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Taking a really HUGE leap here!! Anywho… check out “the thought”

Okay fellow friends, readers and listeners alike…

As I continue to go through the [new] journey of  the radio ‘thang’… I was thinking if there are any [un-signed] artists that have a flare for the musical intro ear (no more than a 10 second intro), maybe we can collaborate.  I’ll be very clear with this query.  There is no fee you’d receive BUT… I see that the blogcast (my channel on blogtalkradio) is doing quite well with listeners.  In the short time I’ve been ‘blogcasting‘ (the end of June ’10 to be exact) more than 900 listeners have tuned in. WHO KNEW?  YOU MAKE ME BLUSH!!!  🙂   Soooo… if you’re a writer/producer or artist, you’ll never know where this spot may lead you.  Heaven knows I did not imagine I’d take part with a blog/”public” speaking or anything of this nature.  Hey– so far, so good.  I do have a few things in mind as an example of what “United We Stand As A United Front” continues to stand for.  BUT here’s one example in parts of this song:  

Oh yes– no lyrics are necessary– just a smooth intro that represents the effort and “keeping it under 10” (seconds) as ‘they say’ in the biz.  In exchange (actually known as a barter) I’ll promote the guacamole out of your blog/website too!  Just tossing caution to wind and maybe (perhaps) connect with someone who ‘gets’ what I share at my Why O’ Why channel.

Love, peace and soul (TRAIN)!!


2 thoughts on “Taking a really HUGE leap here!! Anywho… check out “the thought”

  1. NICE song! Hope you find someone to create the music theme you look for. Nice example and broad range of what you’re looking for. A bit of hip hop, some jazz and big jazz bands is what I’m hearing. (?) Nice pick of collective brands/sounds. I may stop by and check aout the blogchat channel soon or perhaps this Friday. Cool post (I really liked this song you picked for examples of sounds). Good luck with your endeavors. Loved that dog post (ramsy and pablo) by the way. They are amazingly cute for a big and little dog union! I think I’ll bookmark y.o.y. Not that you’re asking for a vote on this or the dogs, but I like the doberman in that dog video! They really are America’s cutest couple!!!!!
    A reader who’s on the clock.

    • Hi “reader who’s on the clock”! Glad you found a window of time “to peep the joy”. I almost forgot about Pablo and Ramsey!!! They really are a cute pair aren’t they? And I’m glad you liked the song. I think people forget about her wide range. I still have to play “Ladies First” from time to time but it’s nice to know she can actually sing. And don’t think about it– bookmark me, man!!!! hahahaha lol! By the way, how do you pronounce your screen name?


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