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Here’s the result of all things BAD…

I my opinion, there’s no excuse for this.  It’s inappropriate and sad.  The person who uploaded this to youtube entitled the clip: “The result of “SEXTERTAINMENT“.  I could not have come up with a better word if I tried:

NOTE:  THEY KEEP TAKING THIS VIDEO DOWN SO CLICK HERE FOR THE LATEST ALTERNATIVE LINK: http://ww.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video640.php?set_size=1&v=wshhmAk2Yr711k977N2R (Thanks “T” for the link!)

Parents who encourage this behavior should be ashamed of themselves.  Sadly, you can tell this little girl is being coached to perform like an ‘adult’. And did you notice how eventually, the little one begins to mimic the older girl?  This is not EMPOWERING little girls– this is priming them for the pole, porno, stripping, sexual abuse and LOW SELF-ESTEEM.  Thanks for limiting their view of themselves and their future!!!

13 thoughts on “Here’s the result of all things BAD…

  1. This is vastly circulating the web. Someone who knows this family wrote in to blogger SandraRose.com and said that the little girls father was the videographer and the mom is in jail. GO FIGURE!
    The part that makes it even worse to me is when they (the adults) think it’s cute. You expect this from a pedophile or a psychopath, but not from someone who says, “It’s nothing wrong with it, she’s just dancing, I think it’s cute.” Those are the ones that we really need to watch out for! SAD!!

    • “the little girls father was the videographer and the mom is in jail. GO FIGURE!” Go figure indeed! Never saw that one coming! I can’t stand to hear anyone say; “It’s nothing wrong with it, she’s just dancing, I think it’s cute.”… that’s the dumbest statement ever! It’s like “parents” who encourage this aren’t thinking of the many pedophiles who are loving every minute of these escapades. Ugh… just UGH!!!

    • Looks like they’ve shut down your video too. Violates the terms of use. I’m sure they’ll shut mine down before too long. Don’t want to put a dent into that capitalistic system they have set up to make all that money off of now do we? 🙂

      • I have the back up of this clip. If they’re posting it to the web– it’s fair game! Damn shame indeed. I just don’t understand what’s gotten into people who exploit their kids this way.

        “Don’t want to put a dent into that capitalistic system they have set up to make all that money off of now do we? :)” hahaha! I know, right? And does appear to be an epidemic among brown folk. Seriously– what’s up with that?!

    • I know… it’s becoming the norm, sadly. I guess what got me on this one is that the older girl didn’t really know what she was doing (she appeared to be getting some coaching to me) but her little sister was picking up on the activity and trying to mimic it. Sad, just sad.

  2. Hello yoy50 how are you?

    I saw this clip on another blog not too long ago and so many people were like who is filming this and I was like the mother (single parent household because no real father would support this and no real mother should not either) who else because this child is not old to be able to do this all by herself and if it was done by a teenager who should have no legal authority to tape or to u-tube this child to the public. It one things to see teenagers to get this point which is still not right in my book but at least they are old enough to decipher the difference between a good and bad choice of it’s actions but this child has no clue. This mother must not care about pedophiles being turned on by her child. Why teach your child things like this? This is why I am so turned off my teenage motherhood because so many young parents have no clue about sustainable lifestyles and habits and the sad part now many older women are out there like little girl trying to compete with them because the world is so messed up. Now all older men only want younger woman despite her level of maturity to handle the situation at hand. Now you have older woman getting young men out of high school and we know that they are not mature enough for a grown azz woman relationship at the point, it like no one want to be with someone of there own age group and maturity level. I saw a clip of this one lady she looked 40 walking through a crowd of people wearing a red leather jacket and some fishnet stalking for pants with some thongs on and I was like this is a hot azz mess right here everyone is starving to attention and now and days it does not matter if the attention is good or bad because it is still good in many people eyes.

    • Hi there Resurrected! I’m good! How’s it going?!

      I can’t disagree with anything you’ve stated here. It’s really sad that parents encourage this behavior. And to me it just seem like this particular little girl actually wanted to be a child but was encouraged to act this way instead. SMH.

      I think I remember seeing that woman that looked like she was forty and dressed like a street walker. When will some women ever learn that “more is less”? Men (grown men, not dudes) actually like to have something left to the imagination. It’s really sad that this is becoming so normal these days. I wonder what type of ‘man’ they think they will attract besides abusers and losers… just SMDH!

    • Did you know that the current pope was a Nazi youth? http://www.helpfreetheearth.com/img/popeHitler2.jpg That’s one evil looking man too. Nothing about this character surprises me except for the fact that people follow him so blindly.

      I simply can’t believe that so many children are suffering due to these perverts. Don’t people get it yet? It’s one thing to say that these incidents are isolated but as long as I’ve been alive, the catholic church has always had the hots for little boys. They’re NAMBLA on the cool! lol!

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