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Tattoes… uhm… tattoes

I’ve been debating when to post this for a while and then it occurred to me, what am I waiting for?  This will undoubtedly  be an unpopular thing to say but I just don’t like tattoes on men or women.  I happen to think that skin is very sexy and to cover it in ink just seems shameful.  And I know everyone will say; ‘it’s a freedom of expression’ or an ‘artistic expression’… yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah.  It just looks awful to me.  Another argument I’ve heard for tattooing was it can mark a special occasion.  Well, so can your memory or a keepsake from that occasion.  And I love this one– ‘it makes me feel special, different or more unique”.  Well, to my azz it makes you look freakish.  Tattooing the face is pure insanity to me as well.  I can only think to myself that if you were born with some weird markings on your face you’d be upset.  SMH at the entire ‘movement’.

I realize that so many of you have marked your body so that can’t be changed but I just thought I’d give you a peak into your futures:

Something to consider… although our Senior Citizens can maintain a healthy sex life well into their golden years– do you think these two are getting laid?  LOL!!

5 thoughts on “Tattoes… uhm… tattoes

  1. Those pics are very disturbing lol. I don’t know if this is hypocrosy or not, but I hate tattoos all over the body. But here’s the thing: I have two. When I got my tats, I made sure to get them in places where they could be covered at all times. I do agree that sometimes tats ruin a good outfit and in my job setting, a tattoo will look so tacky and unprofessional. I do however find it very attractive on a man (If it means something) and only on certain places where it can be covered if neccessary. JMO.

    • Meant to say: When I got my tats, I made sure to get them in places where they could be covered when necessary.

    • The pics were definitely meant to shock, that’s for sure! lol.

      Well, it’s good to know I didn’t offend everyone (all three of you guys hahaha lol) with this post. I saw this girl tattooed up and down both arms and on the side her neck and thought– she’d be cute if she got rid of that.

      I will admit that I’ve seen some handsome models in magazines that will have one, but it’s just not something I would like on a guy permanently. Flawless wet skin… DAMMIT SON!!! 😉

  2. yoy50

    I feel that we are so alike with out statement and maybe in mindset.. I always say that statement as well the body is way more beautiful in its natural state. I have no tattoos and have no desires to get any as well.. I see people go so over board when it comes to tattoos and I feel that most people only get them because they want to feel like everyone else and not feel like an outcast. Most people don’t even know that messages that they are putting on there bodies and with so much untruth out here now you never know when people will use things the things that one loves to experiment on you. I really feel that we have become a monkey see a monkey do society and this is yet another chess move against the individuality of others which will usually leads to some form of persecution of some sort eventually.

    • Hi Resurrected! I agree– we definitely speak the same language. 😉

      I think the whole tattoo ‘movement’ is definitely out there. “Most people don’t even know that messages that they are putting on there bodies and with so much untruth…” you hit the nail on the head! I think most who’ve gone that route will regret it when they get older, hence the pics I included in the post! hahaha. And our society has become of bunch of followers instead of leaders or true individuality. We consume and “we do” because we’re being taught (very effectively) not to think for ourselves these days. I also think one of the reasons its so popular is because too many people are wrapped in what celebs do and what a shame. I’m just glad I never had the desire to mess up my skin that way.

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