impression that every male would grow up uncouth and savage unless they get some guidance and even be subject to tighter restrictions, and that it need not apply to every female, since few of them commit crimes.

    I also wish that society allows to have anything handed out to me. I also wish I were female so that I could never face the burdens of gentlemanhood. The truth does hurt, and I’ll be stuck in this God-forsaken body for the rest of my life. Being male will never be great.

    • Hi there, Colin and WELCOME BACK! 🙂 My apologies for the delay– computer issues. 😦

      And yes, “provider/protector” is a major responsibility (just like marriage) but NOWADAYS– huge sums of “men” have bailed out. This is just one SNIPET we found… https://yoy50.wordpress.com/tag/64-of-black-kids-dont-have-fathers-psa/ Believe me when I say– I know all too well that good men are RARE gems these days. I’m in my 60’s so I’ve “witnessed” that “unforeseen” reality. Too many single mom-girlfriends to count. 🙂

      May I ask… “why you feel” the burden of “gentlemanhood”? My marriage is a partnership where we do support one another but as a woman, I have my role just like he has his. When the munchkins woke in the night, as the woman– I took those shifts allowing for him to rest (not that he didn’t pitch in of course) but mowing the lawn is his role… you dig? 🙂

      Also– what if I could PROVE to you that God exists? Would you have a change of heart (about your “God foresaken body”)? 🙂

      P.S. Colin is one of my favorite names for a “baby boys”!!!:) Just like, Chad, Michael, Garrett and even Evan! 🙂 When I came back to the u.s.– I stumbled upon a show with EIGHT kiddos– Colin was my FAVORITE in the bunch! 🙂 Here’s his pic with one of his twins… http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_uMNdiBPKhNQ/SVlmweWa1pI/AAAAAAAAAac/PmqmnLDORUg/S259/multiple3.gif

  24. In the way that I see it, your posts display a libertarian point of view and a deep adherence to the Bible (I’m a Protestant-sympathizing, accommodationist Catholic from the Philippines, by the way).

    It’s very hard to love God, if there is one (don’t get me wrong on this one, as I still think that there is a hint of God), when I’m in a body that isn’t built to make the opposite sex hand everything out to me, do anything for me, and love me as I am without being deemed “entitled”, that is, to make “launch a thousand ships”.

    Even worse is the statistical data that shows, as I’ve said earlier, that the male population is lagging behind the female population in terms of psychological maturity, morality, lifespan, education, physical and mental health, cognitive abilities, economic progress, and so on.

    The male population has been becoming a laughingstock exactly because of those downsides, besides that more males than females commit crime. Thanks to them, I get to suffer the consequences of the actions of my male peers.

    Restrictive laws are now being imposed on every male worldwide, including me, while female enjoy exemptions from such laws. Males are automatically reminded on how to behave and treat others well as if they don’t know how, while females are free from all that. Even the mainstream media seems to be making the male population an acceptable negative reference group. Expendability is almost exclusively male. Therefore, I fear modern society.

    I don’t want to be bitter and hateful, but I seem to end up being such. It seems like nobody or nothing’s gonna airlift me out of misery. I’d rather be seen as weak yet valued than strong yet “roasted”. I don’t belong to a protected group, so I don’t get the luxury of being exempt from certain legal obligations. I’m still mourning the stupidity of my own kind (through going to war, not going to school, not being to multitask, live longer, mature faster, get married more rapidly, and so on). Being male is my biggest liability ever.

    • NOTE: I normally like comments to stay on topic so if you want to skip this comment to Colin, please feel free. 🙂 Bits and pieces are “article related” but “sidebars” abound within this reply. 🙂

      Well, you DO cite stats that some women are definitely aware of! 🙂 “Males” ARE “a dime a dozen” THESE DAYS but REAL MEN do exist! 🙂 Regardless of the “stats”, they STILL “hook up” AND make babies, don’t they?! (smiles)

      Some of the items you list DO go both ways. Women, for example (and I use that term loosely) commit crimes as well, they just don’t have the BRUTE force to knock someone out in ONE PUNCH. 🙂 They’ve also lost DISCRETION (by in large) over the years and can be quite SELFISH as well. And that lack of maturity you speak of… the “baby male growing brain” DOES EVENTUALLY “catch up”. 🙂 REAL Men don’t remain in that state forever. I do know some EXCELLENT and THOUGHTFUL husbands and dads! Cannot WAIT til the day I can say “THERE ARE PLENTY”! 🙂

