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I finally understand why some people…

…believe the 9/11 buildings came down because of the planes.    Seriously– it bugs me that some people can accept that we collectively have been duped while others can’t see it at all.  I now think I finally understand why!  The reason people can’t believe in the controlled demolition ‘theory’ is because they’ve never witnessed buildings such as WTC 1 AND 2 withstand a fire and not come down!  Or better yet, they’ve forgotten recent and past history.  But think about this– the third building, #7, actually did come down through controlled demolition.

Since we don’t (seem to) have an example in our minds (aside from movies and tv’s influence on us) we earnestly believe that the buildings could have come down by those two planes.  Here’s a bit history to help us see those buildings actually should have withstood both planes.  Excuse me, both of those punk azz planes.

Example: Meridian Plaza in Philly burned (much like the images ingrained in our minds about 9/11) for 19 hours.

Think about that moment. To logically think that the Plaza’s frame could sustain itself (because it was built to do so) but two of this country’s landmarks (not just because of 9/11– check it’s history for the ones that don’t know) couldn’t survive two measly little planes and both punk azz fires that barely lasted 2 hours each?  People– it doesn’t not compute.   Below is First Interstate Bank Fire in Los Angeles:

Now… do we really have to be an architect or understand construction or have a degree in engineering?  For ‘shits and giggiles’ here’s another:

That’s another building that took on fire and “whooped fires azz”.  Parque Central South Tower Fire in Caracas, Venezuela is recent history for ya’ too.  Here’s  another shot of just how fire (or planes for that matter) are [structurally] incapable of taking down these mighty structures:

In short, these two bad muthafukas should still be standing, period:

12 thoughts on “I finally understand why some people…

  1. d@mned you make a great argument. Those fvckers fell as if something blew from the bottom and not from the top. Regardless, we are almost 10 years now as a result. Those towers were the perfect excuse to go to war to secure additional oil for America. To what end… to what fvcking end?

      • don’t know what happened in that last response because I was not finished… but ANYWHO–

        “we are almost 10 years now as a result”… I hope you’re not one who thinks “what can WE do”? Hard to read between the lines on that statement, but I’m a person who feels we can do IT ALL– WE CAN TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK from a inevitably corrupt gov’t. There’s something within the Declaration of Independence that tells me so…

        “To what end (?)”… IMO– that is up to each citizen. Look up; “Diego” OR “Stealing A Nation”. The Brits went rouge on behalf of the U.S. And the U.S. was definitely involved. Powers (authorities) went rogue a few centuries ago. It’s now up to each person to re-establish their rights to oversee governments. Shit is deep– shit is REAL DEEP, man!


      • My comment regarding to what end, was that of disappointment of the sad fact of the murders that have been committed in the name of a “safe” America from terrorism, for oil.

        I too believe that the country can be rescued from the atrocities of the American political machine. But my hope is wavering, that rescue will possibly not occur before something terrible happens.

      • Re: your first sentence… ooo, okay, I understand. 😉

        “But my hope is wavering, that rescue will possibly not occur before something terrible happens.”… I understand. It does seem as though something terrible must or will occur. I just continue to pray that enough of us will wake up and rise to the occasion. I get a thrill out of knowing that enough of us are making people like Brzezinski nervous– and that’s saying something considering these people lack souls. He’s actually stated; “… there is a deep concern for a massive, global awakening”.

  2. You are correct they should still be standing I was watching a documentary that told a story of explosive being planted all through the building. First off this as not been the first attempt toward tearing down the world trade center the second time that these building were built they too precaution to make and maintain the building under stronger foundation because they new that they would be a target. Secondly the build receive a new owner right before the explosion occurred and someone high level executive but a very high real estate life insurance policy out on the build a couple of month before it was destroyed.

    • On top of that when you look at the picture of the Pentagon building during and after the explosion there were no plane parts on the ground of the crash sight when they should have been and the whole where the explosion took place was not that big it looked more like damage from a missile

    • Very impressive Resurrected! I see you’ve been researching big time! So many things remain suspicious about 9/11 that it is sickening!

