Something Cool / What Kids Can Do


This is what kids can actually do and I LOVE IT!!!

In case this video is removed from youtube (because youtube is getting quite shitty with the good stuff) click this link for the alternative video: Cut and paste if you need to.

I love how the mentor mentioned that “he use to want to be a basketball player, now he wants to be an engineer”!  Now that’s what I’m talking about!  Way to go to Kelvin Dully and all the students and mentors in this inspiring program!  “Each one, teach one”.  I hope this one will go into production too because no one can deny that this is freakin impressive.

2 thoughts on “THIS IS “DY-NO-MITE”!!!!

    • “This is cool”… hey– I thought so too. As a matter of fact, I think this is exceptional!!! Hopefully it will make it into production. Not just for the purpose of these kids ‘getting paid’ but the overall impact this might make!!!

      I still believe that our youngsters might be able to forge ahead to a new future!!!! Kids– you’ve gotta’ love em.

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