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No threat from smoking suitcase at Houston airport. Really?! So why ‘broadcast’ this?!

This is exactly how placing fear in the public works…

HOUSTON — Police say a ruptured, smoking suitcase found on an international flight in Houston posed no threat and that damage to the bag was caused by an external heat source.  Officials say luggage was being taken off a KLM flight that had arrived at George Bush Intercontinental Airport from Amsterdam on Tuesday when a baggage handler found a suitcase that appeared to have smoke coming from it.  The handler carried the bag away from the plane and terminal and called emergency crews.  Houston Police spokesman Victor Senties (sehn-TEE’-yehs) says investigators and bomb squad members determined the suitcase was damaged by an external heat source, not any contents. He says there were no arrests.  Airport spokeswoman Marlene McClinton says there was no disruption to airport operations.  SOURCE: Associated Press.com

Why even make this a story if it was determined that there was an external source?  This is fear mongering, folks.  This non-incident and ‘investigation’ could have remained internal.  Now, I’m not saying that some threats don’t exists but what I am saying is that this story is NOT newsworthy but in fact a lame attempt to keep the public in fear and keep us conditioned to do whatever government tells us “for our safety”.  And how ‘convenient’ that this piece of luggage came from the very same location as the supposed ‘Xmas Bomber’?  This ‘report’ is essentially about some  poor schlep who’s luggage was lost and damaged by either the airport or airline carrier.  Nothing more or less. To quote Jon Stewart from the Daily Show:  “Why is media so bad at telling us things we don’t need to know but are so good at not telling us the things we need to know?”  Pathetic.

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