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Muhammad Ali

I believe this interview happened after his diagnosis of Parkinson’s but he’s still pretty sharp and profound.  I think there’s a message in there we can appreciate.  The quality is poor (sorry about that) but you can hear it better if you have headphones.  I just happen to think it’s worth posting and besides– who doesn’t like Ali?!  Enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Muhammad Ali

    • Hi there, man! Thanks for chiming in. Ali was rare gem indeed so thank you for appreciating the clip.

      Nothing but luv for you, Folk! 🙂


  1. yoy50 Good Morning.

    This is funny but he was a brother that was not going to be fooled…lol.. I mean it might sound like a cliché but it is very true if you stand for nothing then you will fall for everything.. And I have never really seen him in anything except for boxing because he was not going to be a man that can be used as a pond for the white media and these corporate industries.. I mean it tells you this in the bible when Jesus came back for fasting for 40’s day and night and the devil tried to temp his and he left realizing that there was nothing in him to Temp which put him one step close to the cross. A human being that the devil can not use will usually suffer at the hands of man just like Jesus. Most people are very willing to be a puppet for the love of money and fame. Even in the bible it says a righteous man who can find him because there is not many or a virtuous woman either. We are all works in progress in this digressing world but many people really do love to be of the world even when it lies to them and make them batteries to a very unmoral and dying society.

    • Hi there lady!!

      Ali just wasn’t going for the money vs. message and understanding the true meaning of leading by example. I can’t disagree with one word in your comment either. We are all heading down the wrong path. I sincerely hope people will open their eyes soon. People seem to be convinced that this is destined (and eventually it will unfold as told in Revelations) but humanity does have the power to change things. It goes back to free will again. This loose morality mentality has been too widely accepted and it actually scares me when I think of how close we’re coming to some serious changing times. By the way, “The Arrivals” was EXCELLENT! Thank you so much for the recommendation!!!

  2. Good Morning well I just want to thank you for being committed enough to watch it all the way through. The little bit of people that I have sent it too did not get a chance to watch it yet so that mean a lot to me. It is so very hard to get any of us to open our eyes to a lot of things and we have all been in that place some time or another. I am just trying to inform myself while I still have the freedom too because once you expose yourself to information no one can every take it from you. Just make sure that you keep informing others and find some great articles for the days to come.

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