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73 yr. old grandmother slaps mouthy granddaughter and gets arrested. WTF?!

Since when can’t we discipline our children?  18 is not an adult and never has been one no matter what anyone tries to tell me.  When these undisciplined children become violent, suddenly everyone is SURPRISED.  SMH out this major FAIL!

8 thoughts on “73 yr. old grandmother slaps mouthy granddaughter and gets arrested. WTF?!

  1. Since many states passed a law that we can’t. And, maybe it’s time for us to stop hitting our kids anyway. I know this is an unpopular view for some. However, studies show that disciplining with hitting increases aggressiveness (now do we really need that?) AND is associated with low IQ!

    There are many other ways to discipline children.

    • Hi there. I agree that there other ways to discipline children but I was raised the old fashioned way and a spanking never caused long term damage to me or my siblings– Prov 22:15: “Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.”

      And the research you’ve mentioned is new news to me. I think research is important but sometimes research is made with hidden agendas, example; let’s give our children synthetic drugs to stabilize their behavior (pharma companies stand to make lots of revenue if they can keep us convinced that drugs are the answer– and research plays it’s role in the deception). Suddenly, we have all of these children with “ADD” or “ADHD” (which didn’t exists 50-60 years ago) in the sort of numbers that now exists. An energetic child who’s probably very creative and only needs to find the right tools to channel that energy is now given a drugs instead. I’m afraid I side with the grandmother in this story. I did see an update on this case and the D.A. has dropped all pending charges against this grandma.

      One area where parents of all races are failing, I hear too many parents say ‘I want to give my child everything I didn’t have as a child’ and when any child doesn’t have to earn rewards, we are spoiling them to a point where they are not prepared as adults. The result, that mouthy granddaughter who basically had a temper tantrum because she couldn’t get her way. I actually have a friend in her forties (yes, she’s in her 40’s) that still acts like a child with her parents. When this person finds themselves in a tight spot that they created, this person acts out like a child towards her parents. She’s never outgrown that spoiled behavior. Interestingly, one of her parents recently admitted to the fact that they spoiled this person and are now seeing the error of their ways. I don’t condone abusing children, but a spanking and a time out does have its benefits… well, that’s my 2 cents. 😉

  2. Hey Back. Kids absolutely need limit setting. But a “rod” does not always have to be our hands or a belt. It can be time outs and other consequences. I think “rod” means discipline. I think it takes more effort and creativity on the parts of the parents not to hit. No doubt, hitting works, and it usually works fast. But even though no research tells 100% of the story, would you want to take the chance of creating ill-effects for your child?

    I think it is so hard for us to imagine not hitting because it was done to us. But, we have a chance to really think about what we are doing here. Unfortunately, I think, when we hit we are sending the kids a message that the way to solve problems is by hitting.

    • Hi there lady! Good points and well received!

      I guess the point I’m trying to make is; no, we really shouldn’t have to spank our children but sometimes it can be necessary (‘it hurts me more than it probably hurt them’). I’ve used the time out method (when they are little). I’ve grounded them for a week or more depending on their infractions once they become teenagers. I simply think there can be a balance and if we as parents discern when and when not to, we end up creating “adults” who are better prepared for the world. (A NOTE FOR OTHER READERS OF THIS POST.. IT IS NOT OKAY TO PHYSICALLY ABUSE CHILDREN– I’M A FIRM BELIEVER OF THAT)

      My reference to an ‘ADD’ child (for example) was a friend who had a child that was “diagnosed” when he was little. She preferred ‘the belt’, but I saw something else in her “overly energetic child who was rambunctious in nature”. To this very day (he’s in his 20’s now), she’s still amazed at how differently he behaved when I was around vs. her. My method… I got on eye level and talked to him as if he was a young man and somehow, he responded to that so I agree, it takes more effort not to revert to ‘the belt’. (I’m a firm believer that kids are more aware than we give them credit.) So I do think we agree– other methods can be used effectively. But as that poem goes; “spare the rod, spoil the child”. Some think that’s from biblical text but it was actually from a poem in the 16th or 17th century (if I’m not mistaken).

