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Knock, knock. Who’s there? A U.S. Census taker. Yikes–RUN!!!

This sick guy has confirmed why you shouldn’t open the door when ‘they’ come knocking…

And over this past Mother’s Day weekend, this awful event occurred when a person posed as a U.S. Census worker…

Now, let me be clear, if you want to participate in those one-on-one ‘interviews’, please do so.  I am in no way discouraging anyone from participating but exercise extreme caution.  The bad guys are using this window of opportunity to do very bad things.  While the U.S. Census maintains they do background checks and finger printing– I doubt very seriously if everyone has been vetted.  If your gut indicates something unsettling– I say go with your gut!

4 thoughts on “Knock, knock. Who’s there? A U.S. Census taker. Yikes–RUN!!!

  1. See that’s why Folk don’t answer the d@mned door in the first gawt d@mned place. Mailed that fvcking census bullshyt back long time ago to ensure no fvcker was going to even think about coming up in Folkville.

    D@mned… This is some tragic shyt.

    • Hi Folk! Welcome to the family, man!

      (hahaha) You know you are too damn funny– Folkville! LOL!!! I answer my door with registered gun in hand. These sick bastards need to fry in hell. I think the door to door thing is unsafe for the public and for the workers cuz a worker could knock on Hannibal Lector’s door never to be seen again. Too many people have sick minds these days.

      I’m so glad you stopped by, man. Made a sister feel all honored and shyt! 🙂

  2. I had a census working come to my house the other day and I can say that is it just creepy and scary I don’t think that I would even want that door to door kind of job myself. Who wants to give there personal information to a stranger maybe I should have just turned the form in but I am not feeling that chit. They lay so much and I am not trying to fit that agenda first it was voluntary information and now it’s mandatory.

    • The census is voluntary– I liken it to “rounding us up”, if you will. And I’m sure that was a very creepy feeling for you too. Giving out personal info to a stranger with a photoshop ‘badge’ is a complete joke. When has our government ever been thorough about anything they do? It’s laughable, you know?

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