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Update on 7 year old that was gang-raped: Two images of the creeps involved.

For those who are unaware, last Sunday (see the story here: 7 Year Old Gang Raped ), a 7 year old girl was sold to several boys for sex by her 15 year old step sister.  We at Why O’  Why want to make sure their images are spread across the web.  Today, I received an email that indicates 5 of these animals have now been arrested.

Timear Lewis, 19 (picture Courtesy of ABC News)

Gregory Joseph Leary, 20 (picture Courtesy of CBS News)

Three others (ages 13, 14 and 17) have also been charged but because of their ages their identities are being withheld.  We hope they are all charged as adults in this case along with the step sister that sold the 7 year old.  This is such an atrocity and heartbreaking for that little girl.  We hope justice comes swiftly and severely for all involved.  May God have mercy on their souls.

I want to include a bit of commentary… I feel this incident can possibly be directly related to the music and images in rap music we allow our children to hear.  I personally feel this is what songs like “It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none”, “Tipdrill” along with others have done to our youth.  (NOTE: THERE ARE VIDEO GAMES WHICH CAN BE DOWNLOADED ON THE INTERNET THAT DEPICT WOMEN BEING RAPED TOO.  Why O Why may address that issue at a later date).

Our young men have come to view women and girls as objects to disrespect and abuse because this hyper masculine attitude has become so pervasive within rap music which spawn from the gansta rap mentality.  I blame the parents of these creeps of course, but I also hold this awful music we adults allow our children to hear, responsible too.  And I don’t want to only single out our young men because some young women and young girls identify with this music as well.  Case in point; this 15 year old girl (the step sister) who had the mindset to sell herself and her 7 year old sister for sex in the first place.  Shame on our society for having a hand in creating these monsters.  Let us know your thoughts and discuss.  Thanks.


6 thoughts on “Update on 7 year old that was gang-raped: Two images of the creeps involved.

  1. Hi SunnyC

    When I read about this, I have to agree, I felt that our society has a hand in this as well. Rap music started out so positive but now it’s become an embarrassment to our race but it has such an influence over it’s audience. Of course we don’t know for sure all the details of this awful incident, but it’s not an assumption that is so far fetched. We are allowing music and television to raise our children and no good can ever come from that.

    p.s. I was wondering when you’d find the time to post for Jazz. Good job.

  2. First, it is very sad that this child was raped. I’m still trying to read the various websites and blogs on what happened to her. Rape is a tragic thing that unfortunately remains in existence.

    Interesting commentary. I’ve never thought about this from that perspective. Interesting.

  3. As much as I don’t like to admit this I think there might be something to the commentary.

    I know that when I was in college some unsavory activity did take place on campus. I attended the same prominent HBCU that my father attended. He left with high honors as a student and a man. I’m not proud of the fact that I did not intervene at the time when things “went left” at a frat party. Yes, there were a few times I did look the other way. I am now a father of 2 young daughters. I regret those choices.

    For the record, my name is not Rodney. I’m talking frankly on this subject over the internet because I’m actually ashamed of the behavior I allowed to happen along with what I know a lot of brothers participated in. We called it “wilding” at the time and mostly blamed our behavior on the women on campus.

    My heart aches for all women who experience this abuse. That realization hit me when my first daughter was born 12 years ago. It’s odd to explain. I don’t ever want my daughters to experience what that 7 years old girl went through and I certainly don’t want them to endure this during their college years. Every woman and woman child should be free ‘to be’.

    Thanks for finding pictures of these “animals” (as phrased in the post).

    • Hi “Rodney”! I’m so glad to see a man chime in on this topic. I’m also glad to see a man come clean on the mentality “wilding”. It’s a real problem and has been for a while. Thank you for your honesty.

  4. Our society is really meant to go into this direction when people intake all there information there media outlets who do not care for accurate information to be giving…. This is very sad and it also sad that the older child in the household would even put the young girl at rest not caring about her ownself… So many men devalue woman in this time and age while woman are doing a good job to help there as well… Men are no more important to society then woman we are both just as important for life and the continuation of life but that message is dying quickly… And what will happen to the small group of woman in the end who do not want to live in this new type of living? I refuse to become a whores only for a man most selfish needs when my needs are above everyone else in my very own life…

    • I know… people are overlooking how media is an influencing factor. That 15 year old was getting ‘green light messages’ that it’s okay to sell herself and her little sister. “So many men devalue woman”… I agree 100%. It almost feels like it’s at a point of no return.

      There is the perception that we’re just being liberated women when we behave this way but to me, it proves how low our self-esteem really is. When women start believing our worth is through sexual prowess we’re in big trouble. I mean, where’s the incentive for a man to change his behavior when we’re ‘consenting’? That 51 year old ex-athlete guy that was arrested recently for paying for the 15 year hooker is complete evidence of that IMO. As an ex-athlete, I’m sure he’s had is fair share of groupies so he has a view that all women are nothing but tricks. I just watched an interview with his wife and she’s in complete denial about her husband’s behavior.

      “And what will happen to the small group of woman in the end who do not want to live in this new type of living?” I shutter at the thought of those consequences… women just aren’t respecting themselves anymore and the few us her are, we’ll… we’re invisible or considered prudish. The last beau I had kept trying to pressure me into some unnatural sex stuff (like I was an impressionable teenager or something) and finally got pissed and called me a child because I had boundaries (for goodness sakes– a woman with boundaries, call the presses!).

      Mothers and fathers are failing their children in a huge way too. If you remember, the 7 year old’s father came forward to try to defend 2 of the boys accused of raping his daughter… WTH? What parent in their right mind defends accused rapists of a 7 year old?!!! “Our society is really meant to go into this direction”… I’m afraid I have to agree with you… what should we expect when everything has become so tainted?

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