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So the unemployed “don’t want to work”? Really?!

While people keep regurgitating the same news reports over and over, it’s good to know that some are actually doing some critical thinking out there.  Peep what an independent writer’s research is actually finding on those unemployed people who ‘don’t want to look for work’ has to say:

“First of all, despite clamping down on immigration, our population grew by 2.6M people last year.  Unfortunately, not only did we not create jobs for those 2.6M new people but we lost about 4M jobs so what are these new people going to do?  Not only that, but nobody is talking about the another major job issue: People aren’t retiring!  They can’t afford to because the economy is bad – that means there are even less job openings…   The pimply-faced kid can’t get a job delivering pizza because his grandpa’s doing it.”  Click here full the story by “Patriothiphop.com”…

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