      Loving the debate (by the way)! This is the kind a dialogue I’ve longed for on this blog!!!! YOU ROCK so keep it coming. 😉

    • See, that’s what I’M SAYING! Granny knows best! Love for all the grandmas out there too! 😉 “Spare the rod, spoil the child”…

  3. As I watched the video, I was a little sad over how the granny was crying & surprised that the granddaughter felt remorse on arresting her. But like the police say, rules are rules. I think the cops were in the RIGHT for arresting granny. Why?

    1)Just because Grandma is old doesn’t mean she gets a free pass when it comes to the law. She has to follow the law just like everybody else. All four of my grandparents are dead (two I’ll never meet), but if they ever slapped me in the face for any reason (@ 25), I’d have them arrested too. They had 18 years to enjoy doing that. But after I turned 18 in 2003, you hit me and you go to jail.

    2) Granddaughter is 18YEARS OLD! She’s not a minor anymore. She can’t buy alcohol in this country, but she IS an adult! If an adult hits another adult, they (the victim) has the right to call police. If this was her boyfriend that slapped her instead of Granny, then most of y’all would slam the boyfriend. But heaven forbid she (an ADULT) press charges on Granny for slapping her. The only way Granny would be in the right for hitting her (in my eyes) is if she was 17 or younger.

    3) I’m fully aware at how rude many kids (not all) are today. But it’s not always the kid’s fault. If you look at a lot of the rude adults that are around them, then you’ll see why the kids are that way too. If Granny was as mouthy and rude as the granddaughter, then she has nobody do blame but herself if granddaughter ended up like that.

    • Hi Jamie and welcome to our lil’ family! So glad you stopped by and took the time to write a rebuttal… (I’m loving that by the way) 🙂

      You know… I hear all of your points and they are well received too (honestly, they REALLY ARE). But here’s my thing… 18 is STILL a “teen”ager. Yes, we’re told that we are adults at 18 BUT if that’s really the case, why can’t 18 year olds legal consume alcohol? It’s an oxymoron that’s been fed to us and has never made sense to me.

      I’ve never been slapped in the face by a guardian (parent, grand parents, etc) BUT I’d bet dollars to donuts that this 18 year old still leans on her parent and that grandma for financial aid. Most teens go to college and guess who funds that bill? Parents and even grandparents. That’s not grown, in my opinion. You see, to me, true adulthood doesn’t start to begin until we are at LEAST 21. I don’t agree that teenagers should be able to drive (for example) without an adult present either– a 4-6 weeks drivers course is not enough to make me feel safe on the road. (I actually started driving when I was 12 with my father– by the time I got my permit, I had 4 years on the road under my belt). And I absolutely didn’t feel like an ‘adult’ at 18 either. Yes, I was pretty mature, but was ready for real responsibility at 18? HECK NO!

      It’s painfully obvious that the “adults” in this granddaughter’s life FAILED in major ways as indicated by this child slapping her grandmother because as the elder who’s lived though much more than her daughter and even that granddaughter– granny should be have been given respect (verbally and physically) on G.P. alone. Let’s just think about what life was like 60 years ago (the grandma is 73)…

      And I LOVE kids, little munchkins is what I call them. I love teenagers too but TEEN is the operative word in that sentence. And laws… laws, don’t get me started on laws (hahaha). Peep this on LAWS/rules: https://yoy50.wordpress.com/2010/05/07/sometimes-there-are-no-words-heres-a-peak-at-how-votes-are-made-even-though-it-is-illegal/ (completely unrelated– but laws are made to be broken and they broken by the very people who make them).

      I do agree with you in one area– no one should EVER strike another, that shit ain’t cool and never gets a pass in my mind– but in family matters, yes “spare the rod, spoil the child”. A parent and even grandparent has a right to discipline their kin folks! An FYI– the D.A. dropped ALL pending charges in this case. My guess– the D.A. agreed– this is a FAMILY MATTER. Cops handcuffing a 73 year old (tiny azz non-threating) grandmother is a FAIL (a major fail) in my mind.

      Hey, Jamie, I love the challenge in thought so I hope you come back again soon. Talking through different points of view does lead to answers is my philosophy. 😉


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