      I PERSONALLY don’t identify with being a “liberal” or any other term our societies WANTS to label/’DEFINE’, “politically correct”… our definitions are a JOKE!! lol Seems we change them like our UNDIES EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! lol A dictionary that my STEPDAD possesses from 1938 says a “b*tch” (for example) is; 1) a FEMALE dog in HEAT and 2) to COMPLAIN. NO gender attached. REAL “plain AND SIMPLE”. 🙂 Look at a “newly printed” dictionary in 2009+… more than 6-8 (IF NOT MORE) definitions NOW exist!!! lol Me??? I’m SIMPLY a “child of God” (even in my 60’s) who REFUSES to adapt to what is determined by “our” society. Got my dads genes and HE taught me to “question authority” when it does NOT make sense to YOU!!! 🙂 And speaking of God…

      I’ve had several colleagues who were Philippine (when I lived abroad). Have found it interesting that many feel as you do (about the existence of God). It breaks my heart too because so many cultures have a multitude of beliefs (or non-beliefs). Ever heard the expression… “the GREATEST trick the Devil EVER pulled is to convince THE WORLD that He DOESN’T exist”?(Paraphrasing) He (“the devil”) has done a BANG UP JOB when we consider just how many options are there (for “RELIGION/beliefs”). But the Bible tells us… “the only way to the Father is through His Son; i.g.; Christ.

      I remember seeing some research about a famous Buddhist Monk YEARS ago. When he died (in 1983– there were TWO events that happened there so I DO HOPE I am NOT “confusing” the 2 events), apparently he went to Hell (to observe– dead for THREE days). What he witnessed at the time was a CLEAR WARNING that they [THAT “religion”]– got it wrong! Large groups of young Monks left the fold because of that. An article was written but very soon after, it was suppressed. Too much invested in that religion so “the powers that be”, hid this true occurrence. Can no longer find the written article but here’s a clip of what I refer to… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfYiBTeMZ6o Still room for speculation with this account I’m POSITIVE (for some) but what about the CONFIRMATION of ‘The FIRMAMENT”?!! 🙂 Recently found info on THAT which leaves “little wiggle room”!!! 🙂 https://yoy50.wordpress.com/2016/08/03/wernher-von-braun-and-nasa-lies-the-truth-is-in-the-firmament/

      Along side that [discovery] there’s ALSO an “invisible barrier” that a scientist/voyager (I think it was) experienced in the depths of the WATER!! Only a HANDFUL have experienced THIS, first hand!!! Check THIS OUT… 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEVW_9EVjFE

      And this last item… straight from NASA’s OWN website (no less) CONFIRMS they’ve known FULL well that the FIRMAMENT is real and our earth is flat NOT round, for a VERY long time. Research words; “Operation Fish Bowl”, too. Essentially, what they did by suppressing THAT knowledge is they’ve ACTUALLY “kept” GOD from us!!! (and on “tha cool?”– I’m MAD about it!!!) It’s NOT a mistake/”coincidence” that they refer to “a flat, non-rotating, earth” at least THREE times within that document (a 102 page long PDF dated 1988)!!! https://yoy50.wordpress.com/2016/11/15/flat-earth-confirmed-via-nasa-tha-dummies/

      One last item…. when I was living abroad, I was 15 minutes from the Saudi (Arabia) border… if I’d known of THIS DISCOVER (one DIRECTLY FROM THE BIBLE), I’d have crossed THAT border in a HEARTBEAT! 🙂 As a woman, wasn’t REALLY trying to go THERE, though! lol It’s funny… the Bible actually TELLS us this could be found in the “Arabias”!!! Remember when Moses led the people out of bondage? Well… the murmuring started the MOMENT thirst hit them! In other words, they STILL had doubts (that GOD saved them). What is that old expression? Oh yeah, “out of the pot into THA FIRE” I’m SURE is what they we’re thinking!!! lol So Moses “threw a rock” (paraphrasing) and SPLIT the Rock of Horeb which shot water several feet (impossible to do yet it was done JUST LIKE the parting of The Red Sea and there IS evidence of the LOCATION in which THAT event OCCURRED!!!) and the peoples’ thirst WAS QUENCHED! Peep it! 🙂 .. https://yoy50.wordpress.com/2013/08/25/pepsico-says-it-will-halt-use-of-aborted-fetal-cells-in-flavor-research-wth-plus-a-dash-of-mt-sinai/ (do keep in mind this is an OLD article– our blog is EVER-EVOLVING)! 🙂

