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Sherry Peel Jackson– an update from her husband, Colin Jackson

This Friday, September 3, 2010 (11PM EST), I will be interviewing Colin Jackson on the blogcast “United We Stand As A United Front” for an update on Sherry.  He’s going to bring us up to date on the latest with her.  We hope you’ll join us as this will be one of the first interviews on her status.  To me, Sherry is a great example of standing for truth and I’m thrilled to have him on the show.  See you this Friday.

NOTE: This post will remain near the top of the blog until after the interview on Friday, September 3, 2010.  Feel free to scroll down for newer posts.

9 thoughts on “Sherry Peel Jackson– an update from her husband, Colin Jackson

  1. THIS IS AWESOME! I can hardly wait for this interview! I recently stumbled upon the address for her so I’ll be sending a letter to her soon to the Coleman address. That is the current address isn’t it? A special thanks to Colin for the upcoming interview. I’m writing from Bahrain. Seems we’re watching from all over the world about her bravery.

    The Expatriate, Latha

    • Hi “the expatriate” (Latha) and welcome to our little family!

      Yes, the address to the Coleman facility is correct (again). I’m unsure why they seem to switch her back and forth, but that is the latest from her husband, Colin. I re-sent my letter today so I’m hoping to get a direct reply from her soon.

      And Bahrain?! I’m familiar with that location so welcome, welcome from abroad!!!! I hope you’ll be able to tune in this Friday night as well.

      Take care and be safe, lady.


    • Well thanks for the kindness but I’m not down with facebook or twitter. I hope to never join the club either. This is basically the stop on the web for YOY. Sho appreciate the luv though. 🙂

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