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I am nothing if not (PAINFULLY) honest… “Lest We Never Forget”! (some mature language is included)

My Friday night “United We Stand As A United Front (Episode #4)” blogcast turned out to be ‘a bit’ embarrassing for me.  I’ve never really been one to choke up easily, but when I spoke about our troops Friday night– remembering what I’ve personally witnessed in the Persian Gulf, well… some human emotions surfaced.  And maybe the word “embarrassed” is not quite correct BUT, you’ll witness a side of me that is not normally exposed.  I simply found myself putting this war in perspective for so many of us who only see it through what mainstream media tells us.  Basically, I couldn’t refrain my sorrow as I was reminded of this soldier’s (a veteran) INCREDIBLY BRAVE speech: 

I can’t express to so many who have experienced his trauma and how wrong this ‘war’ TRULY is.  BUT I admire Grant’s  (a former Marine) bravery for being outspoken.  (I’ve met several “Grants” while there by the way.)  For whatever reason… his words ‘spoke to me’ (Friday evening) on a level I FEEL should never be overlooked.  We (America) have become the terrorists in this fake, unlawful, illegal “war on terror”.  Grant, like so many others, is “the face” of Post Traumatic Syndrome (PTSD) during this “war”.  In closing, I’d like to say– Godspeed, Grant!  Some of us DO care!!  So thank you for speaking out and helping to dispel this awful farce!!!

Inshallah which I was told could mean the following: If Allah (God) wills; When Allah (God) wills; If Allah (God) wishes.  I still have my Arabic pocket dictionary and translator and will continue to remember each person I met in Iraq.  We are them and they are us– in other words, HUMAN!!


3 thoughts on “I am nothing if not (PAINFULLY) honest… “Lest We Never Forget”! (some mature language is included)

  1. WOW! My wife and I actually did listen to the show Friday nite. I’m surprised you broke down. What I can say is that it got to me. Your heartfelt words and Grant’s clip brings this war to a real level. I have a uncle who is a veteran and he’s had a very tough time after serving. I do think this war is not valid so keep on keeping on!


    • Hi Rodney– yeah… it got to me big time! I not only thought about the suicide rate, but I also remember meeting plenty of men and women over there who didn’t have up armored vehicles (for example) as they had to go on slow convoys. They were basically sitting ducks! For a moment after wards, I was pretty embarrassed and then I thought, you know– that’s what is really happening in this ‘war’ and most will never know the true devastation. To shed a few tears is human and not weak at all.

      I hope you and your wife will get the oppty. to view “Hacking Democracy” too– you’ll see just how much we’ve been played as ‘voting’ citizens. As always– thank you for your amazing support of what I’m trying to do which is to spread the truth.

      Peace– Jazz

  2. I forgot to mention. We liked how you handled the caller. Varied discussion but still consistent! Good show– we are googling “Hacking Democracy” AND “Recount”. See ya this week or next radio show Jazz.


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