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9 thoughts on “The video speaks for itself…

  1. I could only get through 3 minutes of this…this…UGGGGHHHH! What I can’t stand to listen to is some hypocritical psuedo christian trying to put another person on blast! I’m willing to bet you a year’s salary that the woman off camera conducting that interview has a closet full of skeleton bones. YET..YET…she’s blasting the young man for his choice of music AND for saying he’s a christian. Miss me with that one girlfriend. MISS. ME.

    Whatever your beliefts might be with regards to the “devil’s” message in music the interviewers tactics are just as wrong and not very “christ” like.

    • LOL! I changed the lead-in sentence around a bit…

      I gotta say, I don’t like nor do I do the whole shove down the throat method. I was thinking the same thing but I listened/watched til the end and I was surprised at the full video. “the interviewers tactics are just as wrong and not very “christ” like.” It may seem that way but that was not the case. Hey, I know it sounds really far fetched that the ‘devil’ is messing with our music but what if it’s true? Would that change anything for anyone? One more thing, she does speak about her ‘skeletons’… For some reason I can imagine you saying “okay– she’s trippin’ now” LOL! There’s a method to my madness, trust me. I encourage you and everyone to watch the entire clip first. 😉

  2. Watched to the end. I still remain “steadfast & unmovable” in my original opinion.

    Everyone has an agenda and overzealous, arrogant Christians aren’t exempt.

    I’ve got to admit though…my recent departure from “organized” religion has a lot to do with my stance. Just as this secular music may have some mind control elements to it…so does religion. But that’s a topic for another time and another day.

    • Only for Jazz… I love it! (BIG smiles and I am blushing!!)

      You are right, agendas abound and ‘christians’ aren’t exempt. Organized religion is such a farce IMO. “Just as this secular music may have some mind control elements to it…so does religion. But that’s a topic for another time and another day.” You see… I think it’s all the same subject… there is mind control sprinkled throughout all genres of music. My personal goal (on this subject) is to get people to examine the reality of it and once they cross that threshold they will be able to discern more clearly. Not every music artist is immersed but a discerning ear/eye will help to clear up that confusion. Amel Larrieux is a good example. She’s a direct distribute artist these days…

      As far as the clip and the organization P4CM.com, there were a total of three parts– I only posted part 3 of it. Those young men and women (@ P4CM) are spreading throughout some of the campuses in the U.S. (U. of D.C., Florida Univ., etc.) and are having a great impact on some of our youngsters at colleges– I like that. I personally thought the clip did a great job of demonstrating how we automatically justify our behavior (unknowingly of course) and caused the young brother (and sister from the other 2 clips) to think about what they were not only saying, but what they are doing. I look at it like this– we should all start checking ourselves before “the mighty return”. Not getting all ‘religious’ or anything but since no one knows the hour of His return we might want to try our best to be prepared. Having fun can be redefined– and it doesn’t have to consist of going to clubs and concerts where the music could have it’s influence over a person. Hey– that’s my dollars worth. (BIG 🙂 )

      Sho hate I MISSED. YOU. on this one! lol!

      P.S. when are you going to update your site? HINT, HINT, SUBTLE, HIT

      EDIT June 11, 2010— that was supposed to read; hint, hint, subtle HINT (not hit). Damn nails of mine. lol It’s a vanity thing I guess because they grow long naturally and when they get to a certain length I hate to trim them. Anyway, I was simply trying to say I like your blog and give us more. Your last post about “BoB” was funny as all get out, but you’ve got to know I’m looking forward to your next posts too! Winks and hugs lady, winks a hugs!!!! 😉

  3. I mean I am a Christian and I have a whole lot to still work on within myself but maybe that is the thing we try to work on ourselves instead of letting God work on us from within. I can tell you this being a Christian and following Christ is a work in progress there is no I dream of Ginny magic hear it is a personal choice and sacrifice. I do agree that many of us to stay connected to the stuff of this world far too much to be completely connected with God and his word but we all do have free will as well. Even Jesus said in the bible that if a person does not want to receive the messages of his words then keep it moving and knock the dust off of you feet because true believe will take it willingly (this is the not exact quote so please forgive me). I must admit sometimes it is hard seeing people gravitate towards the wrong things but at the end of the day it is there choice. I always say life has a way of teaching you a lesson way better then people. You can not evade life lessons and you are not bigger then life.

  4. Hey… we are all a work in progress… no one is exempt including myself. I simply liked what these young men and women were doing and challenging the younger generation to actually stop and think. The fact that they are springing up on some campuses does excite me. I’ve thought for too long that education has become secondary to partying with our kids today. Like I mentioned, people need to start re-defining ‘fun’.

    And I’m swiftly learning that I’m going to have to move on and simply look out for me and mine (as tough is that might seem). I really do feel like we are approaching some very different and dark times and does make me a bit nervous. It really is time for people to get into the word, not organized religion because that’s more corrupt than people actually know…

    I posted this with that in mind…

  5. Well I like the way that you said that we need to redefine our ideas of a lot of things.. I often find that people make up there own definitions of a lot of things. That is why I am always constantly looking up the meaning of words because I do not want to become of one those kinds of people. Why do we need to redefine something that was already defined before our very own conception? I found that people always want you to go off of there own definitions of things instead of the correct definition and that bothers me. There are many time that I am involved with people thinking stuff like this doesn’t feel like the definition of friendship for example, so why should I play along and be involved?

    • Yeah, the English language has been butchered over the past 10+ years. Conversate is not a word! LOL. It has become increasingly difficult to meet people who don’t go overboard with the usage of slang too. I mean a little is cool but too much gets old real fast. Yeah, we are living in strange times… too many followers and not nearly enough individual thinkers either.

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