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“What Chili Wants”: A commentary on her radio interview…

As most already know, ‘Why O’ Why’ doesn’t weigh in on celebrity crap regularly.  I think we’ve only put our two cents in on the more ridiculous stories, for example; Morgan Freeman and his great grand daughter becoming a couple — UGH!!  In that world, I find our societal obsession with celebs to be sad and pathetic.  I mean– there are far more important things to focus on, isn’t there?   And the amount of blogs out there who have carved a name for themselves by bashing, trash talking, spreading rumors and innuendo is staggering. Sadly, these blogs are overlooking one other thing they are doing.  They are creating more and more environments that reinforce to our youths’ young (very young) minds, that superficial things and talking harshly about people are what’s imp0rtant.  Who cares if Britney Spears got a mohawk?!  But if you don’t like her new coif you can say all sorts of horrible things about her on any given blog, right?!  That Perez person’s success is disturbing to me.  But I digress…

Every now and then a ‘hollyweird’ person (athlete or musical artist, etc.) will have something significant to say, but sadly… even that’s ‘shot down’ because these blogging environments are ripe for venomous attacks towards people.  To me, these ‘celeb blogs’ are nothing more than a bunch of kids on a playground who tease and taunt and are seeking revenge for how they were tormented as children.  Andshame on the readers for entertaining them at all.  Seems to me, most have not matured or evolved much over the course of their years.  These blogs have managed to twist the cognitive senses in our minds because even when someone is making sense that person is still attacked… in this case, Chili from the group “TLC”…  

I saw a promo on TV that she has a ‘reality’ show .  In case some didn’t know this, I (personally) can’t STAND reality shows.  I have no plans to watch her show either.  But a friend of mine emailed her interview on the radio to me and I gave it a listen.  He and I always have our healthy “man vs. woman” debates and he was trying to make the point that women are too picky these days.  The interview is already in progress but it started by saying; Chili ‘wants to ban the N-word’.  Uhm… what’s wrong with that?!  Am I missing something?  Shame on you Chili! (sarcasm implied).  Here’s some other things she wanted to ban:

No kissing on a first date

No anal sex

Skinny jeans on men

She also wants women to ‘raise the bar’ with our behavior (recognizing that women certainly set the tone for the way men treat us).

What’s interesting about these rather insightful comments [by Chili], is that the DJ didn’t reinforce her statements.  There’s a moment of silence (too long for radio) and this DJ goes directly to fashion (which brought up the skinny jeans topic).

Is Chili insane?  Is she on crack?  Is she trippin’?  “She’s looking for Jesus”.  I’m being nice/delicate, but these are the types of responses I saw on the link in the email from this particular site that had more than 200 comments.  People were really going ‘hard’ with their comments towards Chili (for having standards, BTW).  I’m reading  what folks are saying and those harsh reactions by her ‘audience/readers’ didn’t resonate with me.

I don’t kiss on a first date either, anal sex is nothing I’m curious about (plus I can’t get out of my mind that THIS is the area we all sh*t from, YUCK)!  Skinny, sagging jeans only tells me one thing about the guy wearing them– they are not [grown azz] men!   So is this the new definition of women being too picky now?!  Cuz, damn!!

Seems to me, our young people today are terribly confused by the two words; “standards” vs. “picky”.  Seems they’ve taken us back to a time when it’s okay to view women as sexual objects.  To quote some comments on this particular blog; “that’s why she’s 40 and single”, “she’s too damn picky “and “she’ll never keep a man with the same boring sex”!  Wow!  JUST FREAKIN’ WOWWW!!!

Riddle me this [Batman]: What’s so bad about not wanting to kiss some guy you just met on a first date?  And who said sex has to be ‘boring’ because you’re not getting fukd in the azz?  Wow, “ladies” (using that term loosely)– we are ‘officially’, LOST!  Men can now say ‘check mate’ because the ‘battle of the sexes’ is officially over!  ‘Women’ (using that term loosely again) nowadays seem to be just fine with being sex objects who’s only place is to please their mans’ every sexual whim.  I never thought the year 2010 would bring the reversal of Women’s Lib in any shape, form, or fashion.  I’m still young (comparatively) in this game of life, but damn– I MUST be getting old when not kissing on a first date is viewed as “too picky’!  SMMFH (that’s new and stands for;’ shakin’ my mutha fvckin head’– a brand new acronym for the “blog-speak“…)  Damn shame, I tell ya’……..

You can listen to Chili’s radio interview here , the second link on that site (if you haven’t already heard it).  Speak on this one fellow people… let me know if me and Chili (Rozonda) are prudish…

Hey– for shits and giggles (if you will)… remember this jam that she recorded?: … it wasn’t all about the superficial things…

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10 thoughts on ““What Chili Wants”: A commentary on her radio interview…

  1. Got to co-sign this post, especially the statement ‘our young people today are terribly confused by the two words; “standards” vs. “picky”’. Preach! Preach!

