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“Respect My Authoritah”!

Once again, Jon Stewart does what mainstream media fails to do.  I’ve been saying for months now that no president is different from the last.  It’s all double-speak to get elected and a huge production.  Obama is no exception.  Click here for the clip: Obama’s Campaign and NowIt’s funny, but it ain’t! As a friend of mine once said; “the only difference between Republicans and Democrats is the spelling”.  Please be sure to watch this [clip] until the end… if anyone likes political satire, you’ll understand why this was posted.

11 thoughts on ““Respect My Authoritah”!

  1. It’s seems like a president is no more than a figurehead, much like a king or a queen. No real power there. That’s the perception I’m getting.

    Listening: For Your Lover, Give Some Time by Richard Hawley. It’s an old school type ballad.

    BTW, I now have a blog, Jazz!

    • Hey you! Congrats on the blog! What’s the blog address? Don’t leave me hanging man!!! 🙂 I’m guessing that’s the announcement you mentioned a while back. I can’t wait to check it out.

      And yeah, the entire thing is a charade– well orchestrated but a charade nonetheless.

  2. Certainly! It’s called Asphalt Jungle Sound, and it’s a music and personal blog. I would encourage you to please check it out and feel free to comment.
    See you there!

    • Maan… help a sister out!! Is that Asphalt Jungle Sound .net, .com, .wordpress, .blogspot? Give us a link so that others can see it and I can come to your house! LOL!!! I’m all excited and you’re just teasing me… you know I’m going to add you to the blogroll.

  3. Well from all of the videos that I have been watching to expose the whole operation from Obama til the higher level of this so called monarchy deception. Obama is just a smoke screen of hope to give them more time to complete this world domination and to keep the people quiet and caught up in this so called invisible movement that no high raking person really wants. Greedy people do not give power and control to people who do not fit there agenda or rarely at all no matter what they may tell you. Look up the 48 laws of Power and from what I see it is all about lying to other to get what you want. Powerful people never do things fairly they usually take my force. We have to stop living in our imaginations and start living real and everyday lives. The television is for the unselfconscious mind and not for the development of real progressing people. We have let ourselves be deceive because when you are really aware and watching most likely you can’t and won’t be deceived. Just as the bible say my people die from there lack of knowledge so learn all you can people but the internet is about out to be silenced and no one can take from you what you already know. I think for me I just need a realistic point of view and perception away from America because we are nothing like other countries and cultures.

    • That why I think that I will no longer get caught up in this policial game any longer and I will not longer vote because I don’t believe in the system any longer. Why vote for a person who is already pre-selected?

      • Hi Lady!

        “Why vote for a person who is already pre-selected?” EXACTLY! It’s nothing but a big production and we’re just watching a performance. SMH at the lunacy…

    • Hi there!

      It really is a joke. Obama is not the first to deceive and he won’t be the last. We’ve all been terribly misguided by the entire charade. “Powerful people never do things fairly they usually take by force.” You are so right– I’ve been reading about the military drills that have been taking place across the u.s. and it appears to be getting closer than we think. People continue to bury their heads in the sand and walk around as if nothing is happening. They are going to be terribly shocked when it does. Lack of knowledge is so effective is all I can say…

      I’m glad to know that some of us are NOT ‘sleepwalking’!

      • Good Morning,

        I think us doing nothing come from us having a society that does everything for us in a sense. We rely on everything and everyone but ourselves. I was watching this one video that was taking about how we no longer know how to grow our own foods and know nothing about real agriculture and that is so true with all this mass production foods. We are seriously putting all of our resources in the wrong hands. Check out VC for dummying down the nation article 2.

      • Vigilante Citizen did an excellent piece on our ‘sick’ food, drugs, etc. I recently picked up a book to help me with gardening because I want to be able to grow a few veggies on my own. Most of our food IS genetically modified (which disturbing to me). I’ve wondered why so many of us just allow so many things to happen without caring more, but there’s a bit of an explanation… we have been dumbed down at every turn. I still can’t believe people drink Red Bull (for example) cuz that stuff is dangerous….

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