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Mid-Week Jam (MWJ): “Lolly, lolly” by Wendy and Lisa

Okay.  I keep getting calls from some ‘olde bud’s’ as of late from the past and I find it cool.  As with any ‘convos’ of those types– we seem to find ourselves traveling down “memory lane” with our common interests, especially when it comes to music.  Well– here’s a “treat” from what seems to be a distant past.  Hey– I personally liked this song (winks).  These two members from Prince back in ‘tha day’ called “Wendy and Lisa” rocked the shyt out of this tune is what I SAY!  I’d be lying if I said these ‘chicks’ weren’t rockin’ it out (back then)!!  So… enjoy this mid-week jam and  rock tha’ heck out to this ‘classic’ (IMO) tune!   Note: I don’t particularly care for live performances unless I can see it live BUT they did JUSTICE to this one!  The last live performance I posted was HERE!  Winks at Wilfredo for hipping me to Esperanza Spalding (by the way).  Winks and hugs, my friend! 😉

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