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“Ramsey and Pablo”… “America’s Cutest Couple”

Okay– since there are so many heavy things going in the world these days, I figure it never hurts to ‘spread a lil’ sunshine’ from time to time.  This is for all the pet owners out there (sorry to the cat lovers but I’m a dog lover personally).  I was introduced to this duo about six months ago and I always look forward to his posts.

Ramsey is the (female) Doberman and Pablo is the little one who forgets his size (which I find so cute).  The owner of these two wanted to dispel the myth that a Doberman is a mean dog, sort of like the reputation that Pitbulls have.  Ramsey is 7 and Pablo is 6 and they’ve been best of buds who harass each other from time to time.  This is one of those times that was captured for our enjoyment.  Not that this clip is a funny (haha) one, but more or less a cute moment in time from two entirely different dogs who’s individual personalities come shining through.  Again, not really a ‘haha’ moment but more like an ‘awe’– “too cute” moment instead.  I THINK you’ll smile.  Without further ado, here’s Ramsey and Pable just messin’ with each other because they want the same toy– ENJOY!:

Here’s Pablo’s owner trying to “teach an old dog a new trick”:

And I must spot light Ramsey having a conversation with her owner.  Be sure to watch her reaction at the end:

This is for all the dog lovers who think dogs can’t understand or have feelings.  “Ramsey and Pablo” should put that concept to rest.  They now have a website too: Ramsey & Pablo.

2 thoughts on ““Ramsey and Pablo”… “America’s Cutest Couple”

    • Hi Chad! I’m so glad this post was to your liking! I just love your dogs (by the way)!!! My icon/pic/avi, shows mine– a Yorkie named Muffin. She’s not quite 2 but she has such a personality too. I guess I need to invest in a recorder because I just love dogs so I wanted to share yours with anyone who comes to the blog. Can’t wait for the next entry of this ‘couple’. They make me smile and I even chuckle aloud!!!! Here’s a thought– maybe we can exchange blogroll links?!

      By the way– I had a hard time choosing clips for this post because I think they are soooo adorable. Please give a tight hug to Ramsey and Pablo for me! (smiles)


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