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Feel Good Fridays (FGF) One Thing by Amerie!

Okay– I’ve held back on the musical postings and will still do so BUT… I was doing a little Spring/Summer arrangements (cleaning) and I found this song (which I heard while abroad).  It actually took a long while before tracking this track down upon my return to the states.  When I found it again (a ripped version from a friend there), I simply HAD to play it.  I can’t download this ripped CD but I went online and found it on youtube.  So maybe this is for the fellas (visually), but really– I just liked that funky drum beat…

Dammit Wilfredo (at Asphalt) I’m TRYING TO MOVE AWAY FROM MUSIC, man!!!  🙂   P.S. I actually had no clue that this song was in a movie either… but DAMMIT SON, I did like the percussion!!!  Happy Friday fellow people.

3 thoughts on “Feel Good Fridays (FGF) One Thing by Amerie!

  1. I actually haven’t visited this site long enough but I like this song. I’ll check out the archived music soon. “This is one thing and I was so with it”. lol


  2. It hard to move away from music and TV when you have your depress moments. We all need motivation, encouragement, peaceful moment, loves and understanding and right now we get it all from artificial products instead of real human companionship and sometimes that is a very hard reality so we get buried on non-sense.

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