      No need to feel “included” in the “negligence” of a gender… do your OWN THING and set yourself apart! Those acts DO get noticed! 🙂 These cats (for example) STILL impress me! 🙂 And look how FULL the room is!!! EAGER MINDS just LOOKING for GUIDANCE/leadership!! 🙂 I PERSONALLY feel that we are BORN with an automatic KNOWING of “right AND wrong”). It’s those “life experiences” (among OTHER super negative influences like TV, HORRIFIC parents, etc.), which can sometimes be EXTREMELY harsh” which can make us FEEL ALL ALONE. But once we KNOW there IS a Heavenly Father (who is ABOVE, “the Alpha AND Omega”), we CAN find solace in knowing He’s ALIVE and METICULOUSLY watching! Our struggles do NOT go UNNOTICED by Him! 🙂

      By the way… while I do know it exists that if a Pharmaceutical Rep (for example) is GORGEOUS woman, that male doctor would be more inclined to add the new drug to his stock vs having it presented by “Bert”, 🙂 but I think you have a misconception of women, by in large, having things handed to them. Being the “weaker sex” in some parts of the world (INCLUDING the u.s.) can be quite horrific. I would never want to be a woman in Capetown S.A., or The Congo, Saudi Arabia, Iran, friggin THAILAND where sex with young under-aged girls is a pedophiles DREAM…you know. And men are QUICK to physically abuse women (think Ike & Tina Turner) these days as well.

      I sleep with my fist balled up just in case somebody tries to START something!!

      lol (R.I.P. Robin Harris)

      I say… IF we have “the faith of a grain of a mustard seed” (check the spice isle at a food store to see just how TINY that seed is) and we SIMPLY ask God to SHOW HIMSELF… He WILL!!! 🙂 BUT!!! Be ready though!! And watch the unfolding begin, too! We’ve ALL been HORRIBLY LIED TO but I do believe that God is HAPPY to see that some of us KNOW HE’S ALIVE!!! And do keep this in mind… when a person is demon possessed (throughout “biblical times” as well as today’s era where countless possessions have been documented), it is ONLY the name of CHRIST that sets them free. Not Mary (“the virgin”, ANOTHER hoax), not Muhammad nor ANY OTHER NAME. And believe me when I say, I explored plenty of religions while in my 20’s only to come to Christ when I was 27 (eons ago when I think back on that day). There’s a reason why you found the article ALL THE WAY IN THE PHILIPPINES (and “Why O’ Why?”)… 🙂

      With love and LIGHT, my friend… you hang TUFF!!! 🙂

      The Captain of THIS Ship! 🙂

      • Yeah, thank you for some comforting words. Well, it’s a very deep struggle to be good at being good despite other males doing stupid things like not going to school or going to war.

        My head is saying something like, “Hey guys, the male population has been becoming a laughingstock to the female population these days because of what we have been doing. In fact, they have been surpassing us in many fields and we’re now subjected to even more restrictive laws.

        Don’t worsen my suffering for what you guys are doing. Please, we have to be like them if we want to regain their trust and respect. If you do this, the world will no longer treat us as a negative reference group. If you do this, I won’t have to prove myself good, since no one would doubt me. Wake up, for crying out loud!”

        Anyway, I would have loved being male if other advantages were added to my existing ones. Thanks for consoling me, though.

      • You know… I don’t think the entire world view men as you do… a (complete) “laughingstock”. I see the groupie affect, they still hook up and have one night stands, and some husbands STILL have mistresses. I also see some broads go for a guy who willingly abandoned his children (yet she somehow thinks he’d be a good father if SHE got pregnant??). I see “Jerry Springer Syndrome” in a big way yet men don’t seem to be “missing a beat”. They don’t seem to be “excluded or ostracized” nearest I can tell. I even see some broads FIGHT over a guy who CHEATED on THEM!! lol I also think large groups of women have set the bar low which ensures that “every guy has a shot”. And the neighborhood I live in? There are LOADS of “stay at home dads”! I’m having a hard time THOROUGHLY understanding your view. Well… other than what a load it can be to be “provider/protector”. But hey!! Lots of women are taking on that responsibility so “where’s tha beef”? 🙂

  25. Well, I’m sorry for not being able to articulate what I mean. My point is that I wouldn’t be subjected to restrictive laws imposed upon the male population (including me, of course) that need not apply to the female population. (This is understandable, since the former is the oppressing group.) When I realize this one, I felt like a dog bound by a leash, so I kinda wished that I were female, so that I could live my life VIRTUALLY unfettered by social and legal boundaries. (I hope that the last sentence doesn’t offend.)

