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What Would You Do?

This show aired last Friday on ABC called “What Would You Do?” I actually didn’t get the opportunity to watch it at the time but the link was sent to me and I just viewed it.  I have to say, I was surprised by the behavior.  Basically, the show set up different scenarios that test the moral and ethical fiber of people.  Would you blow into a breathalyzer for someone in order to allow the person to drive– even when it’s clear they are drunk?  Another one that shocked the pure poop out of me is the scenario where pilots are in a bar getting drunk before a flight!  If you didn’t catch this last Friday– here are the links: Pilots Drinking and Full episode of What Would You Do?

I would never claim to be a saint, but sometimes you’ve got to step in especially with those ‘drunk’ scenes.  It’s funny, there was a time when there was no law to force us to buckle up when driving.  I remember people being very upset that a law was sweeping through the nation back then.  Our reasons for this initial frustration was because it wrinkled our clothes never thinking for a moment that seat belts actual can save your life.  This show pointed out (to me) that we certainly respond differently when we are within a group versus making these individual decisions to stop a potential disaster.  I can honestly say that in each scenario I simply wouldn’t hesitate to intervene.  So what would you do?

6 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

    • That’s what I’m saying… too dangerous for too many. And the pilot scenario… WOW! I’d be dialing 911 as I was detaining the pilots.

  1. Well, I have to say that in these parts where I live, I have taken rides from folks who are tipsy, but it was at a time of night when no one was around or on the road, and I was the co-pilot (I can’t drive). I didn’t feel great about that, but it was a means to get home. There are is no public transportation beyond 9 pm. No excuse, I know, but there has been no accidents on my watch.

    Listening: I’m Not In Love by 10 cc

    • There’s that avi l’ve been adoring! Hi there Wilfredo!

      Well, at least those experiences (potential dui’s and all) was in the past and no harm was actually done! Really, thank goodness, man! Sometimes we all (including me when I was in my 20’s) has done that twice. We were watched over in that sense somehow, someway…

      So… how long are you going to keep me hanging in suspense with this highly anticipated announcement you have? My imagination is running wild, man! 😉

      Listening: (for the last time) “Imagination” by Earth, Wind and Fire! 😉

  2. At the end of the day all that any of us can do is to think for ourselves but I think I would at least had something to say to them if they were talking about flying when it obvious that they were still going to being drunk. I think we also have another issues when it comes to pilots from what I hear they get paid extremely low wages for what they do and for having some many people lives in there hands. I was watching this one program talking about this very issue that one pilot said that he still has to apply for food stamps even with his pay check from being a pilot and that is crazy. My sister use to work at the airport so I do know that they do not usually pay a lot to there employees not even the stewardess make that much money like $ 12.00 an hour maybe but can you image having a bad day as a pilot and realizing that you don’t make enough to care about other people lives. Now image something happening extreme to there families or a child/ parents dies and they have to still fly for low wages, think about there own personal experiences and still be accountable for everyone else life on the plane.. The only thing that may bring me comfort is that the pilot him/herself may value their own life but just image if one day we are on the plane with a suicidal pilot with nothing to lose but a plane full of people. I think you must have a lot of character for this job.

    • Pilots have been mistreated no doubt and the low salaries are unbelievable. They were actually well paid about 20 years ago. When one accepted a 50% pay decrease well, that opened the flood gates unfortunately. But you can rest assured, CEO’s of the airlines didn’t have a reduction in pay and airlines are making profits. This is yet another example of corporations getting richer while the people who do the work get poorer and poorer. And I remember seeing the report on the pilot that was on food stamps– that was shocking. It’s going to be tough to keep the ” Stottlemeyer’s” out there anymore (the pilot that landed the plane in the Hudson).

      I hope their not suicidal, but there have been an awful lot of reports in recent years of drunk pilots. That’s freakin’ scary to me, so yeah, if I were in an airport lounge and saw a pilot getting smashed– I just wouldn’t hesitate to stop them from flying.

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