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Are people so truly unaware?

I must be only one of a few people that seems to understand how serious the BP spill is.  I’m not only frustrated with that company but now I’m becoming more and more frustrated with the general public.  This first clip for this entry is from a guy taping the beach in Destin, Florida and he captured what’s washing up on the shores.  Amazingly, families are on the beach and soaking up the sun without once considering what they are walking on.  It’s not just the oil, people– it’s the chemicals that BP is using to ‘clean up’ the oil in the ocean.  So… while families are frolicking bare feet and enjoying themselves, they are actually putting themselves in direct danger by voluntarily exposing themselves to all of this.  Even though there is a guy filming the beaches (which I’m thankful for) he’s also touching the oil ‘bubbles’ with his unprotected hand!  Check out the clip and please notice the colour of waters rushing on the shorelines:

Are we that naive?  As a reminder– this spill has lasted more than 60 days.  Are we completely unaware of current events and how far and wide this spill is moving from shore to shore?  Additionally, BP is putting additional chemicals in the ocean as a form of “clean up”!  People, you have got to use your head and get your asses off the beaches!   Here’s a clip from Democracy Now.org that was put out approximately 2 weeks ago which addresses the health affects of the workers alongside our beaches and the ones out in the gulf who have become ill.  You’ll note in this clip that those workers are wearing protective gear.  So why are people still taking their families out for fun and sun??!!! (SMDH):

And this last clip is a part 2 of 1, from a woman named Kindra Arnesen who’s husband is a shrimper in Louisiana.  On April 29th, he called her to tell her that he and several of the men on their boats had become ill and they’d be cutting the trip short.  Little mama got busy and started doing some digging.  She uncovered indeed a media blackout on the coverage of BP and just how unresponsive they [BP] truly have been.  She also points fingers at OSHA, EPA and other agencies who all claim to have the populace’s interest at heart.  I feel her frustration– will you?  Please, just watch:

She was interviewed on CNN earlier this month.  You can click here for her full interview (plus their video interview with her) on CNN: KINDRA ARNESEN tells it like it is!!!!

I’m beginning to feel like I’m wasting my time trying to enlighten people in the best way I know how, on this.  As a matter of fact, I’m so mad about this right now I’m seriously considering (after my interview with Professor Griff on Wednesday June 30th) taking some time away from the blog.  I’m beginning to think that self preservation is what I need to do instead of giving a damn about anyone else.  Right now, I’m undecided if I will return after July 4th after  my last scheduled interview (with Griff).  Allow me to be clear, I don’t write these entries for me but I do it for people who want to know or care.  I can’t nor will I compete with the world series, world cup, reality tv, or any other nonsensical events.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge…” Hosea 4:6

6 thoughts on “Are people so truly unaware?

    • Not really man… I’m competing with ‘american idol’ and other dumb shit like that. Hell, the fact that these knuckleheads are walking on beaches with this crap under their feet speaks volumes. A year from now they’ll be moaning about how they have become sick. DUMB-ASSES!!!!

  1. God Morning Lady,

    I’m beginning to think that self preservation is what I need to do instead of giving a damn about anyone else. That is exactly what the clip Collapse was starting that you can not save everyone but you can save yourself. So many of us want to be deceive and in an illusion remember is Titanic reference that there will be three kinds of people in a crisis Take a break if you need too the mind is all that we really need to preserve because you need your sanity over everything else. I am just looking forward to my vacation in Oct, I am so tried of seeing streets for days, building and road and cars I need some nature scenery while we still have it to look at.

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