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6 thoughts on “Freudian ‘slip’ or a straight up ADMISSION? You decide…

  1. Interesting post! When did this happen? What year was it that this video came to light? Seems dated and the video/audio is off a bit but still, I cannot deny what was said in this clip. “As I stepped back for a clear shot”. Well, that admission broke me down a bit as a black man. MLK was my inspiration for a long time. btw– that person speaking looks like Dick Gregory. I may be out of touch but I actually thought Dick Gregory died in the late 90’s. Did he?

    “Would you believe something you heard even though it seems unbelievable?” Good lead-in but I’d say no to that question. Seeing is believing is the person I am.

    • Hi Frank. Yes, it’s Dick Gregory who’s speaking and he’s still very much alive. The clip on youtube says the video was uploaded on 12/25/09 but you know how youtube has become. They take down the heavy stuff and leave the garbage in tact so this video could have been uploaded several times before the 25th. I actually don’t think that’s as relevant as the content it contains, you know? The ‘admission’ is clear and caught on tape, you dig?

      You liked the ‘lead in’ to the story, you heard what the clip revealed so now that you’ve seen and heard, do you believe? (smiles)

  2. I wasn’t alive during MLK’s life but I liked his message of peace. I’m shocked to my core while viewing this clip. For other readers– the smoking gun comes at the apprx 4:43 in the clip! You must watch this whenever you can! History is now known as “HIS”-story. Lies upon lies is our current state of affairs.

    A question for Why O Why. What happened in the outcome with his revealing statement? Was the King family awarded in their lawsuit? I plan to foward this clip to friends and family so let us know when you can. Interesting post so thanks for sharing.

    • Hi h.l.! As far as I know they won a wrongful death lawsuit claim some time back. My point for putting this clip up was to show people that conspiracies are committed. They’ve been committed in the past (just they are now) and probably will remain in the future. I also wanted to show how some of our ‘black leaders/role models’ can play their role in these deceptions. It was a ‘food for thought’ for anyone who doubts that conspiracies (or their theories) are real. By all means, share it with as many as you like. (smiles).


  3. Shocked and disgusted is a feeling I try not to have for my black family,however after hearing this admission I can honestly say the slave master did a good job in teaching some of us how to betray each other in the worst way. Even if the betrayal cost a human life. The saddest thing to hear is a man who calls himself a servant of God admit he had a hand in the killing of one of Gods gift. What I want to know is this Judas reaction to his slip of the tongue. Please inform. I really enjoy reading knowledge keep it up I will return everyday and plan on sharing this with everyone I know…..

    • It does make me want to shed some tears. And you are so right about how we were taught and clearly accepted, betraying one another. It was really something to witness how his subconscious kicked in…

      Once it was recognized what he admitted to, MSNBC removed the clip that’s why the video in the presentation was shown from a home video tape version. The King family (Coretta) did win their wrongful death lawsuit too against a guy who claimed to have arranged MLK’s death.

      If you click on the video (while it’s playing), there are 2 other parts to watch… it’s an interesting watch that’s for sure! You won’t find it on any MSM.

      And thanks again for the kind words and encouragement too! You got a sister blushing ‘n shit! LOL!

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