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Who has what?! (Sucka’ say, what?!)

This is more or less a teaser.  In order to begin to understand how a critical game is being played– I just want to jot this post for people to think about and then do your own research.  Do you know which major company owns NBC, MSNBC, and CNBC?  Before I give you the answer I want you to think about this.  As lucrative as media giants (like the aforementioned) are, there’s usually only one source that owns them all. This particular company has it’s hand in the manufacturing of weaponry– you know… the sometimes (and literally) nuts and bolts that hold together firearms for wars that is sold to any given side. When wars have been fought throughout the course of history, we’re taught to believe that ‘america’ is the goodwill ambassador.  The ‘patriotic country’ known as america is only there to liberate, dissolve ‘the bad guys’ or diffuse a situation before it becomes nuclear.  We are the “liberators of freedom” or only defending our freedoms in the ‘land of opportunity’.  Well– how would you feel if you had a product in your home and that a company’s history was laden with the blood of many?  Yeah, I know what you might be thinking but stay with me…

This company owns so many affiliates of media that what you hear about them you easily believed because of an ad in print or a commercial on television.  They can make themselves seem so wholesome that you’d never think to look deeper into who they are and where their roots lie (which are still in practice to this very day).  Well… peep this (for those who are too young to remember this ad):

Yes, G/E!  This ad campaign made them a household name without consumers vetting them for who they are.  This is the spin-machine at it’s finest.  It’s an wholesome image that we’ve come to invite into our homes over several decades.  What am I saying?  Well, dig deeper and you’ll discover that on your very own.  And this is only ONE company that has such a history that remains steady on their quiet course.  What is that old expression?  Oh yes, “The Golden Rule– he who owns the gold, makes the rules”.  Yawn!!!!  Welcome to the ‘wake up call”, fellow people. 😉

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7 thoughts on “Who has what?! (Sucka’ say, what?!)

  1. Ok. Interesting post only because our fridge, washer and dryer is G&E…

    I want to ask where is the source but I see you’re challenging us to do our research, so I will. But be ready for a debate (maybe). I happen to like our appliances, but not crazy about the blood of many aspect.


  2. Hi Rodney– I’ll be ready, man! (smiles). The deeper the hole gets the more people should WANT to know is all I’ll say for now. And those sources we’ve come to rely on is part of this post. Who are they? But hey– I welcome the challenge, my friend. I really do! (BIG smiles)



  3. 30 Rock makes fun of the GE ownership all the time.
    There doesn’t seem to be a media outlet that is not owned by some private company; this is why the blogs are a more reliable source of information.
    On another note, I’m living in DC now, jazz!

    Listening: She’s Gone by The Tindersticks (check them out)

    • I’m finding that the media has never been independent. We like to use sources like Associated Press and Reuters, but the Rothchilds bought those establishment a LONG time ago and tell the world what they want us to know. I’m glad to see that the internet is becoming a more reliable source too. It definitely explains why the gov is trying their hardest to shut it down.

      And get out of town!!! D.C.?!!!! Man, you’re just full of surprises!!! Is this a long or short term move? It’s funny, you’re coming back to the u.s. and we’re seriously thinking of becoming expatriates.

      I gave the song a listen and oops, you missed me on that one. By the way, I posted a song with you in mind for Friday… 😉 Not quite from the 70’s but still one of those funky kind of classics!

  4. Good Morning yoy50,

    It funny that you brought up this topic because I was wondering did you understand how the media outlet worked in this country. I saw an article about 5 months ago in VC and it was talking about how 5 main networks owned all of the TV stations, radio stations, and most of the publication companies under 5 main companies like Time Warner and Disney and three others. Even the really big names that we know like Sony are under even bigger companies with hundreds of others. It really opened my eyes to what kind of information that we are being feed and what kinds of information that we will never hear about in the on going world. We are really in a bubble and we in America never see the world as it really is and how other people are suffering at the hands of the powerful. We are in a utopia of ignorance and the media will never give us information to be informed or to be intelligence human beings only to be entertained and manipulated. Soon where they start to siege book and publication from us the media will be all that we have and it never tells us the truth.

    • ‘I saw an article about 5 months ago in VC and it was talking about how 5 main networks owned all of the TV stations, radio stations, and most of the publication companies under 5 main companies like Time Warner and Disney and three others’… believe me when i tell ya” i’ve known about this racket for several years!!!! It’s a sad truth that most will NEVER believe or understand. Media’s new coined phrase should be “all news is FAKE news’!! “utopia of ignorance”… eloquently put, lady!!

      The siege on books have been infiltrated long ago… shyt’s real “crazy” these days that’s for sure!!!!

  5. That is also why I don’t watch TV at home have not been watching it for like 2 year now. I am trying to pull myself away from the system so I can be alive enough to survive. Have so that I can have some form of normalcy outside of the Matrix. Though the good and though the bad I still want to understand what it is like to be human deeply understand what all of that means in essence because they are trying to be change us and I am not an experiment. I also find that the internet is not that far search there is a lot of info that you can not get on the internet or a least the whole storyline in completion. Even the movie storylines are being change for the newer generations to come. This is why I always say truth is stronger then facts because facts always change to rewrite history when it is convenient.

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