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POLICE want the power to order dangerous suspects to be injected with a sedative.

They claim this would help them deal with people suffering from Excited Delirium Syndrome, a condition said to give victims very high levels of strength and aggression.  Allowing paramedics to sedate such people could reduce deaths in custody, the Police Federation believes.  Only doctors or other medics can currently decide who is given drugs and officers cannot restrain anyone while a sedative is administered.  Helen Shaw from Inquest, a group for families who have lost loved ones in custody-related deaths, said: “These proposals are dangerous, particularly if the medication triggers a bad reaction.”  SOURCE:

SMH. This is probably one of the worst idea I’ve ever heard.  How do they determine who has Excited Delirium Syndrome?  Can you imagine the abuse?


  1. Oboy, what genius thought this one up? So many things can go wrong with this!

    Listening: Alabama Blues by Bukka White

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