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“The World: In Black and White”: the radio show

Hello all!  Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend so far…

I wanted to inform you that the radio blogcast did happen Friday night and although I personally was a bit nervous at first, as I imagined, this is going to be a cool show.  Neither of  us have used blogtalk before so there are some kinks to work out.  One example, somehow my audio was louder than Clint’s although he was coming through loud and clear over the phone.  We also may extend the time from a one hour show to an hour and a half because, well, we had an interesting debate at the very end of the show.  In his zeal, he used the N-word and everyone who’s ever visited Why O’ Why knows how much I disapprove of that word so it got a little heated.  We do plan to pick up were we left off this coming Friday as he was trying to make a point, but this spontaneous debate didn’t happen until the end of the show.

Overall, it was an intro to who we are, a little bit of our background and we spoke briefly on 9/11 and the subject of racism came up towards the end.  Interestingly, we actually had a call-in!   One of my personal friends was trying to get through as well but was unable to because we simply ran out of time.  Next Fridays show promises to be just as exciting.  To listen to the show, just click the Blogtalkradio button and you’ll go straight to the show.  Now that the “performance butterflies” have subsided we should certainly continue to improve.  We really think that these types of straight forward dialogues need to take place so we are committed to this project plus our goal is to be able to offer solutions to a myriad of problems we are all facing in today’s world.  Peace!

4 thoughts on ““The World: In Black and White”: the radio show

  1. I just finished listening to the show. I wasn’t planning to spend my last hour that way, but I just couldn’t turn it off.

    I was awestruck by the courage the two of you showed during the interview, just to be talking so clearly and earnestly about these issues. I got totally absorbed.

    I am looking forward to the next show.

    I am hoping that you can clarify for Clint that although slavery goes back into African history, the American slave had a unique experience in that she was required to break all ties form herself, including her name. This is powerful psychological torture, that has it’s residue all over it right now. I’m not saying that slavery otherwise was a picnic, but I think this is an important distinction.

    AND, with the Affirmative Action thing. Look, we didn’t get any reparations for the several centuries of free labor provided to this country. There are several companies and individual families here still living off that wealth. I think Affirmative Action was the least they could do.

    Lastly, thank you for calling him on the N-word. It’s not ok.

    Can’t wait for the next show.

    • Hi MIP!!

      I’m completely blushing lady! 🙂 I’m really glad you enjoyed it too. I was so nervous for some reason. And rest assured Clint and I have every intention of picking up where we left off. The N-word completely came out of left field as well as Affirm. Action.

      “the American slave had a unique experience in that she was required to break all ties form herself, including her name. This is powerful psychological torture, that has it’s residue all over it right now.” Well stated, lady! And btw, we do take live call-ins so I’d would be cool if you called in to say that!!! Or I’d actually like to quote it!!! I’ve got a few more things up my sleeve on that subject too and we’re both excited so Friday should be pretty interesting. Thanks for giving us a listen, lady! I’m really excited that you liked it too.


    • Hi MIP!

      Take your time, it’s archived and you can listen to it whenever you have a chance. I must say… my boy was energized and unfortunately, he wasn’t doing to good of a job a listening very well. Some good stuff came out, but not nearly the direction I planned for the show…

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