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Should Videotaping the Police Really Be a Crime?

Obviously the answer to that question is no, but I know people will debate…

In an article from Time.com, “Anthony Graber, a Maryland Air National Guard staff sergeant, faces up to 16 years in prison.  His crime?  He videotaped his March encounter with a state trooper who pulled him over for speeding on a motorcycle. Then Graber put the video — which could put the officer in a bad light — up on YouTube.”

I mean come on people– we like to think we have choices but when incidences like this occurs there should be no doubt in our minds that words like “choice” or “freedom” really are illusions.  The article continues in part; “Graber spent 26 hours in jail even before facing the wiretapping charges that could conceivably put him away for 16 years.”  If I’m not mistaken, haven’t they let child molesters bond out of jail faster than 26 hours only to find out that they were on the “Most Wanted” list from time to time?

Why wouldn’t cops be okay with a citizen videotaping them in a public place while performing their civic duty?  And in states where it’s required to give consent prior to a recording is a lame ass argument that cops site. Really? That’s just bullshit.  I shutter at the thought of not being able to see Rodney King take a thorough beating.  I suppose my point is; we should have the right to apply a little ‘citizens arrest’ approach against our servants because this is now a two way street.  They can tape us during a stop so we shouldn’t we record them if it becomes necessary?  Especially if there’s a hint of abuse on that ‘officer’s’ part.  I don’t think I need to site the many examples of police abuse, do I?  This subject is not really a debate for me.  This is more or less a subject that only deserves one reaction; “You must be out of your monkey ass mind if you think I’m letting this shit go down!”  Oh well… click HERE for the full article.

13 thoughts on “Should Videotaping the Police Really Be a Crime?

  1. LOL, obviously the answer is no. Cops already hide behind their badges and their guns… do they really have to make more laws to enable them to abuse their authority? I think not.

    Listening: River of Deceit by Mad Season. “My pain is self-chosen…”

  2. Hell to the fvck nawl it shouldn’t be a crime! However a government that isn’t afraid of the populace that it governs is a government that has become too powerful for it’s good.

    • “However a government that isn’t afraid of the populace that it governs is a government that has become too powerful for it’s good.”… nicely stated. 😉 but 16 YEARS, that should get EVERYONE FIRED UP! I mean damn– rapists can actually get a shorter sentence. SMH

  3. Tape every darn thing they do the minute they put on the blues!!!
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    • Hi there Tia! Hope all is well!

      “Tape every darn thing they do the minute they put on the blues!!!” Good one! hahaha. I agree 100%.

      And as a matter of fact, I am still interested. Lately, I’ve had some computer issues and it just took it’s second trip in recent weeks back to Hewlard Packard’s crappy lab! I’m on a friend’s right now, but I’ll jot the number down and buzz you in a few days. 29 and working from home over the last 5 years?! Now that’s cool. Catcha’ soon!!


  4. Hey lady did you get my email request? anyway I think that there should always be another way to counter check justice meaning that even the justice system should have cheak points and stronger regulations to follow. I’m not sure how they came up with this sentence for this person who did not do any bodily harm but tape the abuse of another person which he has no involved with.

    If we cannot expect some kind of intergrity from our justice system then why call on them or count on them to solve unjust problems? I never call the police but that Thank God I never have to either. Plus in certain neighborhood they never show up anyway.

    • Hey there lady, seems you’re doing some driving by typing today! hahaha. I tweaked your comment a bit for continuity.

      But no… I didn’t see an email request yet from you. I just glanced at my email before logging on too… hmmm….

      And I definitely agree that we should be able to police the police. Hands down, no doubt. They are just bullying this guy and trying to intimidate others with this move. There’s no way a jury would or should convict or sentence someone for video taping an officer.

      “Plus in certain neighborhood they never show up anyway.”… you know, I’ve heard that over the years but thought it might be bit of an exaggeration until a visit to Gary, IN! The cops are either not showing up on certain calls or if they do, they might beat the snot out of you for calling them in the first place! I guess I never expected that especially from the place that gave us the Jackson family. I don’t put anything past a cop these . Sad, but true.

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