To the caller that called the blogcast tonight…

I hope you’ll see this!  When I hung up tonight as the show ended I turned and knocked over my glass of water onto the paper with your number on it!  It smeared and ran together so quickly that I couldn’t recapture your number.  If you come to the blogtalk channel or even this blogsite, please jot me a note and I will definitely contact you! (the email is at the top under “Got Something to Say?”  I’d absolutely love another co-host so please, let’s chat…

At the present time, the show loads a short period after it’s original airing but you mentioned that you have a blog or website so if all else fails, I’ll contact you with that info.  Thanks so much for calling in.  I like your energy by the way.

Hey– this was a “Lucy moment” is all I can say! (LOL and BIG smiles)


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