      In reference to your other comment: “On top of that when you look at the picture of the Pentagon building during and after the explosion there were no plane parts on the ground of the crash sight”. And I’ve been saying the same thing about the Pentagon too. There is no evidence of any plane crash there because there wasn’t one. Oh yeah– I ran across some research that indicates two of the four planes from that day have been de-registered! The logical questions come to my mind– why were 2 of the 4 planes from 9/11 ever de-registered? There are just too many missing links left from 9/11.

  3. Hey girl I am a stickler for details and somethings just jump out to me as common sense. When they showed all of the other plane crashes there was always reckage but not on the Pentagon lawn there wasn’t Oh yeah what does de-registered mean?

    • I see you’re into detail and KUDOS, lady! The lack of wreckage was a huge red flag for me as well. De-registered is a term that is used when a plane is no longer registered with the FAA. All planes must be registered in order to fly… planes that crash are never de-registered but 2 of the 4 from September 11th were…

  4. “Now… do we really have to be an architect or understand construction or have a degree in engineering?”
    in this case, it helps.. you see, all of these buildings you referenced are standard steel frame/concrete core buildings. these buildings have support columns in the middle of each floor plate, holding up the floor above them, and adding much more structural integrity. The WTC was an engineering marvel of its time. no construction/engineering method had ever been attempted before. the main architect did not want floor columns taking up valuable office space, and obstructing views across each floor. so the entire support system for this building was shifted from all over the floor plates, to only the outer shell, and the core. when the planes sliced through the outer support columns they significantly weakened the structure, and that part of the building couldnt support the weight above. as this was happening, the unsupported floor slabs above the impact/fire were starting to bow, until finally one section gave way causing a chain reaction of floors pancaking on top of each other.
    your theory gives no reason as to why the second tower fell before the first one.. which is rediculously obvious if you follow my points on the engineering aspects of this building.. the second tower was impacted closer to the corner, instead of the middle of the floor plate. if your engineering inclined in the least bit, you know that corner columns naturally are the higher load bearing support columns, out of the square, so the second tower support columns were severed in a more structurally critical location, causing the second tower to collapse first.
    i am not saying 9/11 wasnt an inside job.. im 100% with you guys, i believe those evil tyrants Bush and Cheney were involved in this.. i am only clearing up the spreading of false information, which give us “truthers” a bad name, and makes everyone else think we are crazy for believing some of these baseless stories.. the conspiracy isnt about how the trade center was destroyed, its about WHY it was destroyed.

    • Hello, Justin. I certainly appreciate your insightful comment on this tough subject. I think it’s important to note that there has been plenty written on this blog about this matter from those technical points of view. On this particular day, it simply occurred to me to introduce this in a manner to people who are not capable of looking at this awful event through the eyes of an Architect or Engineer. I was simply trying to help people understand that something is amiss. I have to say, I don’t agree with you on the heat from the planes theory. The intensity of the heat must have subsided or there is no way that this image could have been captured: http://www.takeoverworld.info/images/woman_waving_wtc.jpg I also disagree with you on the pancaking theory– this building, like many other high rises are designed to resist that to a degree. Beams and column were ‘blown’ apart giving way for the speed in which they fell. The pancaking would have had a much slower affect. “your theory gives no reason as to why the second tower fell before the first one” Well, that’s an easy one my friend… we were an audience to a dramatic and well orchestrated production. Clearly there were explosives involved.

      And the answer to why it was destroyed… our government has had it’s eyes on the Caspian Sea and the oil in Iraq since Bush Sr. was in office. It’s never been a war on terrorism– it’s been a concentrated effort to get our hands on their oil. I personally think the biggest “why” about that awful day is why was building 7 destroyed? Never touched by a plane but it fell in the same manner and speed at wtc 1 & 2. I respect your passion, but I completely disagree that I’m spreading false information– that’s our government and mainstream media job. 😉

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