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Subliminal ads…

For those who still don’t think this is happening or having any affect on us, here’s an ad for you to check out:

Study the image and read the words in the copy.  DO NOT SCROLL DOWN YET… really study this ad…

Did you figure it out?  You probably won’t because that’s what subliminal messaging is.  It lies just below the threshold to the conscious but the subconscious is receiving the message…

That’s a man’s hand/arm touching her leg not her own.  “Who can resist” (a man’s touch)?  This is advertising sex and is encouraging women to submit themselves sexually to men.  Now that’s an ad for adults, what do you think is happening in advertising for our children and teenagers?  This next ad should be pretty easy to understand hell, it’s not really subliminal either:

Clearly this ad is glamorizing gang rape.  And finally, take a look at this ad:

Again, this one is not really subliminal but what do you think they are promoting in this ad?

Unplug and upload some knowledge, people.  There is nothing “innocent” about our entertainment at all so don’t be fooled.  I’ll be posting an interesting article from 1958 that comes right out and tells us that there are mind games within TV.  None of it (advertising, magazines, video games, movies, etc.) is safe for consumption.  It is all a distraction that affects our behavior intentionally.  As a reminder, our blogcast is planning to have Professor Griff from the group Public Enemy on the show before the end of next month.   He’s going to attempt to help you understand the significance of the Pineal gland and how that has been used against the public for years.  This sh*t is so deep, but I want to help you understand just how much fire you’re playing with if you continue to ignore this.  Knowledge is power.

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7 thoughts on “Subliminal ads…

  1. Great post!

    I remember Professor Griff from Public Enemy and watching an interview of his during the Presidential elections. He has always been aware and very knowledgeable. I definitely need to check that interview.

    The first image threw me for a loop. After reading I went back and only then did I realize it was a man’s hand, and not the woman’s.

    Pineal Gland, interesting.

    • Thanks, man!

      I’ll be sure to post the date of Griff’s appearance in advance. He’s on tour right now but he’s pretty sure he will available before the end of next month. And when you have a chance, check out the clip that’s related in this post. I think you’ll be fascinated with Edward Bernays– the inventor of Public Relations. The mystery of the Pineal gland has been written about for a long time– I found one piece that dates back to the the 1500’s.

      I’m glad the exercise with the ‘innocent’ body wash ad got you for a moment. This stuff is so sinister, man…

  2. That is why I try to take my mind back by not watching TV like that. Every since they switch regular TV to this digital TV I have not been watching it because I did not buy that lousy product. My mother has the digital box and it is terrible way worst then regular TV. I mostly watch Netflix movies and research the web and watch documentaries. My man wants to get cable again but I am not sure if I am feeling that idea. I mean I do miss TV but who would really continue to watch something that you feels harms you in the end I also never watch the depressing new either. There is a line in the bible that shines a light in me about a lot of things especially TV. Cast all imagination down and under your feet that does not subject itself to the name and teaching of Jesus Christ, and many time I have to do that to keep unwanted thought and images out of my head.

  3. Oh,
    and uhh…

    We know.
    Most of us don’t care.

    Those of you who DO care, well, sitting on your bedsore ridden duffs isn’t gonna do anything about it.

    Gandhi use pacifism to revolt, but he still had to go to the front lines and get the shit kicked out of him and 100,000 followers to get his message across.

    Yes, causes and organizations can get quite the following for posting and protesting on the internet.

    But, if I fudge pictures of gorillas and make a site that is dedicated to the claim that I found bigfoot and a whole colony of others like him, I’ get alot of hits too…

    But, no one would care or take me seriously, either..

    Action or Failure, kids.

    • Hold up… how are you going to come to my yard and assume; “sitting on your bedsore ridden duffs isn’t gonna do anything about it”, when clearly, getting this information out is having an impact on some? I’ve learned that people must crawl before they walk and so not only do I think this might be a necessary step at introducing concepts of these matters to people who’ve never heard or thought about them, it is an effective one. And who’s to say that this is ALL that I’m doing? By the way… what efforts are you making? Just curious.

      And there are no kids on this website– notice the statement at the top? It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

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