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Sometimes, there are no words. Here’s a peak at how votes are made even though it is illegal…

If you ever wondered if there are two sets of ‘laws’, well… this will make you pour a stiff drink!  Everyday citizens  have one set of rules and laws that are strictly enforced but people in politics, hey… rules and laws are made to be broken and they do just that!  Peep this insanity that has gone unpunished:

I just love how many of the lawmakers are not even present to vote!!  Just note the many empty seats– those seats should have people in them (to cast their own vote).  SMH.  Thanks Clint for this clip.

9 thoughts on “Sometimes, there are no words. Here’s a peak at how votes are made even though it is illegal…

  1. What’s up! Saw you on Folks site and came to visit (that’s how the system works… LOL). This is the craziest thing I’ve seen, and I have dabbled in and out of politics for 25 years. There is no way they will make this national news… too many people using the system like this.

    • Hi Dwane and welcome!! (Folk has a very cool site by the way, dude has a way with words that exceptional IMO.)

      “I have dabbled in and out of politics for 25 years”… really? So maybe you can testified that our political system is too broken to be repaired, we have to start from scratch. It has become such a joke that even Stevie Wonder can see how bad it is.

      I’ve been bashing media but the truth is, local media can be more helpful than mainstream. Local media can still have a bit more integrity. And those poor misguided fools who watch shows like Fox News Network– it breaks my heart that they’ve been ‘swept away’ so easily by ‘opinionated news programming’. This clip is definitely an eye opener that’s for sure!

      • I use to want to be a politician because I really think that I can help but I think those days of trying to help the people are becoming dead… Too many corrupt people are already there and they are holding on tightly just like they own all of the media outlets in this county.. Everything that they want us to here and see are already out in the airwaves.. At this point it is just the battles of the minds of the weak and the strong and on those who will not allow there mental to be molested by healthy images… I think that many of us would serve as better politician if we were giving the change… We definitely need more of God people in higher places and spaces to turn any of this around…

  2. Well I have been really strong on voting even thought in my young life I might have only did it like 3 times and only for the presidential elections.. Now I am rethinking my thought on voting.. Through the presidential elections of Obama I have learned a lot more and it seems that the presidential candidate is selection far beyond the time that the people get a chance to vote.. It like you will never be a presidential candidate unless they already feel like you are going to fit there agenda first.. I would rather not be deceived like this voting for a person who is already preselected.. From what I am starting to understand many of the counsel that is selection from congress have no real power unless they already own a huge corporation especially a banking corporation because they are the real people setting up all the new laws and rules and all of the old laws get disrespected and are only for the people to follow… Many corporations have found a way to maneuver there way through the constitution by labeling themselves as a person and not a corporation because the laws were made to protect the people us the mainstream audience not the businesses…So in conclusion it makes a lot of sense to me…

    • Yes, you have it right… we were bought and sold and long time ago. 1 documentary I highly recommend that everyone watch:

      1) Hacking Democracy: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7926958774822130737#

      and this film that aired on HBO called “Recount”, here’s the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=recount+movie+trailer&aq=2

      The film on HBO breaks down and re-caps what happened during the 2000 election, you know when we didn’t have a president for 32 days? Two eye opening pieces of work. Our ‘candidates’ have been hand picked for quite sometime. Our government is nothing but a corporate ruse, sadly.

      I think it’s admirable to want to go into politics but it’s a system that is broken (completely broken). The only solution is a complete overhaul. A good person with good intentions will either be blocked from changing things or will become corrupt himself. That’s just how it is, unfortunately.

      • You should watch this movie called a love story called Capitalism very good film… They are always screaming against Socialism because socialism is the complete opposite of capitalism and it is nothing like communism either… You have all of these people speaking against socialism when they have no clue what it is… Jesus to me was more of a socialism kind of guy because he was all about helping everyone who needed to be helped or an even better word he was about Kingdom living.. When Obama first came to office everyone was so against this word but I was like I am not going to be against a process that I have no knowledge about so I start to do my research and at the end I did not see nothing wrong with it at all… All it will really do is flip the script making the rich have to pay or make it more far for the poor where they will no longer be the monopoly… It will always change a lot of these cold hearts out here and make us all more human again understanding the pain and the struggles of others and not just self. Now I see what the scripture in the Bible mean when it says it is harder for a rich man to get throw the needle of the eye of a camel which was a very low bridge opening that a camel had to get down on its knees to get through…

      • I thought Capitalism was great film too. People should also check out “Sicko” too. And you’re right about people spouting ‘socialism’ without understand it’s meaning. People love to regurgitate what they hear instead of doing research. Oh yeah— that requires not watching American Idol and Dancing with the Stars or playing video games and reading! lol!

        Slight sidebar:

        We’ve allowed ourselves to become boxed into a corner and the clock is ticking. It really is time for people to start waking up. It’s not to say you can’t have fun and enjoy life, but things are about to get real deep. I’ve said this among my friends, but I anticipate some event on or near the scale of 9/11 before the summer ends. I said in Oct 2009 that a staged event would take place before that year ended and lo and behold the “Xmas bomber”. Here’s an fyi for you– TSA has arrested over 1,100 people between 2004 and 2008… none of these arrests made involved terrorist although 16 ‘actual’ terrorists have passed through airports in the U.S. That’s crazy!!! http://allgov.com/Top_Stories/ViewNews/16_Terror_Suspects_Slipped_Through_Airport_Security_in_US_100523

  3. Yay50 and anyone else who might be interested, thanks for the Google site but when I was on there I also seen a lot of other information that also caught my attention… Check this info also on the same internet page/site that you gave out: Are Vaccines Safe and the Vaccination the Hidden Truth because I do not trust these pharmaceutical companies either when it comes to the safely of our children or even when it comes to ourselves. One of these clip that lady is taking about having independently pharmaceutical companies over government funding pharmaceutical companies which are really the only ones out there right now. She also states how there are right now 15 states within the US where people fought to have control and rights over there children and the kinds of medicine and shoot that they are required to take.. I really do not think that a parent should be forced to make there children take vaccines if they don’t trust them.. I am not the type of person that will just trust you because you are in uniform or have a medical license that is really not a good enough reason for me to extent my trust to you.. I don’t take medicine for everything and I am surely am not just going to the doctors because of all these commercials and advertisement that I see on TV because they so want us to attach ourselves and minds to these products emotionally and addictively.

    • I’ve definitely covered the vaccine topic several times here. I’ve even pointed people in the direction to fill out an exempt form (in the states that offer them). Hopefully, people will start to resist them all together. I posted 1 part of a documentary called “Vaccine Nation”. It’s soooo deep! Somehow, a mother who’s child became autistic after a vaccination, managed to get actual documentation from a conference with the CDC and the minutes exposed how people at the CDC were able to pick and chose which vaccines they’d give their children vs. the general population. Insane and pure evil! You have to check it out when you have some time: https://yoy50.wordpress.com/2009/10/11/nsfw-maybe-the-appoach-has-been-wrong/.

      And don’t get me started on the pharmas– I’m shocked that we’re being inundated with so much advertising. That wasn’t the case a long time ago. In fact, I believe some deregulation must have taken place in order for this ‘assault’ happen…

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