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“Make It Plain” is coming to the blogcast soon! UPDATE: THE DATE HAS CHANGED to September 17th instead…

On my last blogcast (Episode #4), I mentioned a little something about our soldiers and couldn’t help notice how the subject of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is widely being overlooked.  I’m not an expert but I finally remembered one of the readers of this blog who is!  Eureka I thought, I jotted her a note and I’m happy to announce that Dr. Kim Arrington of the mental health blog; “Make It Plain Online” will be joining me on September 10th 17th for a special blogcast on the subject.

Dr. Kim Arrington

We want to discuss mental health (and mental health within the black community) plus the devastating affects this illegal war is having on our soldiers.  I think it’s important to separate the black community on this issue only because I’ve found that we seem to have collectively convinced ourselves that this is only a reflection of weakness.  It’s a myth that needs to be dispelled.   So we hope you’ll join us Friday, September 17th (11pm EST) for a special  discussion on mental health, the increased numbers of suicides amongst our servicemen and the very real PTSD.  In the meantime, here’s a brief outline of her bio and a link to her site:

Dr. Kim Arrington is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a Minor in African-American studies.  She went on to obtain a Master’s Degree at Hunter College of the City University of New York.  It was here that she began her research on African-American women and stress.  She went on to complete a Doctorate in School-Clinical Psychology at Pace University in New York City.  She extended her research on stress to include African-American adolescents, and her dissertation was in fact on this subject.  She later completed a program of study in child psychoanalysis.  There’s more so please, continue reading because it’s freakin’ impressive!

Note: This post will remain at the top of the page until September 10 17th so please, scroll down for newer posts.

3 thoughts on ““Make It Plain” is coming to the blogcast soon! UPDATE: THE DATE HAS CHANGED to September 17th instead…

  1. Just a note to say thank you to Dr. Kim Arrington for joining me on this important topic! I’m looking forward to a Part 2 as well. 😉

    For those who are a bit shy, here’s the email address that was given during the show to contact her for a point in the right direction; Thanks to all who gave us a listen– we did this special blogcast out of LOVE! Peace.

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