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Only One of Three Americans Know that Bush, Not Obama, Signed Bank Bailout

“America’s short-term memory troubles have been both a blessing and a curse for President Barack Obama.  On the downside is the fact that only 34% of Americans seem to know that the government’s bailout of banks in 2008 was enacted under the Bush administration, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, leaving many to assume it was Obama’s decision.   But, Obama can be thankful to know that 60% of respondents to a Bloomberg poll blame the current state of the Afghanistan war on Bush—even though it was Obama who ordered 51,000 additional troops to the country.  During Obama’s less than two years in office, U.S. war fatalities have leaped from 568 in January 2009 to 1,086, as of this week. Bush is also more likely than Obama to be blamed for high unemployment and the budget deficit.”  Source: Allgov.com

SMH.  All I can say is this quote:  “If you tell a lie big enough, long enough the people will begin to believe it”.  Paraphrased {of course} but the essence of the message remains true.  If we dig long enough, dig deeper we’ll find  who did what, when and why.  The where will eventually fall into place… “what’s done in the dark eventually comes to light”.


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