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Spill baby spill. Are we boycotting BP or not?

Here’s a short clip from the organization Brave New Foundation.org that highlights just a few political figures who have taken funds from lobbyists to chant that drilling is safe, economically and ecologically.  BP is reporting that boycotting efforts are not affecting their company or for that matter, their bottom line.  Are we seriously going to allow this farce to continue?  Click HERE for the clip.

10 thoughts on “Spill baby spill. Are we boycotting BP or not?

  1. You got me with this post of the birds immersed in thick slugging oil! So sick what is happening. GOD HELP US ALL.

  2. Hi daphane. My apologies for missing this comment that you left some while ago but I want to respond.

    I agree with you; “GOD HELP US ALL”.

  3. Hello lady got some new info for you on this very topic go to that site that I sent to you before were you wanted the Arrivals: Top Documentary Films. com of course and type in Michael Ruppert and it should bring up a film called Collapse, it explains a lot and get back with me.

    • Hello there lady!

      I’m still thinking of posting The Arrivals (by the way). I got a tip for another one you might like along those lines called; “The Ring of Power”. You can find it on youtube. I’m on part 11 and there are 29 parts total. This will also get you to re-think everything we’ve been taught.

      And thanks for the tip on “Collapse”– I’ve got understand as much as I can on the BP spill because it’s been suggested that it’s not an accident at all. Check out this clip from a movie called “Knowing” with Nicholas Cage… this came out last year: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQur_rsnc0o. You’ll need headphones to hear it louder, but it actually makes mention of a spill in the Gulf!!!! I think that movies are more than entertaining us– if people start to understand what to look for it’s roadmap to the future. It’s like ‘insiders’ are taunting us with what they know vs. what we don’t know.

      • Good Morning,

        Yeah the movie that is still getting me to this day is the Matrix because the more that I learn the more it brings me to have more understanding of this movie. I will check out The Ring of Power sounds good well thanks for giving me something to research today. As much as it is amazing to learn this new information and the more that it awakens my conscious the more I try not to overwhelm myself because once I get informed there are not too many other people that I can talk to in reference to this stuff and sanity is my number one concern at the moment…lol…

      • Hi there! Yes, it can be overwhelming but it’s certainly better to know that to not know. And The Ring of Power is an extraordinary documentary. You’ll be outraged I’m sure. And it won’t drive you insane lol but I’m sure there will be no way to turn back from the knowledge! The Matrix is a teaser compared to what you’ll continue to discover, trust me. The more I dig, the more I’m truly amazed by what is happening…

    • Thank you for the recommendation on the documentary “Collapse”! I just watched it and I can’t believe how much my research has paid off too! I actually feel good that I’ve been ‘sounding the alarms’ because I feel validated by Michael Ruppert with his extensive background in our government and police force.

      People have got to wake up!

      • Hello….

        Well I am glad that you can appreciated it after watching that I looked him up even more he has his own website. It is so sad how this highly intelligent man now has to live like a homeless man because of what he knows. This is the second story that I have heard of about a police officer who didn’t like what he say and stood up against the system to get all that they have worked for taken away from them just simple liberties. Away I am on the 10 Chapter of The Ring of Power but I didn’t watch it on U-tube. Do you remember that clip that you put up that explained how u-tube, facebook and twitter or myspace was all brought up by the same companies? I have been U-tube totally block information on documentaries that I found untouched on other websites, so don’t get too attached.

      • Hi there! Yes it was an excellent piece of work! And I don’t think he’s homeless– he’s selling his books and giving lectures now. Here’s the link I found for him: http://www.collapsenet.com/. We need more people like him, no doubt. I watched another clip with Ruppert confronting the then Dir. of the CIA and dude came straight and accused him of selling drugs to the american public. here’s that link: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8797525979024486145#. Michael Ruppert is right up there with Sherry Peel Jackson and others who exposing the truth.

        I sure do remember the article I put up on Facebook– I only use youtube clips because I don’t know how to link others like vimeo. Youtube sold out a long time ago. They’re working hard to shut down the internet too. Maybe then people will begin to see how serious things are and stop giving a damn about sports, celebs and buying expensive clothes and cars.

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