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You can set your tap water on fire!!!

I watched this documentary the other night on HBO called Gasland.  It’s pretty frightening.  Here’s the trailer and be sure to watch it until the end when one man demonstrates how tap water can be set on fire:

I highly recommend that everyone catch this program too.  Josh Fox, the director of this documentary states that approximately 35 states have this problem.  Again, we’re so busy being distracted by things that are not important (the playoffs, the next gadget etc.), when something serious does happen we are totally unaware.  This documentary should scare the crap out of many.

8 thoughts on “You can set your tap water on fire!!!

  1. This is messed up!!!!! The water from the tap that the man lit on fire frightened the hell out of me! I live in one the areas where this drilling has happened. It was on the local news a while back but I didn’t think too much of it back then.

    I don’t have HBO but I will search for the full documentary online. Thanks for the post.

    • I thought it was frightening as hell too! I filter my water and just today, I removed the filter from the tap and tried to “light my water” but then I got a bit nervous. I’m going to wait for a friend to do that instead sometime next week. I don’t want a singed arm but he’s willing to test this out for me. (We’ll videotape it as well– so we will see).

      I don’t know if this documentary will be online at this point, but if it is I hope you’ll share the link for others. Again, I saw this on HBO a few nights ago so the best that I can perceive is that is a new film…

  2. Wow, I thought water was supposed to put out fire! I guess that’s what corruption does… it corrupts even nature itself!
    Way to go, GW Bush!

    Listening: The Tourist by Radiohead

    • “Wow, I thought water was supposed to put out fire!” I know, right! If you get the oppty. to see the documentary, one guy talks about how when they came home one Sunday afternoon they found that their well had actually exploded! I plan to have a friend test my tap water next week. Water is so important so this is simply shocking! These bastards have run a muck!

      Listening: One Thing by Amerie (I actually liked that song for some reason) 😉

  3. I am trying to watch it but it won’t play for me so I will see if I can catch this information on another site but I am coming to the conclusion that they are making all of this biologically engineering stuff like food and everything else because they want the earth to be there dumping ground for unnaturally made products. When I was watching the clip collapse and I saw that so many man made and simple products was all made out of oil you can image the effects that it must have on this planets after so long. We are so consumed with being technologically driven that we are killing that one main thing that matter to all human life and survival this world.

    • I found the full movie for you: http://www.solarmovie.com/movie/playlink/id/213745/part/1. But brace yourself, it’s going to be a real shocker too.

      And yes, people have really bought into this ‘american dream’ thing BIG TIME! I still can’t believe that so many people still eat McDonalds (for example)! I actually have two girlfriends who’ve started feeding their 16 mos. old babies that crap. We’ve gotten so used to this processed crap that we have no idea what real food tastes like. That’s why I only shop at local food markets from organic farmers. And Wholefoods is poison too, but people pay extra for that stuff because they’re “told” it’s organic or even worse, they want to show off that they can afford it. People believe anything they are told except when people are trying to expose the truth to them. It’s really remarkable how dumb the masses truly are.

  4. The word organic to me is just another way to make a profits now don’t get me wrong you can buy natural foods if you see everyday people and communities that still being in farming but they put our farmers through so much just to live. I was watching this movie at home called The future of Foods and this is still one big community in California that have naturally grown foods and community because they are fighting against the grain and standing together. I am getting to the point where I am only looking for like minded people who I can survive with and build new communities and I am to get my seed-on meaning buying all the last rule and natural seed left so that we have a change of survival after this mess hit the fan. I mean there might be many wealthy people but we are all going to have to live in this damage word together and nothing last forever no matter how you might prepare.

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