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The interview with Professor Griff… next Wednesday June 30th

Hello fellow people!  I’m glad to be able to share that he and I will have the interview next Wednesday June 30th.  We are unable to block a specific time so instead of airing on Blogtalkradio, we’re simply going to do a phone interview which will be posted on Why O’ Why.  I was finally able to discover what went wrong in the first phone interview with Sherry Peel Jackson’s husband, Colin Jackson.  But now that I know what not to do, I’m positive this interview will be posted shortly after it’s recorded.

Our main topic of discussion will be about the Pineal gland.  I’m pretty certain we’re going to touch on how music has been tainted and dispel the myth of whether some artists are either voluntarily or unknowingly worshiping “the dark side”.  If anyone has any questions they’d like to submit, please feel free to do so.  Send an email or write a comment and I’ll be sure to read each question.  Prof. Griff is very excited to be able to share his knowledge on these topics so please, don’t be shy.



9 thoughts on “The interview with Professor Griff… next Wednesday June 30th

  1. Hi and thank you for replying to the other question (inquiry/comment) I had. Looking forward to hearing this interview with you and Professor Griff.

    I only have one question for Griff.

    Is there a true dark side to the music industry and if so what proof do you (either of you) have? Is Jay-Z, Rhianna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga all worshiping the “devil”? Rumors exists on the internet but I’ve seen no real proof but these are the questions that are in my mind.


    • Hi Daphane and thanks for the question for Griff– I’ll be sure to read it to him.

      I’ll be honest, the only proof I had was years ago when I was solicited by a particular record company. One of my closest colleagues pulled me aside and told me not to get involved. He named two women and one man who did but later wanted out and I knew what had happened to them. He actually said; “I was too decent” to become apart of that and be happy with my job in promotions. He’d always looked out for me in the past so I no reason to take his warning lightly (even though the salary would have been the most money I’d ever made). At first I thought he was warning me of the sexual harassment but he said that would be a cake walk compared to what he was speaking about. That may not be enough for some, but having known this person for years (he actually helped me get hired on two jobs), I knew he was steering me away from something big because later that same year the man I referred to was found dead in a hotel. They said it was a drug overdose but I knew this guy did not do drugs…

      As far as the music today, in studying the symbolism that’s on display (Diablo horns, Baphomet etc.) I can now recognize what’s being done. Some artists are participating unknowingly but there are just as many who know exactly what they are doing. I highly recommend checking out: for an intro to understanding it. I’m sure you’re familiar with the expression ‘all money ain’t good money’? So many desire money and fame they will sell out (whether they are behind the scenes or in front of the cameras). It’s nothing to play around with IMO.

  2. Hi yoy50!

    WOW!!! I didn’t mean for you to travel to the past (as it were) with my question for Prof. Griff and you.

    Your response and experience is intriguing. I’m anxiously looking forward to this interview. Some of us want to discover some insight so thank you for doing this. And thank you Griff! I remember Public Enemy well and Griff’s contribution to that group!!! I can’t wait until Wednesday……

    • Not a problem… it really is the only proof that I personally had that something very dark does happen in that business. And I’m excited to chat with Griff too. He will pull no punches that’s for sure!

  3. I already believe it because of the messages in the songs, and the way that the words make you feel as if they are putting you into a trance. I believe because money is way higher in most of our lives then morals and values. I believe it because I am have been teaching myself to be a symbolist and all I ever see is evil symbols in the background of music videos, TV, and movies all day long. What really got me is when I say a raw type of one of my favor gospel singers being totally out of character then they way that many of us are about to see them and it did not seem as if they were representing God. We sing, we dance and we chant to all of these different types of music when in actually when are also worshiping the same kind of energy. I am starting to learn a lot more about energy and energy attracts energy so the only question that I have is what kinds of energy are we putting out and attracting back to ourselves not good energy I can tell you that. In the Arrivals they were talking about us causing so much negative energy in this world that it will no longer be a place of God but a place for the Anti-Christ to rules and we are creating that manifestation right now.

    • “I am starting to learn a lot more about energy and energy attracts energy…” You are definitely on the right track that’s for sure!!! It’s all pretty deep, isn’t it?

  4. Good Morning Lady

    I just wanted to say that it has really been very refreshing talking to you. I am still watching The Ring of Power but it is all starting to be too much I felt like I was about to have some anxiety watching that type the other day because it is so far from many of our realities. It may have a lot of truth to it but I find that it drains my energy as well. I am also starting to open up my mind more to learn about astrology because a lot of this world answers seem to start with space and time at least with how this planet functions and how the energy is channel even our own every own body and soul. A long time ago I was never interested in this mess and because the Bible stated not to believe in it but with so many lies and false publishing and media information sometime you just have to go where the information is leading you to. As much as I want to learn and be informed my soul need a break and need much more love, exercise, and positive images to survive through this mess that is coming for us all. Have you seen the movie The Road?

    • “sometimes you just have to go where the information is leading you”… that is the best way to approach it. As a matter of fact that’s the best advice I’d give anyone as they dig deeper down the rabbit hole. What I do when I feel overwhelmed is step back, commune with nature and be around some kids (5 yrs and under) I’ll even babysit a few toddlers for free! hahahah. Soak up the beauty that does still exist. When you finally get to the last chapter of Ring of Power, you’ll see that there are some solutions so be encouraged is all I can say. Not knowing the truth won’t change the fact that it’s happening, you know? 🙂

      I haven’t heard of “The Road” but I’ll look it up. I have to say, since you turned me on to Michael Ruppert I feel completely different about this entire thing. The link I sent to you on him does offer a network of information that is spot on.

      • A note for “Resurrected: I just viewed the trailer for this film (The Road). The programming in film is indeed set BUT don’t focus too much on this scenario yet. While it can and most likely will come to fruition, the pattern I see in films are usually sometime to come. BUT– DO get prepared. Get the water, food and seeds (heirloom/organic) while you can, lady (and your ‘honey man’) on board. Not far fetched at all. It’s better to be prepared than not…

        I certainly don’t want people to ‘stress out’ with the info. I share. [Reality] Is this a time I can foresee? Yes. If people as a whole don’t wake up and understand what is in front of them & stand against our so called ‘authority’. Yes, I can visualize a desperate state for many of us. But too heavy to deal with in the NOW, you know? My advice– steadily store your stockpile of the essentials. My humble advice; research a water filtration source. Yeah– things could actually get that desperate for many that are focused on the latest pair of NIKE, a purse, some shoes, etc. Do buy gold/silver while you can. I personally think WATER is going to be the biggest challenge. People can get desperate when they are searching to quench their thirst… but yeah, this trailer for that film is another wake up call for all. It’s a sick twisted taunting to us all…


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