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Rape-aXe! Rape is met with “axe like” action (for our protection)!

Rape-aXe is a flexible polyurethane condom-like tube that fits into the woman’s body. Rows of jagged plastic hooks line the inside of the tube — bent backward like teeth in a shark’s mouth — and lodge in a perpetrator’s penis upon entry. The perpetrator can withdraw from the woman, but the Rape-aXe remains clamped on. Trying to pull it off will cause discomfort.

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I have to admit that this would be one way to deter rape.


4 thoughts on “Rape-aXe! Rape is met with “axe like” action (for our protection)!

  1. OUCH!

    A deterrence? Maybe. But what about the leakage of bodily fluids? Isn’t that a new set of issues? Are manufactures discussing that aspect? Proper condom use remains about 98% effective for pregnancy and STD’s. The remaining 2% fallacy is based in improper uses or breakage, which definitely happens. What happens when and if condoms rip in the slightest bit?

    I like the potential of something like this being available on the market one day but there are a few “what ifs” that linger in my mind. I’m just speaking my thoughts.


    Can’t men stop raping women and children on their own? THAT’S SOMETHING I’D LIKE TO KNOW.

  2. Wow! I think I like this concept but I’m not sure. Would it be something that we would always wear (like when we are asleep in our homes?)

    I guess I’m with the previous commenter. I wish men would simply stop raping women and children. It’s such a horrible act.

    • I’m trying to find more info on the Rape-aXe. It looks like bodily fluids will be contained as a condom would (and will the guy even be persistent enough after having a sea-urchin on his phallus to ejaculate?) including blood which some articles I read say wouldn’t be drawn but the main website for Rape-aXe says there will “hardly be blood”. The pictures I found make it look more durable than a normal condom. I can’t figure out what it’s made out of, however. In the global post article it says polyurethane at one point and latex at another. >.>

      As for wearing it all the time I’m thinking no. I’m thinking a woman would want to insert it prior to higher risk situations like going clubbing or walking home at night.

      The info I’ve gathered on my own blog:

      • Hi PenguinJim– thanks for weighing in on this. I’ve been very curious about the fluids that could possibly be passed. I think I like the concept– it’s intended use is for the many women in Africa and the Congo where rape has become commonplace.

        I hope we will never have to resort to that in the u.s. though. And wearing it at night may make for a bad nights sleep (smiles). I’m going to check out your info on the subject. I’ve been hoping to see more updated information on this product so thanks for sharing.


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