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Black and Missing (don’t forget)…

This is a friendly reminder for you guys to click on Black and Missing periodically when you stop by.  It’s under our blogroll.  Below is Chioma Gray and she’s been missing since she was 14– she’s now 18.  If you know her whereabouts or have any information, please contact the anonymous tip line at (805) 844-5045.  Here’s an interesting piece of information to keep in mind:

In 2008, missing persons under the age of 18 accounted for 614,925 cases. Black children made up of 211,921 (34%) compared with just 25,333 (4%) of whites (including Hispanics).

Clearly mainstream media is not doing their part so it’s up to us. Remember… Black and Missing only works if we utilize it.

2 thoughts on “Black and Missing (don’t forget)…

  1. Unfortunately, the only media that does not cover many missing black victims is CNN, yet they remain on the airways. 😦

    • I know… it’s a real shame!

      I recently noticed that there were minimal hits on that link and wanted to remind people that we also have this tool to utilize.

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