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Do people (seriously) continue to wonder if police abuse their authority?

“It is the people, to whom all authority belongs”  — Thomas Jefferson

For the life of me, I’m unsure why some are so convinced that our current police “brigade officers” haven’t crossed the ethical lines.  The myriad of cases, reports, incidents and lawsuits involving police against citizens should be clear.  Hails of bullets spewed at an unarmed and non-threatening citizens, a teenager who was face down and handcuffed and still shot in the back of the head which was caught on cell phone video or even a man of the cloth with a bad heart being tasered.  AND HERE’S MORE; slamming a elderly woman with Alzheimer to the ground and cracking her head open as her blood spewed on the concrete, tasering a teenage girl or a grandmother in front of her grandchildren for a traffic citation, arresting a pregnant woman as she rushes herself to the emergency room (thinking she might lose her unborn child) and most recently, throwing fist of cuffs to a 19 year old unarmed girl.  And remember that athlete rushing to his dying mother-in-law’s death bed at the hospital parking lot?  Or how about planting drugs on incident people, falsifying police reports and even shooting off duty officers by their own ‘men in blue’.  (These references are all easy to research on the net by the way, so I don’t actually feel the need to source them all).

This clip should give yet another example of how rogue the police force in every state, city, county and municipality has become. This “officer of the law” blatantly represents just how far away from the initial “protect and serve” motto has become.  He rides his horse through a bar in Tampa, Florida with no thought of safety, food and health concerns and does so without missing a beat. I’d much rather deal with the MOB vs. the police now days!!!! As far as I’m concerned… all cops are bad until they speak out against injustice and abuse of authority like this one cop did: Adil Polanco .  Now… you can click HERE for the clip and full story of “an officer and his horse”.  Even after exiting the bar, this officer actually breaks the law (AGAIN) by crossing into traffic illegally!  That’s something you or I would be ticketed for with a court date and unpaid time off from work!!!

The only solution that I can see to this increasing problem is for every state and city here in the U.S. is to a demand a Police Abuse Reform Act or Bill.  The longer we fail to voice and act collectively, the worse the problem will become.  Our non-participation in changing these infractions will continue to structure a police state.  That statement may sound far fetched or outlandish now, but I’m predicting that this post will be reflected upon in the future.  I hope it will be a distant future but we (by not exercising our freedoms now) will see this words come to roost.  I’ve been right about a few things in the past that I’ve not put in writing, but I’m doing it here because the writing is being etched on the walls.  We do have control and we are most affective when we are (PEACEFULLY) in numbers.  In other words, the pen is mightier than sword and there are FAR MORE OF US THAN THEM– I will ALWAYS maintain that as the most effective way of combating any corrupt system.

Did I rambled a bit?  Well hell yeah!  I’m always disturbed each time I see a report of abuse of authority.  My way of writing to get to a point is THERE WILL ALWAYS BE MORE OF US THAN THEM and we can win when we are peaceful and organized.  Again, this quote applies…  “It is the people, to whom all authority belongs”  — Thomas Jefferson

5 thoughts on “Do people (seriously) continue to wonder if police abuse their authority?

  1. The reason why cops have so much power and become corrupt is because civilians are too afraid to do something to protect their own community. I hate to say it, but it’s our own fault, we gave them too much power.

    Listening: Peach Trees by Rufus Wainwright.

    • You’re right… we have totally given them the power! And this no-snitch thing that goes on within some communities only compounds the problem. It just makes me so damn mad to see have very abusive they have become. There was a time I thought it was an admirable job, now it’s just organized gangs.

      Listening: All things Jill Scott

  2. That stop being police officer long time ago they are now ENFORCERS/ ENFORMECMENT. I mean they are messing with there heads and an understanding of there jobs as well especially when everything is about a quota and not about safety or the enforcement of the laws, rules and regulations. As human being we all still need to see positive images and people with good direction and character. Most employment is not longer about good character and working hard, it’s about money and the love of money. As our good people die or be killed to suppress information then they become many sheep as they like to call us because disoriented and lack all kinds of good direction and discernment. Girl you have to watch this movie called Idiocracy because this movie some what they world and the people are becoming.

    • Hahaha– I saw “Idiocracy” and boy is that movie predicting the future of the human mind!

      One way to solve or curtail the problem with police abuse is for these police chiefs to suspend them WITHOUT pay. I even say make it real clear that any action of abuse is a mandatory 30 days without a paycheck. I bet that would start to get their hearts right. I just can’t stand how much they’ve only turned into bullies. I mean really, tasering an 86 year old woman and stepping on her tube (cutting of her air supply) for her OXYGEN tank?! People don’t seem to realize that they’ve been training cops with the military. They are getting ready for a police state.

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