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Feel Good Fridays (FGF): Peanut Butter by Twennynine ft. Lenny White

Hey– if you’re not old enough to remember this jam, well I have no words except to say you might have missed out on a (slightly) cool period in time.  Enjoy this flashback in time that some of us DO remember.  I think any “hip and cool” 70’s party would include it for nostalgia.  ::Picks out my fro and leaves the mic on the floor!!!::

Of course I can’t say when I’ll post music again, but I talked to an old buddy and we definitely went down ‘memory lane’ with this song from that era (amongst others).  So… “happy, Friday” to you all.

P.S. “smiles” at Wilfredo“– his thing is music these days, but I think he’s a really insightful ‘dude’ and I DO look forward to another side of his newly formed web/blog.  Do check him out (@Asphalt in the blogroll) all you music lovers alike because he’s a master of the pen and is choice for the eclectic ear!!!  Wilfredo has a truly diverse appreciation for music and I have nothing but luv for him.

4 thoughts on “Feel Good Fridays (FGF): Peanut Butter by Twennynine ft. Lenny White

  1. I heard this song at my aunts house years ago. That LP has since been lost so I wondered who sang it or even the name of the song. This is a treat!

    Also (separate post follow up)– I researched the G.E. post you recently made and no need to debate. I get it (now). Wanted to pop by and reply to your last comment on that but you’ve made some new posts today of which I’ll get to. I’m glad I clicked on this song. Memory lane is the best lane! Hope your Sunday is going well.


    P.S. My wife and I missed your Friday blogshow but will listen tonight.

  2. Okay– good you viewed your sources but I was actually looking forward to your debate!!! hahaha & SMILES. Nuff said on that (for now)…

    Very glad I could assist with finding this song for you, BTW. Whenever you and your wife find the time to listen to the blogcast– it will be there. Hey, I’m grateful that it’s in your mind at all. Still getting use to ‘hosting’ alone these days so don’t expect any ‘professionalism’ at this point… 🙂


  3. Jazz, sorry it took me so long to respond to this post, but as you can imagine, I’ve been racing around to settle in to my brand new city! It’s also why my posts have been sporadic. It’s a whole new life for me… and phew!
    I must confess that I have never heard this particular song before, but there are familiar rifts at play here.
    Thank you so much for your plug, and I certainly hope that your readers will read and comment on my blog!

    • Hey there! Hey— I know what it’s like to transition so no worries, man. And do you mean to tell me that I finally hipped you to a song you hadn’t heard of?! WOW! LOL! And hopefully the plug will lead to some comments for ya’– it’s my pleasure and the least I could do! 🙂

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