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Malcolm X: May 19, 1925 – February 21, 1965


I lost my darn internet early yesterday morning but I’m still posting this because Malcolm X’s birthday was May 19th.  I’d been thinking over the days prior which of his speeches would be posted in remembrance.  Should I go with one that speaks to all of humanity or should it be one directed to us Black folks?  When I read his biography, I simply think he was one of the most significant people of our time.  No, he was not a saint, but he was a great example of a person evolving and therefore a great example for every man of all races.  So on that note, I’ve decided to go with one of his interviews after his pilgrimage to Mecca… enjoy.

21 thoughts on “Malcolm X: May 19, 1925 – February 21, 1965

  1. Who was it that said, “Life is a journey ….” ? Malcom was a great human being, and yes, a prime example of how knowledge can change one’s life for the positive. In fact, Malcom was murdered (by a certain U.S. Government Agency) because he no longer went with “the flow” as they thought it should be. Hatred. He, like Reverend King, were starting to bring people together –people of all races, backgrounds, religions, etc., by opening their eyes to what was really going on. And, of course “they” couldn’t have that …”

    • Hi Nico! Long time no chat– hope all is well with ya’! Oh gosh… it’s on the tip of tongue who made the “Life is a Journey” quote… I think you’re right, though…

      And yes, certain groups within the gov’t absolutely had it’s hand in his assassination but it pains me to know that black men actually pulled the trigger. Black-on-black crime– will it EVER end?!

  2. It makes you wonder what the world would be like if we hadn’t lost him so soon, doesn’t it?

    And why does that first picture have me feeling some kind of way? LOL

    Like the new layout!! 🙂

    • I’ve been saying for YEARS ‘where would we all be if we didn’t lose him’? An amazing man no doubt! Nobody has come close to Malcolm (IMO).

      I know exactly why you’re feeling him in ‘some kind of way’, it’s his remarkable mind and confidence! Ain’t nothing sexier than a man’s (a REAL MAN’S) mind! No bullets, no gang signs, no NONE OF THAT. Words are far more powerful and affective. And don’t you love how he countered that ‘reporter’ in this clip? (that speculative statement the reporter made?) hahaha He wasn’t a ‘celeb’ figure– he was business only!

      P.S. Thanks for the kudos on the layout. Trying to take things to the next level. 😉

  3. This is absolutely one of the speeches that I think of when I think of Malcolm. It’s amazing to me that the perception of the man (since his death) has changed so dramatically………just like the man himself changed and evolved throughout his life.

    • Hi Reggie!

      It’s cool to know you remembered this interview. I hope I understand you when you say that since his death the perception has changed about Malcolm. Some get it, but most don’t. He wasn’t violent (as most tend to think)– he was a true activist and convicted in his beliefs. No one (leader) compares to Malcolm in my mind. Talk about knowledge, confidence and standing for what you believe in– who can we name today that comes close? I just hate that I couldn’t post this on his actual birthday. (DAMN INTERNET CONNECTION) smiles…

  4. Malcolm truly showed the world how knowledge evolves a person and how that knowledge empowers, revolutionizes, overcomes, and motivates both millions and self.

    • Said it again, Folk! (smiles) Cuz Malcolm was the man! I only wish he was still around today and dare I say, things may have taken a turn for the better. GOD BLESS, MALCOLM!

  5. I know I’m a million years late, but it’s never too late to say, Rest In Peace Brother Malcolm. He was a great human. I love what he stood for and what he represented. “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” will always be one of my favorite books.

    “I believe in human beings, and that all human beings should be respected as such, regardless of their color”.
    – Malcolm X

    • He just didn’t get the respect and remembrance he truly deserved, did he? I hope people will continue to find this post and show some love for a person who was the epitome of standing for something. We haven’t come close to replacing him in all these years.