    There’s nothing left to say when you’ve put it all out! great post.

  2. Hey YOY!!! I have always been a huge Chili fan from back in the TLC days. Here, she does not disappoint. She comes across as a truly mature person who has her preferences (which all by the way, make complete sense to me). The N-Word, while I’m not trying to condemn people who still use it, has a long ugly history and no matter how much we try to convince ourselves that we have somehow changed the meaning, I really think we are kidding ourselves there. Maybe we have changed it somewhat for ourselves, but not for people outside of our culture. It is still used by others in the worst possible way. People were spitting on Black congressmen a few months back and calling them “Nigger” over the healthcare reform. Crazy. What decade is this?

    I think also we are losing some feminist ground. Not sure why that is happening, but I am disturbed by it.

    Each one gotta teach one.

    • I’m so glad you like this one, MIP! I’m actually tempted to watch one of her shows because she sounded so together in the interview. I’m feeling you with each statement too. BUT the n-word… I insist that my friends who do use the word, not use it around me. I think that was one of the biggest mistakes we’ve made. Peoples’ argument is that we tried to turn the word into something positive and I understand the concept, but the way to make it positive is to positively eliminate it (IMO). I can’t help but to think of our ancestors every single time I hear that word (I mean every time).

      I hear what you’re saying on the recent claim that it was yelled to a Congressmen, but I did see a clip where someone actually took the time to analyze the footage and I’m not sure that it actually happened the way it’s been portrayed. I’m beginning to wonder if that is an attempt to further divide and create racial tension. All the cameras and cellphone video that day, but that word itself wasn’t actually captured… hmmm. I do believe there are a some in that group are ‘loose cannons’ (like any other group) but I also think is media spinning half truths… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dzRC8d4n-s&feature=related, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pvt7_b9Th04&feature=related John Lewis may have actually been the instigator in this (for whatever reason).

      And right on with “Each one gotta teach one”!

      • Thank you so much for the youtube referral. We do need to be careful because media spinning can get out of control.

        However, we know that Caucasians still use the word and most often not to say they love us, unless they are trying to be “down”.


      • Hi MIP!

        “However, we know that Caucasians still use the word and most often not to say they love us, unless they are trying to be “down”.”… I’m of the thought that this is truly because of us (people of colour). They’d never feel that way if we didn’t ‘give’ permission by using the word so casually amongst ourselves. When we are faced with hardcore racism and that word is used, suddenly we want to get into the fist-o-cuffs. That’s the kind of fail I’m been trying to talk about amongst my friends, you know? (Goodness– I’m LOVING the dialogue, I hope others will join in on the discussion too, one day). 🙂

        Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend so far! Peace.

  3. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

    Christian, iwspo.net

    • Hi Christian! Thanks so much for the kind words! That means a lot. And anyone from NL is cool beans in my book! (Hope you noted the photo on my front page– winks and hugs).

      I’ll do my best to keep this site true to the vision.

      Peace, my friend!

  4. We are coming in to a new world order of living, thinking and very soon being once people totally get naive enough and once the media has dump us down enough and for anyone who wants to say connected to old values and traditions living God’s way will being much persecution on you. It like you are going to have to have your own money, way of living and much land to maintain and old type of normacy other then that and if you depend on a lot of assistance for your life style then you will have to follow the new rules and regualtions. My eyes are really starting to open so I need to use these next 10-20 years to really matter in my life and world, I swear GOd’s words and perables are really starting to make more since to me then ever.

    Now on Morgan Freeman and his grand daughter have a relationship that mess really freaked me out and showed me how no one in Hollywood is nothing like they seem.. I really liked him and all of his movies but this man has not learned chit in life but much selfishness.. I mean out of all of the movies that he has filmed playing the good guys this dirty old man already has hit 70 and he is acting like this and then it makes me think about dysfunctional his family must be to not protect this child who is his first wife grand child who he cheated on constantly. It really shows me how people can go though a whole life time and not invest in the rights types of messages or information and as long as they have money they feels that they have everything.. I mean is this what money does to people or is it that once people get money they close there minds and heart to everything else?

    • RE: Para 1: “once the media has dump us down enough”, you see, I think they now have us there. The time to escalate things could easily be now instead of 10 years down the road. That’s my concern, you know? I’m glad your eyes are opening. It’s alot to discover and even comprehend but be glad you’re ahead in this because at least your becoming aware compared to others around you.

      RE: Para 2: And Morgan Freeman is a pedophile! She might be 27 and him 70+, but that’s still a dirty old azz man getting it on with a child! And after a certain age, men just start to look pathetic with ‘children’ in their 20’s. It’s like; GROW UP ALREADY! For some reason they seem to think this is hip, to me it makes them look desperate. “I mean is this what money does to people or is it that once people get money they close there minds and heart to everything else?”… hmm, good question?………

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