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BP spends 5 million/week on robots; $12/hr for clean up workers

Here’s a crazy break down of daily/weekly cost so far.   Click HERE for the full story.  If masses of us have not started to boycott BP by now, well shame on us all!!!  Peep these crazy figures below…

The cleanup’s grand total

  • $1.25 billion
  • BP’s overall bill, so far, for containment and cleanup efforts
  • $25.5

    BP’s average daily expenditure on the oil spill, according to company estimates
  • $40

    the true daily rate some analysts say it may be paying, thanks to rising costs

The line item breakdown

Line Item Estimate
plugging the leak
  • $100 million

Cost to drill two relief wells to intercept and isolate the leaking well.

paying the states
  • $170 million

Grants made to Florida, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi, according to BP, which include money for general assistance as aid for the states’ flagging tourist industries.

covering lost wages
  • $84 million

Amount earmarked for compensation claims due to loss of income caused by the spill, according to BP. The company has paid out $40 million in such claims so far.

Coast Guard
  • $75,133,333

BP’s tab for the Coast Guard’s services, which are costing an average of $1,533,333 per day.

boat rentals
  • $3.72 million / day

The running bill to engage the boats involved in containing the spill. Here’s how that total breaks down:

  • 3,100
    number of boats
    Unified Command says
    are involved in the
    cleanup effort
  • $1,200
    amount BP is paying
    operators, many of
    whom are local fishermen, daily
robot rentals
  • $720,000 / day

Cost to rent 16 remote-operated vehicles that have been at the center of BP’s effort. Daily packages, including two ROVs, a crew and a ship from which to operate, can run upwards of $90,000.

plane rentals
  • $237,500 / day

Estimated amount BP has spent on the 50 to 60 light planes and helicopters it has been flying over affected areas to spot oil, spray dispersant and guide boats in placing boom. The total here does not take into account BP’s prior contracts with aircraft companies and uses local rental rates (which range from $300 to $1,700 per hour) for five-hour workdays.

cleanup crews
  • $960,000 / day

Compensation for cleanup crews. BP has 20,000 people deployed, some paid and some volunteers. This figure assumes half of the workers are collecting a pay check for eight-hour workdays.

  • 20k
    number of people
    BP has deployed,
    some paid and some volunteers
  • $12
    amount clean-up workers were paid per hour in advance of Obama’s recent visit

10 thoughts on “BP spends 5 million/week on robots; $12/hr for clean up workers

  1. For all those people that have complained about the high price of oil in the past, this time is for them to go to the shoreline and scoop up all the free oil they want. 🙂

    • HAHAHAHA!!!! Good one, lady! LOL! And welcome back! SIDEBAR: I’ve been thinking about you and have been hoping you’d feed me some leads to research on Nancy Gray’s bullying. Phoebe Price remains close to my heart for some unknown reason…

      Hope you’re having a Happy Father’s Day for you and yours. Peace my friend.

      Jazz 🙂

      • Found a lot about Nancy (dis)Grace (you do realize that is not her real name) under two different subjects. One subject is listed under Phoebe Price and the other is listed under the subject of Psychology and Psychiatry because of her known mental issues of P.P.D. Paranoid Personality Disorder.

      • Hi Michelle! I actually didn’t know that wasn’t her real name but I’m not entirely surprised. This is an interesting clip. I think I know a couple of past co-worker who fit this description. I’m going to keep digging into her bullying past. Like I mentioned, I stopped tuning in to ms. (dis)grace (good one by the way hahahaha) a long time ago.

  2. BP should definitely be imprisoned, for a long long time, at that. After reading this post … now I know exactly what Jed Clampett meant when he referred to oil as “black gold.”

    My Lord.

    • “Black gold”… hahaha. Yeah, this stuff is really bad. I just saw a clip and it’s reporting that 40% of the oceans (so far) will be affected by this. Also, an oyster company that has been in business for 137 years had to shut it’s doors. Criminal charges should be a given.

  3. Yoy50

    Well it just shows us how we have been trained to be, act and think like dogs taking whatever bit of scrapes that the big man put out there for us. We know that they have enough money to pay better and to employ more people. Honestly I would not participate with a job like this, we have to learn how to stop being apart of corporations who show no care about your life style and health. When I come across companies that seem to want to cause me more harm then good I cut them sucker off. When I come across companies that have bad customer service and can not help me with my problem even though I am using and paying for your services I go out to find and new and better team if there is one because why should I stay apart of your Matrix that at the end of the day does nothing for me really?

    • Hi lady! It’s all so very corrupt it’s beginning to upset my stomach! And trying to wake up people to this and other matters is starting to wear me out. People really have become blinded to everything that’s occurring around them but they remain on top of the playoffs, the world cup and other things that are simply not important. I’m posting something else on BP shortly today as well…

  4. Yoy50

    Hi lady, hope you had a nice weekend. Yeah I fill you on trying to expose certain truths and people not even listening or taking in what can be seen by the eye if your really want to be aware.. It hard to talk about a lot of things with people in this day and age even everyday things because people just don’t want to be checked or questioned about there actions in 2010. They expect for you to just take anything that they are dishing out these days and for you to just let all of there desires and wants to unfold on you even if it is causing you and others some kind of harm. That is why it is your very personal duties to watch the company that you keep because no one else is going to watch out for you.

    • My weekend was nice… I hope you enjoyed yours too!

      I’ve actually got 7 friends that do understand what’s going on. I guess I’m getting frustrated with this ‘waking people up’ process. It’s really amazing how people will dismiss it so easily instead of looking this up for themselves. But then again, I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked. I’m definitely grateful for the friends I have.

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