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Here we go again… more police abuse

I am so sick of these guys getting away with their abuse.  And when they do find themselves ‘in trouble’, they are given paid administrative leave…

I was always told that if you are rushing to the hospital with an emergency, you tell the cop and they’re duty bound to escort you.  And this next one is insane…

Freakin’ bubbles can be considered assault?!  How?  Oh yeah, the soapy water gets in your eyes and your blinded for life.  This guy is a real punk!!!!

Peep his facebook screen shot (click to enlarge):

8 thoughts on “Here we go again… more police abuse

  1. Watching in background for months. I’m in Canada so thanks for covering this. I wanted to say hello. Good stuff why o why. Not sure when I’ll get back but I do want to say “hi”. I also liked that song called One Thing


    • Well hi Carrie…

      Thanks for saying ‘hi’! Take care in Canada. Things are “strange” all over the globe. Be safe and careful. And the Amerie song was cool to me as well.


  2. Democracy has died when the people hired and elected to represent the people are not afraid of the people and begin to exercise fear over the people. Does anyone read history? When the shyt gets too bad, the people will always rise up against oppressive governing bodies.

    • Clearly no one is reading history anymore or else we wouldn’t be in such a jacked up state right now. To me it’s real simply; ‘how do you know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been’? We’re turning down the same historic corners. I’m still fascinated that so many like to vote for the same psychopathic liars. And don’t you think it’s odd that ALL of our presidents are related to one another?

    • “He can keep the gun”– I know that’s right! Cop Bubbles was really trippin’. Did you see the part in red on his facebook screen: “collects human garbage”. He’s nothing but a bully who probably got his ass whooped all throughout school.

      Love the Harry Belafonte jam– that’s a classic fun tune!!!

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