    Anyway, I’m glad that I found a person with a different perspective on what’s going on with the world. I’m on my last year in college, and I plan to move to the U.S. as quick as I can after graduation. It’s a lonely struggle here in college, where I have to sacrifice pleasure to attain education. It sucks for me when I realized that I belong to the wrong side of history, and that my disadvantages outweigh the advantages (for instance, I never had a girlfriend, I wasn’t born with a sex appeal, I’ve been outperformed at school by females, I’ve been occasionally told to be gentlemanly [I see it as a heavy chore.]). I feel like I have to compensate for my shortcomings every time. My self-esteem is kinda in a coma.

    • Hi Colin!!! And college? That explains alot! 🙂 College can mess up the BRIGHTEST minds! 🙂 It’s like a bigger version of high school! lol Don’t worry, once you’re in the world, you’ll gain a new perspective. And I caution that ass-merica will make things better. This country is JACKED UP!!! I’d try Holland first but that’s just me. 🙂 As far as our “democracy” (lol)– look for a documentary called; “Hacking Democracy”. At least the Mafia works with a “code of HONOR”! lol

      Your reply to HandsomeDUDE tells me you’re gonna be JUST fine! 🙂

      Jazz 😉

      P.S. Beauty (or appeal) is in the eye of the beholder. The right girl WILL come along! 🙂 I predict you’ll be an AMAZING husband AND dad!!! I’d be happy to be your american GRANDMA too! 🙂

  26. I am a guy , a pretty handsome devil and let me tell you. I LOVE BEING A MAN! , all my friends ( girls ) they hate being girls , is like a nightwake for ever , the best solution is suicide 🙂 and born being a strong man like us 🙂

    • You are deluded. You won’t stand a chance. People will lecture about how chauvinistic you are. The male population has fewer advantages than disadvantages. You’ll soon realize how shitty being male is. I’ve seen it. It’s a heavy chore.

      • You beat me to the “punch”, Colin! hahaha This “guy” is one of MANY reasons I was “inspired to write this rant!!! 🙂 Gonna save my rebuttals for him, but THANK YOU for chiming in on THIS character! 🙂 See– you’re ALREADY cutting the chord of “idiocy” within the gender you are! 🙂 I’m EQUALLY disappointed to be a part of my gender too. Super easy once you get “the hang of it”! 🙂 And by the way… wasn’t that EASY??!!! 🙂 LISTEN to your “gut”! And while it might appear you’re ALL ALONE– you’re REALLY NOT!!! 🙂


    • Your “type’, “dear heart”, is my inspiration for writing this rant! You think you’re handsome and YOUR advice is for all women to commit suicide? Where would you play; “hide the sausage” (excuse me– “wienie”) if it were not for WOMEN?

      And “strong” is RELATIVE!!! Women give BIRTH which means– a woman gave you LIFE!!! Can’t be STRONGER than THAT! Though many o’ women/girls in YOUR neck of the woods will NEVER SEE THIS, BUT… you, my dear, are a PERFECT example of why women should never have UNPROTECTED sex (OR sex outside of MARRIAGE). When you FINALLY grow older and have a DAUGHTER (I’m predicting NOW that your first child WILL BE a girl, too) you’ll WISH you could take those words, back! A note to your parents, namely your DAD… FAIL!!! You got “approved for comment” because I try NOT to CENSOR (though there ARE RULES for commenting on this blog thanks to one EVENT) HERE is that tab… but… yeah! You’ve “clumped” yourself into the MANY “REJECTS” that no WOMAN should EVER allow into her space. My PERSONAL guess?? You ONLY seek the insecure, young and naive, therefore, you’re “getting away with” what you’re currently doing (to the YOUNG, UNSUSPECTING girl) AND, AND, YOU think you’re HANDSOME, dude!!! “HandsomeDude”, you “sound” like a predator, molester AND pedophile!!! My guess??? You’re NOT over 27 years of age! You are (in my HUMBLE opinion) a predetor of the WEAK (insecure) FLOCK of women fold.

      Young ladies– BE WARNED! THIS guy refers to himself as; “a pretty handsome DEVIL“! The “rest is on YOU”!!!


      • The most logical way to avoid scrutiny by an oppressed group is to get out of the oppressive group and defect to the oppressed group.

        I can do that if I were to switch from Filipino to American, from Catholic to evangelical, from conservative to liberal, or from Republican to Democratic, but from from male to female is still impossible. Therefore, I have to live with the fact that restrictive laws imposed on the male population applies to me as well. I can’t get out of the blacklist.

    • You are exactly the type I warn young girls about. What a silly thing to say considering if all women took your advice, who would you play “hide the weenie” with? I hope you never have a daughter. I changed my mind… I hope you have 10 daughters!!!

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