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“The World: In Black and White”: the radio show

Hello all!  Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend so far… I wanted to inform you that the radio blogcast did happen Friday night and although I personally was a bit nervous at first, as I imagined, this is going to be a cool show.  Neither of  us have used blogtalk before so there are … Continue reading

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“What Chili Wants”. An update and a poll for you guys…

Well… after receiving some comments here on this topic (mainly from MIP or better known as makeitplainonline.com— a cool blog by the way), I did check out her ‘reality’ show– curiosty got the best of me because who didn’t like T-Boz, Left Eye and Chili from TLC?  :).   I viewed (in some parts) what … Continue reading

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Facebook founder called trusting users dumb f*cks

Finally, some verbiage that backs up my concerns why people shouldn’t be using Facebook!  I saw this video clip last year that broke down how Facebook is gathering our personal data and sharing this private information and who they are sharing this with: I was recently encouraged to post the clip but declined because even … Continue reading