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The Washington Post Mistakes Barack Obama For Malcolm X. Yeah, sure they did…

We love it when newspapers put the wrong picture with a headline. But this one is just ridiculous. It’s the President. You may have seen him before. You know who he’s not? Malcolm X. And while it would certainly be newsworthy if the deceased civil rights activist was interested in Iowa’s wind energy, our bet is he’s got other things on his mind. (via The Daily WhatSOURCE: Huffingtonpost.com

This was completely intentional. There is no way that anyone in their right mind should believe an alternate explanation. The ‘timing’ is pretty amazing when you consider that Thomas Hagan (one of the men involved in Malcolm’s assassination) was recently released.  Why would they do this?  Who knows other than they are racists, plain and simple.  Post-racial america my azz.

6 thoughts on “The Washington Post Mistakes Barack Obama For Malcolm X. Yeah, sure they did…

  1. I saw this image on another site and I agree that this was intentional! Absolutely no doubt in my mind!!! The disturbing thing about racism; no one knows why they feel that way but they remain convicted by their belief. SAD AND TRAGIC.

    • Sad and tragic is right! I agree with you, absolutely no one knows why racism has existed but so many are terribly convicted by what they’ve be TAUGHT! Such a waste.

  2. Honest mistake? I think not. Obama and Malcolm X’s images are so distinct, there is no way anyone should get them confused. SMDH. And racism is very alive and anyone who thinks different is living in denial. That is something that will never die. Majority of the times we just tolerate other races, but that doesn’t mean that we necessarily like them. But racism is just hatred and that is something that I believe (many may differ) has to be taught. Just like how I don’t believe you can be born gay, I don’t think you can be born a racist. It’s learned. Okay, so let me stop before I end up writing a looooong essay lol. LOVE your site! Keep up the good work!


      Kingston! First I have to say, please don’t edit your thoughts here. We’re not just about discussing issues, we’re actually attempting to find solutions. Restricting the length of any responses or comments is not encouraged. EXPRESS YOURSELF(S) to the fullest! 🙂

      And I’m glad to see you agree that there is no way in hell that this was an ‘oversight’, ‘over-step’, or an ‘I miss-spoke”. No room for MSM ‘spins’ because this was INTENTIONAL! And this is not ‘pulling the race card’, this is a clear example of BLATANT racism. If there’s a debate on whether people are born or taught to be racists, well, they’re wasting their research dollars. Clearly we teach our children this. A simple proof in the pudding; check out a daycare with children age ranges from 6 mos to 3 years and observe how they innately interact with one another. Those young souls aren’t playing with or touching another ‘child soul’, selectively. Everyone is included because THAT’s what comes naturally. Racism is man-made and the most effective tool for divide and conquer…

      I now understand why “History” was given its’ name… because it’s His story!

      P.S. Thanks for the KUDOS– I appreciate it! ;))

  3. Agreed, to the fullest. There is absolutely no way in the world that a news outlet doesn’t realize that is Malcolm X. It’s sad, the amount of blatant racism that continues to exist in a supposed post-racial America.

    I guess this will help me to always remember that not everyone voted for Barack Obama nor do they share his political views.

    I have to believe that since Obama is the President … it will only get worse.

    I am not sure what to say about the man who was finally freed (he had already been somewhat free) after murdering Malcolm X in cold blood. Doesn’t seem likely that he should die in prison yet it doesn’t appear likely that he shouldn’t have received life without the possibility of parole.

    I don’t know. Just my two cents.

    • Hi Don!

      I’ve gotta’ correct one thing… there will never be a ‘post-racial america’ (unfortunately). Racism has been woven into the fabric of this country from the start. And you’re absolutely right ‘with Obama as President it will only get worse’ because it has. His election has released the ‘dirty bomb’ called racism. For kicks and giggles, do you remember this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODaxZSz3Awg

      And the Washington Post knew damn well what they were doing. Two things they can’t spin; #1) have you ever seen Obama in reading glasses? No. #2) have we ever seen Obama in a black & white photo? No. The Managing Editor should be terminated IMO.

      I actually think Thomas Hagen should have received life for assassinating Malcolm. I ask myself, who has replaced Malcolm as a black leader since his death? I can’t think of one person who had the same impact that Malcolm had on the black and even white community. His death was such a tremendous loss (to me). I actually favored Malcolm over MLK too. Malcolm never cheated on his wife but MLK had his fair share of “church groupies”. It wasn’t like he didn’t commit to the ‘movement’ but, a cheating ‘man of the cloth’ can’t be overlooked IMHO.

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