  6. To me he is the epitome of a man who learned beyond what he was taught and many of us should want to take his lead because our country loves to dumb us down.. I am now seeing for me to really learn beyond the America utopia of stupidity I have to travel outside of this box called the land of the free in body but ultimately are slaves of the mind.. I wish that I could seen brother Malcolm in action more in person to see a real brother a person of God but I was not even born by the time that he was killed.. So many people respected him beyond the United States and they still use him when confronting injustice and even deeper deception.. Another man can never take your freedom of choice away or your ability to learn beyond the status quo.. We need more human being who show no fear against opposition and lies to become a world of peace as it is stated in the Bible. I would say this was a man who knew himself and now days many of us do not care to be at one with ourselves but more at one with television, celebritism, politics, and choose to live for the greed of money and fake power when all he wanted was equality because to really obtain power in this world it requires your soul…

    • The man was very unique, indeed. There are some speeches on youtube if you want to see more of him ‘in action’. I also purchased the movie Malcolm X because there’s a cool 45 minute documentary included. I still wonder what it would be like if he weren’t assassinated.

      As far as your other comments, I can only say it takes man his pace to discover all of those things. Free will is a tricky thing, you know?

      • Freedom of choice may be tricky but when you see more zombies out here then free moral agents it make you think of all that you don’t know and have never took the time learn to be the nest Malcolm X or whoever…

      • “it makes you think of all that you don’t know”… that’s it in a nutshell! This stuff has me thinking just that!!! And now that I’ve looked back a just a few things (there’s an awful lot to uncover), I’m simply blown away by how much we have all been misinformed (education, religion, etc). We are in a zombie like state but it’s become the norm so people are completely reasonable with their hesitations to change because well, walking around in this unsuspecting fog is all we know! Does that make any sense?! I mean it’s like living in insanity when you think about it like that. lol

  7. Check out this video google this documentary called the Arrivals it free but has many clips but very enlightening against the system that we live and know as normal but what is very deceptive to say the least… It like EnVouge song called Free Your Mind and let me know what you think about it… Later

    • Hi there! I looked up Arrivals and wanted to make sure I had the right film… does this have Charlie Sheen in it? I didn’t locate a documentary called Arrivals. Do you have a link by any chance? And I loved that song by En Vogue by the way! 🙂

      • No it not a movie but a documentary that has 50 parts they just continue on, it took me like
        3 days to watch it. If your google the arrivals documentary then it should show up and say that it is free if you watch it here… This is the link that I watched it on topdocumentaryfilms.com/arrivals….

      • Well check you out knowing about topdocumentaryfilms.com!!! Major KUDOS for knowing about that valuable source!!!!!!!!! I just got online and located it… thanks for hipping me to the documentary. By the way, are hip to building of the THIRD TEMPLE???

  8. Well I did not know about it but I know about it now just came across it to watch that one film but did not know it was a site for all documentary so now I will add it to my favors so thank for that info as well…Enjoy please come back and let me know what you thought about it.

    • Hi there! I checked out a few of the parts so far and so far so very good! This documentary is like combining a lot of the information that I’ve been discovering and put it in one place (which is very convenient). As of today, I’ve viewed it to part 15! Very captivating. Topdocumentaryfilms.com ended up only having the intro to the series but I was fortunate to discover the film makers’ original site.

      A NOTE FOR ALL READERS: The official documentary that we are referring to can be found in it’s entirety at: wakeupproject.com. Other sources have eliminated the audio but if you go to wakeupproject, you can see all parts with the audio in tact. Now… you have to wonder why the audio has been disabled– truth is very scary to the people who are committing these acts against us. And I can’t stress enough– this is far more important than ‘American Idol’ or the championship games or even the World Cup and every frivolous thing we focus our attention! Unplug and upload some important truth you guys! Shit is far more serious than we (including me) thinks it is. But here’s the exciting part, we can change the direction of things that we are spiraling towards because ‘the powers that be’ are in absolute FEAR that the masses will awaken to this!! To quote Zbigniew Brzezinski: “for the first time in ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY, mankind is politically awakened… that’s a total new reality”. To further quote him– “until the last 100 years, the whole world has become politically awakened”. For those who don’t know who Brzezinski is, look him up! He’s one of many who fear that masses of people will find out the truth! Dude and his associates are actually running scared right now! I find that to be VERY exciting!! They (unlike us) know that there is power in numbers! They know that there are more of “us”, than them! You can peep Brzensinski here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9AOEb4HkN0

      Again, Resurrected– thanks for the documentary suggestion. YOU ROCK!

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