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The B.E.T. icon I recently added and Sumner Redstone…

It’s funny… I recently added a little icon for the boycotting of B.E.T. a few nights ago (thanks to Folk’s help).  I added a few extra notes in this boycott icon because, well I know who owns B.E.T.  I can’t exclude Robert “Bob” Johnson’s exploitation of Black people either as he was the one who sold that network that eventually landed in Redstone’s hands.  Well, in checking the email a short while ago I got an interesting read and audio link about Sumner!  Here’s a few quotes you should find interesting: “We’re not going to kill him”, “we’re not going to fire him”, we’re not going to hurt this guy”, “we just want to know the name of your source”– “we just want to talk to him”.

Hmph… the fact that he’d state such things should prove that there’s a side to media/entertainment that most know nothing about.  We are blissfully ignorant.  Those words were not left because of some sort of death threat to Sumner, nooo… he simply didn’t like that this reporter of entertainment had written a piece where Redstone was discussed as a negative influence on a channel your children and teens watch– MTV. Sumner appears to be upset about a show where he’s exploiting a girl band [group] that has no talent but PLENTY of sexually inappropriateness.  You can hear the clip and read the full story HERE.  Do you still think ‘entertainment’ is innocent fun?  By the way– he’s not just the Chairman, he’s the owner of many networks that we think are “independent” so get your heads out of the sand, fellow people.

9 thoughts on “The B.E.T. icon I recently added and Sumner Redstone…

  1. Oh, I’ve known for a long time that MSM isn’t “independent” journalist working hard to expose the truth. They have big bosses to which to answer and bottom lines to meet.

    Bob Johnson is the devil incarnate as well as that shrew of woman at the helm of BET now…Deborah whatshername. LOL Ugh! I REFUSE to watch anything on that channel!!!

  2. Word! That’s what I’m talking ’bout! Time for fvckers to stop being ignorant about what we consume from media giants.

    Bob blackface Johnson (forgive me grandma) needs to repent for what he has done to millions of black Americans.

    To this day, I refuse to provide any monies to a television package that includes BET (thank the good lawdy for Dishnetwork HD basic package, which also excludes MTV). Praise baby Jesus.

  3. No everything thing that we come in contact with when dealing with the media is planned to infinity. We are just like the Truman Show and many of us are Truman willingly ignorant of the price that we are playing to live in someone else artificial world. BET has been lost creditability with me but then there are still the most ignorant of black people who still watch it as there truth. It like Uncle Ruckus on the Boondocks hates his kind so much that it uses other resources to pull in the masses. Now we know that Uncle Ruckus look just like us but his convo is nothing like ours only meant to cause mental damage over all.

  4. I guess it is sort of like The Truman Show… hmmm.

    “Uncle Ruckus on the Boondocks”, I’m assuming that’s a show. I haven’t seen this show and if it airs on BET I’m sure I’ll never see it. BET is probably one of the worse things that happened to the Black community. The only show I thought was positive was Teen Summit (but that was years ago). Media is bad all together and I personally would love to see us boycott TV for 2 weeks to send a message to these companies. Of course, that’s just wishful thinking. 😉

  5. Hey Lady

    The Boondocks started in BET and went to Adult Swim it is a very hilarious but ignorant cartoon about black people, there thoughts and activities. Uncle Ruckus is a black cartoon character on the show who hate black people but loves white people even thou the white people will never be cause dead around him he has like that slave mentality. You can check out the cartoon on hulu.com it is now on it second season. One the second season they had a episode on there talking about how BET hate black people and are trying to destroy them by the shows and images that they show on TV so that episode was banned from BET.

    • Ooo… okay! I think I saw something on this show about Tyler Perry some months back on the internet. If this is the cartoon show I’m thinking of– that one clip allowed me to know this show is not my taste. I might peep the skit about BET, but I doubt I’ll make it a priority. I’m not only boycotting B.E.T., I’m boycotting all black buffoonery, you know?! 🙂 I loathe that there are black folks (like Bob Johnson) who exploit us just as much as our counterpart media moguls.

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